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updated Tue. October 25, 2016

Donald Trump's "election protection" effort will be run by Mike Roman, a Republican operative best known for promoting a video of apparent voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers outside a polling place in 2008.
"Many U.S. suppliers have recently been moving aircraft parts production and assembly to Mexico as a way of lowering their cost base," Canaccord Genuity aerospace analyst Ken Herbert said in a recent research note.
Melania Trump has given a steadfast defence of her husband in the wake of multiple sexual assault allegations and dismissed the lewd video revelation as "boy talk".
It is worth noting that Indian-Americans are also the highest earning and the most educated ethnic group in the United States. The latest US Census Bureau figures show a median income of $100,547 for Indian-Americans, compared to the national average ...

And he's going to lose not because the election is rigged, as he has taken to alleging in the past few days, but because more Americans in the key battlegrounds are going to vote for Hillary than they are for Donald.
rhetoric on the U.S. presidential campaign trail has left many in the Asia-Pacific region wondering whether America's commitment to economic growth and security in the region will survive into another presidency, regardless of who wins.
With just three weeks to go until Americans go to the polls, here's your daily election dig, including a possible visit to Moscow, plans for Trump TV and a mass walk-out of Amy Schumer's stand-up show.
Europe has always taken a close interest in US presidential politics. Any reset of the transatlantic relationship matters. But this is a year unlike any other.
In 2014, Justin Levitt, a professor at Loyola Law school, found 31 known cases of impersonation fraud in one billion votes cast in all US elections between 2000 and 2014. And in 2012, News21 analysis of 2,068 alleged election-fraud cases since 2000 ...
The division on the ground here reflects a campaign season of unprecedented levels of vitriol; no presidential election in American history has ever been fought between two candidates held in such low national regard.
Based on persistently terrible polls, Republicans are sweating a nightmare scenario in which not only does Donald Trump get steamrolled by Hillary Clinton, but his foul mouth sinks the Senate and House too, sending them into Democratic hands.
Lewisberry, Pennsylvania - Sitting in the bar of a roadside restaurant with a friend, Rick Shaffer sums up what he thinks of the situation in this northeastern US state with three words: "We need change." Shaffer and his friend, both ... They believe ...
For a healthy economy, tax the rich. If you cut their taxes, they go crazy. They create bubbles. The bubbles burst. The rest of us get drenched. ... The downward slide bottomed out and reversed direction after US president Herbert Hoover raised taxes ...
Those who understood English helped new arrivals with tricky words in the final hours of a drive to register more Muslim voters in a US election than ever before. Organisers say they seek more civic engagement, but when pressed admit they are scared by ...
ABC News first reported that Florida election information was compromised. Investigators believe a local contractor in California was the target of a hackers, but the systems accessed weren't related the elections, U.S. officials said. A spokeswoman ...
Practically, in the months following the past 10 US presidential elections, the S&P 500 had rose in eight of the cycles with an even mix of Republican and Democrat outcomes.
In other words, things any American would care about come election time. But at the mention of China, Nguyen's eyes light up.
Organisers of Monday's White House debate have confirmed Donald Trump's roundly mocked complaint that his microphone was defective.
It appears to be the latest example of the Republican candidate digging a hole for himself from which it may be difficult to emerge with much dignity.
The team examined betting markets, specifically the "daily trading prices of the contract 'Obama to win the election', on the same days of newspaper endorsements during the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. The study found that endorsements did ...
Republican candidate Donald Trump has denied the allegation that he violated the US trade embargo with Cuba. Newsweek reported earlier this week that Mr Trump's company secretly conducted business with the island nation, breaching decades of US ...
Few Americans will recall a more distinct pair of candidates for the presidency. Hillary Clinton, the very model of a modern major-party nominee, faces Donald Trump, a property developer and reality-television star.
With the US presidential election less than two months away, some are calling it a vote for the lesser of two evils.
In a stream of tweets, the Republican presidential nominee urged Americans to examine Alicia Machado's personal history and her "sex tape".
The US Department of Justice hopes to agree an omnibus settlement with Barclays, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, extracting multibillion dollar fines from three of Europe's biggest lenders for mis-selling mortgage securities.
... shown to lower prices, lift wages and expand economies. But the benefits have not been shared equitably, and governments have failed to help the ordinary laborers most harmed.
This is Amish country, and despite its remote setting, the community has become enveloped along with the rest of the country in the 2016 United States presidential election campaigns. The Amish are a conservative Christian community living in a number ...
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Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has received another endorsement from a leading Republican, two days after the first presidential debate.
"A light has gone out, but the hope he gave us will burn forever," President Obama said in a statement, joining many world leaders in paying tribute to Mr. Peres.
The presidential debates certainly have the power to tip an election in the favor of one candidate over the other. This has been the case ever since the first one in 1960, when John F. Kennedy outdueled Vice President Richard Nixon on national ...
From a foreign perspective, the presidential election is being highly watched even overseas. Tsang said, when discussing the election with other Hong Kong and Chinese officials, there is general agreement that U.S. and China relations should rank high ...
The Kremlin's interference in U.S. elections, Snyder argues, is a way to discredit democracy in general on the world stage.
Merle King, the executive director for the Center for elections Systems at Kennesaw State University and one off the preeminent election experts in the country, added that the prospect of the election being hacked by cyber ne'er-do-wells is "totally ...
Poll shows that many US voters will support a candidate in the presidential election because they dislike the other.
Just Catholic: Nobody really wants to vote for either presidential candidate. It may come down to voting for vice president. Of course, that is not how U.S.
Beneath a headline that says "Information for US citizens that are residents in Cuba," the piece explains how to vote in the US presidential election by sending an absentee ballot to the US Embassy in Havana. The information was provided by the embassy.
The electoral fight between Republican Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has captured international attention, as the two candidates offer sharply different visions of the US and its place in the world. On a host of issues - economics, immigration ...
"It seems as though every time things begin to settle, something else happens, like Brexit or the dynamics of the upcoming U.S. election, to underscore that there's nothing normal about the new normal," said Campbell Soup (CPB) CEO Denise Morrison on ...
Donald Trump's eldest son has caused uproar on social media by comparing Syrian refugees to the fruit-flavoured sweets Skittles.
US Republican ex-President George HW Bush will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton in November, US news website Politico reports.
Mr. Rahami, 28, was born in Afghanistan and came to the U.S. as a child. He had been living in Elizabeth, N.J., with his family.
Regardless as to whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump clinches victory in November's election, the incoming president will inherit a "divided nation, and an unhappy one," Doherty said.
In the last four elections, eighty percent of U.S. states selected the presidential candidate from the same political party every time.
More than 500,000 people in the United States were without housing on any given night last year, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's 2015 annual report. In Washington DC, the number of homeless reached 7,298 in 2015.
Earlier this year, Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump dismissed suggestions that Russia had sought to influence the US election by engineering the theft of the Democratic party emails. Representatives from Clinton's campaign claimed ...





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