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updated Thu. March 29, 2018

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, the front-running Republican candidate for governor, faces a court order to pay millions of dollars in damages to 12,000 homeowners in southwest Florida whose citrus trees were confiscated and destroyed under Florida's citrus canker eradication program.
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Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, the front-running Republican candidate for governor, faces a court order to pay millions of dollars in damages to 12,000 homeowners in southwest Florida whose citrus trees were confiscated and destroyed under Florida's citrus canker eradication program.
The state of Florida destroyed residential citrus trees in the failed war against citrus canker, without properly compensating homeowners for the loss, says Cape Coral residents Dee and John Klockow, who joined a class-action suit seeking payment for their trees that were cut down. LAURA ...
A Florida judge is ordering the state agricultural department to immediately pay residents their share from a class-action lawsuit filed after the state ... Lee Circuit Judge Keith Kyle's ruling Tuesday follows a saga in which the state destroyed nearly 34,000 residential trees under the failed citrus ...
"Being in citrus where we have fought hard for 10 years, and we're fighting a losing battle where we're having to lay off people, I see a crop that will provide jobs for those same people," said McClure, who at one time managed 12,000 acres of prime Indian River citrus and served on the Florida ...

Growers are optimistic a big rebound is coming thanks to citrus greening research and federal disaster relief. "It's time. We're about to grow this new crop and we could use those funds now so we can stay in business," said Richey. Once that money comes in, expect Florida to be once again, the leader ...
Thousands of South Florida homeowners whose fruit trees were destroyed in the fight against citrus canker will finally receive compensation checks, ending a 17-year legal and political fight that pitted property rights against the protection of an iconic Florida agricultural product. More than ...
FROSTPROOF, Fla. (AP) -- Byron and Cynthia Matteson said they don't plan to give up on their lifelong commitment to citrus, but they agreed they need another cash crop to survive the uncertainties of growing Florida's signature crop. So they were planting bamboo on 35 acres of their Frostproof farm.
The package includes tax breaks for such things as materials used to repair nonresidential farm buildings and fences and for citrus packing houses that had their businesses interrupted by Hurricane Irma or by the deadly disease citrus greening. Also, tax breaks were included for fuel used to ... farmers
Some Citrus County students talk about their thoughts and concerns in the shooting aftermath, the Citrus County Chronicle reports. • Brevard County parents and children are more nervous now as they think about school, Florida Today reports. GOOD TIMES: All the tension could not stop students and staff ... farmers
On Monday, the UGA Tifton Conference Center hosted almost 300 citrus farmers from all over South Georgia and North Florida. President of the Georgia Citrus Association, Lindy Savelle says that in the past year, the citrus crop has doubled in size. According to Savelle, at the end of 2016, there were about 2,100 trees in the ... farmers
An attorney and Army veteran, Steube also has agriculture experience, which should help in a district that spans a large swath of rural Florida and includes extensive ranching, citrus and other agricultural operations. Growing up in rural Manatee County sparked an interest in ranching and Steube was ... farmers
Investors in England bought large tracts of Florida land for about a dollar an acre and placed ads in British papers, especially about growing oranges, Blackman wrote. With claims of a “certain annual income of at least $10,000 after the groves had reached maturity,” the ads proved effective. The speculators ... farmers
(WFLA) -A man was shot and killed in Hernando Saturday night after he rammed a sheriff's vehicle and injured a Citrus County deputy, officials said. The incident occurred at the Hernando Plaza ... The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the incident. Per agency policy, all of the deputies ... farmers
"While this is certainly lower than initial estimates, it was not unexpected," state Department of Citrus Executive Director Shannon Shepp said in a release. "We are still hopeful the remainder of the season holds stable." Shepp and other officials have agreed that a majority of Florida's growers will need ... farmers
In the hours after Hurricane Irma raked up Florida's spine, warm sunshine revealed thousands upon thousands of pieces of citrus fruit bobbing in muddied, stagnant water. Millions of dollars worth of oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines were ripped from their branches by fierce winds, never to reach their ... farmers

Hurricane Irma devastated much of the production in the state when the storm made landfall in September, compounding the low production numbers caused by citrus greening disease. The current crop projection is down 35% from the 2016-17 season. “While this is certainly lower than initial estimates, ... farmers
In a little over a decade, Florida has lost more than half of its orange crop, according to the University of Florida's Citrus Research and Education Center. “We lost the majority of this year's crop. We've been cut in half on a production level because of disease this cuts that half in half,” one orange producer ... farmers
A Homosassa man who was shot and injured during an alleged home invasion has recovered from a Pasco County hospital and is back in Citrus ... Citrus County sheriff's deputies Tuesday afternoon arrested 36-year-old Joshua Scott Bernard at the Pasco County jail on warrant charges of burglary with ... farmers
That year also saw the establishment of the University of Florida's Citrus Research and Education Center, or CREC, whose home in Polk County was established through donations from local growers. On Wednesday, state agriculture officials and members of the citrus industry gathered at CREC's ... farmers
“Wind damage occurred throughout the region with the heaviest wind damage to the eastern half of Charlotte, DeSoto, and Hardee counties,” says Steve Smith, Executive Director, of the Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association. “Downed trees with heavy fruit loss occurred in those groves closest to ... farmers
Kim and Angela Jones are the owners and every day operators of Jefferson County's newest business and facility, 'Florida Georgia Citrus,' located at 5314 ... The Citrus factory opened in 2016 and operates a variety of production stations within its walls; there's sorting and packing, boxing and bagging, ... farmers
WINTER HAVEN – The time for talking has passed, and the time for action has arrived. Florida citrus officials this week have mounted a furious lobbying campaign to be included in the latest federal disaster-relief legislation scheduled to be voted on this month. “We've had many promises and commitments, ... farmers
WASHINGTON — A top U.S. Agriculture official told a congressional panel Wednesday his agency is willing to explore ways of improving crop insurance options for Florida's battered citrus industry but that may be of little comfort to growers mulling whether to stay in business following Hurricane Irma's ... farmers
Hurricane Irma roared across the gulf coast of Florida as citrus trees sat with full, nearly ripe fruit. Millions of pounds blew to the ground and groves saw trees snapped and broken from the wind. Growers say they felt as if they were just on the verge of overcoming citrus greening when the storm hit. Watch the ... farmers
Minimum size requirements for Florida grapefruit and oranges would be relaxed, said the Citrus Administrative Committee, which operates ... farmers
The University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences Citrus Research and Education Center, Lake Alfred, Fla., is celebrating its ... farmers
Florida's citrus crop is being counted as a major casualty of September's Hurricane Irma, with some predicting the harvest could drop to levels ... farmers
Florida's grapefruit crop, the agency said, will be 4.65 million boxes, or 40% less than last year. Both numbers are lower than the first forecast the USDA released Oct. 12, and Florida's citrus industry expects actual harvest numbers to be even lower. The news isn't all bad for the fresh market. Doug Feek ... farmers
Ross, a Lakeland Republican, urged members of the Florida congressional delegation to oppose the new proposal without relief for citrus ... farmers
No citrus aid in latest disaster relief request from White House ... WASHINGTON — Florida's decimated citrus industry was left out of the Trump ... farmers
Florida citrus production peaked in 1997-98, when 304.45 million boxes of oranges, grapefruits and other citrus were produced. By 2016-17 ... farmers
Tom Rooney, who has led the charge for relief for Florida's citrus growers, is ticked off that the latest White House disaster aid request to ... farmers
After an early November announcement of $21 million for citrus in the governor's proposed 2018-19 budget, the amount is now up to more than ... farmers
The test grove contains about five different varieties of citrus trees planted in ... Citrus production in Florida has dropped 59 percent since the ... farmers
When USDA's initial 2017-2018 Florida all-orange crop estimate was released last month at 54 million boxes, there were audible gasps heard ... farmers
Florida's struggling and storm-battered citrus industry took another hit Thursday as the orange crop forecast for the current growing season was ... farmers
The Sunshine State is the No. 2 producer of oranges in the world after Brazil. Citrus grown in Florida primarily ends up in juice form on kitchen ... farmers
Oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and limes. Most people think of these as signature plants of Florida, but scientists have traced their origins back ... farmers
Editorial: Give citrus industry hurricane relief .... In light of the citrus industry's continued importance to Florida's economy, despite the struggles, ... farmers
Nursery challenges pot license 'preference' for citrus industry ... that the preference for the citrus industry violates the Florida Constitution. farmers
Florida fruit and veggie prices: Up, up and away for holidays .... Q: The Florida citrus industry was particularly hard hit after forecasts of a better ... farmers
A Florida nursery is suing the state over its preference in granting medical marijuana licenses to companies with underused or shuttered citrus ... farmers
Hurricane Irma dealt Florida's's orange crop a devastating blow, destroying nearly all of some growers' groves in Southwest Florida and ... farmers
The Florida Citrus Commission on Wednesday approved an adjusted $17.8 million budget that takes into account an increase in imports that ... farmers
Benny McLean peels an orange at one of his citrus groves in Clermont on Wednesday, October 18, 2017. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel). farmers
This was supposed to be the year Florida's citrus industry rebounded. After a decade of fighting a losing battle against a tree-killing disease and ... farmers
The Sunshine State is the No. 2 producer of oranges in the world after Brazil. Citrus grown in Florida primarily ends up in juice form on kitchen ... farmers
More than 420,000 acres of citrus production were affected by the storm, according to a report by the Florida Department of Agriculture and ... farmers


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