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Representative Jane Harman
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Eliot Cohen will moderate the conversation. Register or catch the webcast here. Friday, October 21 at 10am: The Woodrow Wilson Center will host a discussion of Robert Litwak's new book Deterring Nuclear terrorism.
This tendency stands in stark opposition to the calls for engaging in talks before North Korea further strengthens its nuclear and missile capabilities made by advocates of dialogue such as former US Secretary of Defense William Perry and Jane Harman, ...
Jane Harman, a California Democrat who was strongly pro-Israel, as the chair of the intelligence Committee if Democrats regained the House.
Jane Harman, focusing on public works projects, before starting his own political consulting business. He said he decided to run for WRD because "the board needs to be cleaned.

A recent Washington Post opinion piece by Woodrow Wilson Center director Jane Harman and researcher James Person was significant in this regard.
Jane Harman, a former member of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on intelligence, proposes to break this cycle by offering direct negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang aimed at securing a freeze on missile and bomb development.
Aaron David Miller will moderate the discussion and Jane Harman will provide introductory remarks. More details are available here on dial-in information for the call.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. For years we have applied industrial-strength unilateral and multilateral sanctions in an attempt to force North Korea to denuclearize.
A number of other US figures have previously called for negotiations with Pyongyang in interviews or opinion pieces, including former US Secretary of Defense William Perry, Woodrow Wilson Center president Jane Harman and coordinator James Person, US ...
"We did The Concordia Summit in NYC where we interviewed T. Boone Pickens, George Soros, Jane Harman, Donald Rumsfeld, and many others.
The US needs to negotiate with North Korea, writes Jane Harman and James Person at the Washington Post, pointing out the "insanity" of applying sanctions and urging China to use its leverage to halt North Korea's nuclear program over and over again ...
It's the same policy that former Congresswoman Jane Harman and the Wilson Center's James Person advocated for in the Washington Post this weekend, writing that "only the United States - the supposed existential threat that justifies its [North Korea's ...
Jane Harman, a former Democratic congresswoman from California, was also placed on the foreign affairs panel. She is presently the CEO of the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C.
After he graduated from Amherst College with a political science degree, he went to work for California Representative Jane Harman. He lasted only one year. "I was walking to work every day listening to my favorite jazz pianists on headphones," he said.

SPOTTED: Valerie Jarrett, Jeh Johnson, Jane Harman, Tony Fauci and Christine Grady, Sally Quinn, Carol Melton, Juleanna Glover, Howard Fineman and Amy Nathan, Ellie Schafer, Septime Webre, King Chong, Tom Forest, Megan Murphy, Marc Adelman, ...
Due professioniste si incontrano per caso, scoprono una visione comune, l'amore per il legno e il design moderno e pulito. Nasce allora una sinergia lavorativa che si traduce in un progetto imprenditoriale tutto femminile nella bellissima Firenze ...
Former Communications Director for NY Governor Paterson, Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Jane Harman, now heading a NYC based PR firm, Risa Beth Heller tuns 37... Barry Mandel... Chief of Staff to Ohio Senator Rob Portman, following a long ...
David Petraeus optimistic about the U.S., still believes we're in the North American century, not the Asian century. Sees strides in tech.
Melissa Mahle, former operations officer at the CIA who served in the Middle East. She is now a strategic consultant for the international law firm Dentons and serves on the advisory board of the International spy Museum in Washington, D.C.. Jane ...
Septemember 11, 2001, was a new date of infamy for America. After the hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center's twin towers and the Pentagon, the country came together in both patriotism and fear.
Chicago - September 8, 2016 - The lineup for the sixth annual Chicago Ideas Week ( CIW ), one of the largest, most affordable ideas festivals in the world from October 17-23, has officially been released with member tickets on sale now at ...
"We generate more enemies than we are able to take out," said former Congresswoman Jane Harman, D-California, a chairwoman of the House Intelligence Committee in the years after 9/11, who now is president of the Woodrow Wilson International Center ...
Jane Harman was a Democratic congresswoman and Newton N. Minow has been active in Democratic party politics for a long time.
AMONG the biggest fans of our state treasure, the Adelaide Central market, are the stallholders themselves. So many have been serving for decades, some employing third and fourth-generation family members.
The current board includes a who's who of the Establishment names and one percenters: Richard Parsons, former chairman of Time Warner; Jane Harman, former Democratic representative from California and wife of the late multimillionaire Sydney Harman; ...
As the 15th anniversary of Sept. 11 nears, former Congresswoman Jane Harman talks to Renee Montagne about how the intelligence world has changed.
The political rhetoric is white hot on the presidential campaign trail. It seems everyone has taken a side. In this series, we're looking at possible nominees for the next Homeland Security Secretary, be they in a Trump Administration (Part 1) or in a ...
Jane Harman says, "people in [Congress] earned their power through committee positions." Cybersecurity is currently under the jurisdiction of several different committees, none of which will be willing to give up power or influence over such an ...
On Friday evening, she had a private dinner with then-Congresswoman Jane Harman and State Department official Ellen Tauscher.
The event is the brainchild of Jonathan Fleming and the charity Thames Sailing Barge Foundation, formed with the aim of ensuring the preservation of every remaining barge.
The professional photographer was out fishing with Ultimate Adventures, a fishing charter company run by Greg (Hairy Dog) and Jane Harman near Kununurra, when he spotted the croc. The lower Ord River is notorious for saltwater crocodiles and is a ...
Jane Harman is director, president and CEO of the Wilson Center. Previously, she served nine terms as Democratic member of the U.S House of Representatives from California's 36th district and was ranking member of the intelligence Committee.
At this year's all-analogue edition of Wysing Festival, David McKenna finds that serious music need not always be pofaced, a bowl and a sheet of paper can be a powerful instrument, and - as any child will tell you - in the absence of a microphone a ...
Justin and Jane Harman from KI online stall at the Adelaide Central markets will provide tastings of Kangaroo Island wines and produce.
Bauman, after all, was the gay man who helped get Davis elected over millionaires Jane Harman and Al Checchi in 1998. Davis could only give the "Catholic" answer, as if that made it OK to render Bauman and Davis' chief of staff, lesbian Susan Kennedy, ...
Jane Harman, who resigned from Congress to head the Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars; philanthropist Howard Buffett, eldest son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett; Dorothy Ridings, former President of the Council on Foundations ...
Jane Harman, who resigned from Congress to head the Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars; philanthropist Howard Buffett, eldest son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett; Dorothy Ridings, former President of the Council on Foundations ...
SPOTTED at the season opener of Washington Kastles: Valerie Jarrett, sharing a table with the owner and snapping pics of the hype-man on stilts, Wolf Blitzer, Channel 5's Tony Perkins, Jane Harman, And obviously the Bryan Brothers and Martina Hingis .
Fahrenkopf remains a co-chair, with Mike McCurry, a spokesman for then-President Bill Clinton, co-chairing for the Democrats. Democrats on the commission include former Rep. Jane Harman of California, while the Republicans include former Sens.
The specter of a foreign government hacking into U.S. election systems has been given new emphasis because of recent remarks by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
The group, which includes George W. Bush's former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, former CIA and NSA chief Michael Hayden, and former Democratic ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Jane Harman, called on the President to ...
His near constant presence in Washington even put him meeting with former Congresswoman and longtime Clinton supporter Jane Harman at the Wilson Center to talk foreign policy, and hiring a New York-based public relations firm that urged reporters to ...
... last to leave in the event of a catastrophe, which is why women and families are disproportionately hurt by climate catastrophes," said Wilson Center President, Director, and CEO Jane Harman on June 23 during a conference on women and climate change.
His near constant presence in Washington even put him meeting with former Congresswoman and longtime Clinton supporter Jane Harman at the Wilson Center to talk foreign policy, and hiring a New York-based public relations firm that urged reporters to ...
Former CIA Director David Petraeus says the United States is the most vunerable country of all to hackers...Thinks there's been real damage between companies like Google and governmental relations because of Snowden.
An inquiry into the crisis of sexual assault from former Congresswoman Jane Harman found that in one California veterans hospital, four out of every ten women were raped by fellow soldiers.
Jane Harman is a former US Representative for California's 36th district. After resigning from Congress in 2011, Harman joined the Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars as its first female President and CEO.





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