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updated Thu. July 27, 2017

Norton said that the federal government serves as the largest ... and Hispanic Americans continue to grow in number in the United States. ... a letter to members of Congress to support her call to GAO to issue a new report.
Cybersecurity say most local governments face great barriers to protecting their ... the U.S. are using a Russian brand of security software that the federal ... Earlier this month, the federal government removed Kaspersky Lab, ... Still, he clarified, "obviously, if there was a problem, cost would not be an issue.".
So why wade into one national -- or even global -- issue and not another? ... "They're closer to us, and we can talk to them," Clark said. "So who ... "We're not looking to the federal government for leadership in climate change ...
The power of the federal government to influence LGBTQ workplace ... under Title VII, the issue could come before the U.S. Supreme Court.
The federal fight has been a combination of issues with the federal ... allowed in the U.S. at the discretion of individual state governments, ...
He said Mr. Apol's general approach to government ethics was "loosey-goosey." ... So-called certificates of divestiture are offered to incoming federal employees as a ... "The test whether we issue a CD is whether or not it meets the ... has advocated consulting with the White House before he issues certain ...
California farmer tries new strategy in fight with federal government over $2.8 ... case is scheduled to come to trial in U.S. District Court in Sacramento. ... The Duarte case has already become a national issue for farmers and ...
More than 1,400 Iraqi nationals who the federal government ... in the United States for more than a decade because Iraq refused to issue travel ...
Thurlow previously clerked for 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge ... energy practice that covers federal, state and local issues across the ...
The issue ... "Don't tread on us" was the rehashed Alabama mantra, and it was the federal ... Some of the disdain for the federal government made sense. ... conditions and other health issues is a disaster waiting to happen.
To win federal contracts, focus on the fundamentals (with related video) ... Editor's note: Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) around the U.S. can be a big ... Much is made of the government's fourth quarter spending spree, ... Go here for a sample issue of the free Use It or Lose It e-newsletter.
The U.S. Court of Appeals Wednesday restored federal approval of the Purple Line ... a full funding grant agreement with the federal government that would allow access ... Metro's ridership decline and safety issues could impact the Purple Line. ... undertake a new environmental study to examine the issue.
It sometimes seems like just about every U.S. government agency has a cyber ... diplomacy is to trying to make real progress on these issues. ... has played a unique role in the federal government's cybersecurity efforts.
"They're attempting to distract from the real issues. ... "It'd be nice if the states provided it to us but there are commercial data companies ... including how the federal government can help states maintain accurate voter rolls, the ...
In this June 28, 2016, file photo, a sign welcomes people to the gathering of the Rainbow Family of Living Light in Mount Tabor, Vermont.
Kemp, who has launched a campaign for governor ahead of 2018, built a national profile on the issue and argued that the federal government had no role in states' election administration. In a statement on Monday, Kemp said he spoke with Secretary of ...
We're still waiting for the federal government to get back on this issue," said Moore. Dennis Cyr, the new ... federal regulations. IDNR stonewalled us for three months so we had no choice but to sue," said Elaine Hopkins, secretary for the Riverfront ...
MEMPHIS, TENN ( - Shelby County commissioners voted Monday on a resolution opposing a request to end federal monitoring of the Juvenile Court. However, Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell questioned why commissioners are taking ...
The U.S. International Trade Commission, an independent federal agency, has begun an investigation that could lead to sweeping trade protections against the imports that would raise the costs of solar power and could bring a halt to solar's rapid U.S ...
A main theme of the annual meeting of the conference, which represents the mayors of 1,408 American cities, was that local government can take a larger role in shaping American policy on a range of issues, supplanting the federal government. ... the ...
A federal law, the 1988 Uniform Federal crime Reporting Act, requires all US government law enforcement agencies to send a wide variety of crime data to the FBI.
But the state's attorneys argued in tandem with their colleagues from the U.S. Department of Justice that the issue was settled in 2012 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a state-based immigration-enforcement provision passed in Arizona ...
Detroit -- A group of 1,444 Iraqi immigrants received some good news on Monday night when U.S. District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith granted a stay to prevent deportation, CBS Detroit reports.
A map in the latest draft of the state's coastal master plan estimates flood depths for a 100-year flood 50 years from now under medium estimates for factors such as subsidence, sea-level rise and wetlands erosion.
But fire-safety experts say governments and builders around the world should take notice, because the fire at Grenfell Tower is just the latest in a string of deadly blazes that demonstrate how building regulations have failed to keep up with changing ...
The Songwriters of North America will hold its third annual invite-only Songwriters Summit on June 28 in Los Angeles. Roughly 150 SONA members will gather to discuss issues important to songwriters which includes among other things an ongoing lawsuit ...
Whistle-blowers have already helped the US government recover nearly $20 billion from health-care companies engaged in fraud.
Assistant U.S. Attorney General Lindsey Powell told the judges that Arizona has no right to decide that some people the federal government allows to remain in this country are "authorized" to be here and that others are not. She said that as far as the ...
By a 7-2 vote, the justices June 23 reversed an appeals court decision that former federal worker Anthony Perry's only option was to appeal the MSPB's ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Instead, the court said when a federal ...
WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court has decided to hear arguments on President Trump's travel ban affecting six countries, mostly Muslim, that are deemed by the federal government to present a higher risk of terrorism to the U.S. The case will be argued in ...
Asked if ASUU would initiate a meeting with the federal government, he said "We will not initiate any meeting if they don't call us, we can't initiate meeting." He added that ... "We have issues like this, a case where lecturers are not paid for months ...
"After further consideration of all the pertinent legal issues, the government has decided not to pursue an appeal of the district court's finding that Ronell Wilson was intellectually disabled," a statement from the DOJ read.
"The U.S. federal government is drowning in debt, yet continues to spend into oblivion on the backs of future taxpayers," members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus said in a statement.
Both topics have drawn concern from the U.S. bishops, who have urged respect for freedom of conscience and religion in the face of legalized gay marriage, while criticizing the travel ban for abandoning vulnerable refugees in need.
MIAMI BEACH - Meeting in a city confronted daily with the issues of rising seas and climate change, the United States Conference of Mayors approved resolutions on Monday to urge the federal government to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and to ...
In the wake of President Trump's formal rescission of President Obama's executive action providing Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) protections to remain in the United States, Gov. Pete Ricketts advised state agencies last week that they ...
Michael R. Bloomberg will announce an initiative to give funds to large cities as an extension of his advocacy for largely liberal policies.
They issue driver's licenses and register vehicles, in addition to other duties like setting standards for insurance and liability.
The Trump administration proposed legislation to address the issue last month. If passed, it would permit the federal government to hack, destroy, track or commandeer drones without prior consent to determine if the aircraft poses a security threat to ...
City attorneys all over Texas are getting ready to read from the Book of Abbott, wherein the former attorney general for the State of Texas sayeth: "I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home. ... His push for a convention of ...
Since the increased inspection, food safety inspectors have refused about 1.9 million pounds of beef due to public health concerns, sanitary conditions and animal health issues, the federal government said in a news release. Previously, the Brazilian ...
The Senate measure, like the House bill, would phase out the extra money that the federal government has provided to states as an incentive to expand eligibility for Medicaid.
A federal law, the 1988 Uniform Federal crime Reporting Act, requires all U.S. government law enforcement agencies to send a wide variety of crime data to the FBI.
The government's investigation of 105000 VW cars at centre of emissions-test scandal is still ongoing after nearly two years.
As the world's largest customer, the U.S. federal government issues over $192 billion in contracts and over $450 billion in grants annually.
Albuquerque, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico's top water manager has fired the latest salvo in a battle with the federal government over the protection of an ...
The Federal Trade Commission voted 2 to 0 to issue the administrative complaint and authorize its staff to seek legal action barring the merger.
During his June 21 testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Cybersecurity Regulations, James "Bo" Reese discussed the disjointed nature of federal cybersecurity regulations and the impact they have on day-to-day operations. ... the vice president ...




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