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updated Fri. June 23, 2017

They issue driver's licenses and register vehicles, in addition to other duties like setting standards for insurance and liability.
The Trump administration proposed legislation to address the issue last month. If passed, it would permit the federal government to hack, destroy, track or commandeer drones without prior consent to determine if the aircraft poses a security threat to ...
City attorneys all over Texas are getting ready to read from the Book of Abbott, wherein the former attorney general for the State of Texas sayeth: "I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home. ... His push for a convention of ...
Since the increased inspection, food safety inspectors have refused about 1.9 million pounds of beef due to public health concerns, sanitary conditions and animal health issues, the federal government said in a news release. Previously, the Brazilian ...
The Senate measure, like the House bill, would phase out the extra money that the federal government has provided to states as an incentive to expand eligibility for Medicaid.
A federal law, the 1988 Uniform Federal crime Reporting Act, requires all U.S. government law enforcement agencies to send a wide variety of crime data to the FBI.
The government's investigation of 105000 VW cars at centre of emissions-test scandal is still ongoing after nearly two years.
As the world's largest customer, the U.S. federal government issues over $192 billion in contracts and over $450 billion in grants annually.
Albuquerque, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico's top water manager has fired the latest salvo in a battle with the federal government over the protection of an ...
The Federal Trade Commission voted 2 to 0 to issue the administrative complaint and authorize its staff to seek legal action barring the merger.
During his June 21 testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Cybersecurity Regulations, James "Bo" Reese discussed the disjointed nature of federal cybersecurity regulations and the impact they have on day-to-day operations. ... the vice president ...
"As a result of recent negotiations between the U.S. and Iraq, Iraq has recently agreed to accept a number of Iraqi nationals subject to orders of removal," read the statement.
If you've ever had to deal with a federal department or agency, you probably know firsthand that the government doesn't exactly place a priority on providing stellar customer service, especially if you hit a roadblock that was created by the government ...
The Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional the federal government's practice of refusing to register trademarks that officials deem to be offensive on racial, religious or similar grounds.
The incredible ingenuity of American innovation and technology has provided us with more efficient solutions to problems large and small -- from making it easier to get a ride across town, to safely shifting lifesaving medications around the world.
For decades under the Voting rights Act, Texas was on a list of states and localities needing the federal government's permission to change their election laws, a safeguard for minority voting rights called preclearance.
Supporters of bills that would regulate carbon in Oregon rally on the steps of the Oregon capitol building. Credit: Cassandra Profita/EarthFix.
With the US federal government essentially neutered on climate change as hurricane season gets underway, this annual meeting of mayors is set to assume an unusually high profile.
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The Latest: Nevada Still Plans to Issue Pot Licenses July 1. Nevada alcohol ... Part of the legal dispute centers on the fact the federal government still prohibits possession of marijuana. State regulators say that's made most alcohol distributors ...
Like silicon Valley startups, the Federal government grapples with technical debt - but on a massive scale. Look at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which is spending 75% of its technology budget to maintain outdated legacy software systems, or ...
The Nuclear Energy Institute in Washington, the industry's lead trade association, sees it as a national security problem as well as a market issue. But it has been disappointed in the federal government's lack of response. "The market-driven ...
"If the federal registration of a trademark makes the mark government speech, the federal government is babbling prodigiously and incoherently," he wrote.
The U.S. Supreme Court said the federal government can't constitutionally withhold legal protections for trademarks seen as disparaging, throwing out a 70-year-old provision as a free-speech violation.
Trump's solution: The American technology Council, as first reported by Recode in May, a collection of federal agency chiefs who will spend Monday seeking advice from the country's leading tech executives, while discussing the policy challenges facing ...
To rectify the situation, the federal government began pushing the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide Equal Opportunity Loans (EOL) to minority entrepreneurs.
The debt ceiling has been reached and federal employees are helping the government to pay its bills through the use of accounting techniques.
Without consent decrees, many localities or government departments would simply never make such comprehensive changes, said William Yeomans, who spent 26 years at the DOJ, mostly in the civil rights division.
[JURIST] President Donald Trump [official profile] signed an executive order [text] on Thursday, titled "Expanding Apprenticeships in America," shifting the federal government's responsibility of creating and monitoring apprenticeship programs to third ...
Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to end its federal monitoring of the county juvenile justice system.
"Along with changing programmatic priorities, these proposed cuts would result in a dangerous reduction of civil rights enforcement across the country," concluded the U.S. Commission on human rights. (Photo: Reuters). In a move decried as "more ...
Michael S. Cerrone was honored for winning 11 civil cases on behalf of the federal government in the past year. They involved issues including alleged unlawful searches, Freedom of Information requests, employment discrimination and medical malpractice.
Eastman, who announced her candidacy last month, has said she will center on health care, the economy and education issues.
Without consent decrees, many localities or government departments would simply never make such comprehensive changes, said William Yeomans, who spent 26 years at the DOJ, mostly in the civil rights division.
As deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein put it this week, there is a "conflict" between federal and state views on marijuana.
At the hearing, Mr. Mnuchin floated one idea, which would be for Congress to adopt additional borrowing authority in the same legislative act that calls for spending beyond the government's means. "The debt ceiling should not be a Republican issue or a ...
The Department of commerce had not made a formal announcement or press release about the change but added it to the Federal Register, the official journal of the US government which includes agency rules, changes, and public notices. The earlier 2017 ...
Tim Keck, Kansas secretary for aging and disability services, gives legislators a briefing on a recent federal survey of Osawatomie State hospital for the mentally ill, Friday, June 16, 2017, in Topeka, Kan.
Peter Schiff explains: "Even though median incomes in Puerto Rico are just over half that of the poorest U.S. state, thanks to the Jones Act, the cost of living is actually higher than the average state.
The fact that President Trump has rescinded hundreds of Obama-era federal regulations that had not been finalized has been mostly lost amid the political debris from other controversies.
Elizabeth Hill, press secretary for the U.S. Department of education, told ProPublica that the new "enforcement instructions seek to clear out the backlog while giving every complaint the individualized and thorough consideration it deserves.
WASHINGTON - Nearly 200 Democratic members of Congress filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday accusing President Trump of violating the Constitution by profiting from business dealings with foreign governments. The plaintiffs - believed to be ... It is ...
But the battle over raising the cap on how much debt the US federal government can incur emphasizes divides not only in Congress but also within President Donald Trump's administration.
WASHINGTON - New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D), vice president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, described the group's "collective opinion" on withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord as a "shortsighted political decision" that is going to ...
The federal government is waiting for the city to explain how it will close the funding gap. If a viable plan isn't presented soon, the Federal Transit Administration could pull its promised $1.55 billion from the project and demand the return of more ...
Under an executive order signed by President Trump in January, Lobbyists were banned from that kind of government work. But Mr. Leggitt is among a half dozen officials across the federal government who have been granted special waivers to disregard ...




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