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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

A White House official told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the US administration wants to solve this diplomatic issue and work with the countries on combating terrorism and extremism in the region.
Washington: With the United States expected to authorise India's purchase of naval drones, a senior White House official cautioned on Friday that any US military transfer to India would not represent a threat to its neighbour Pakistan. The official ...
White House officials have complained they can't get through to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, whose chief of staff has closed off access to her boss.
U.S. leader Donald Trump's aides are calling for Hollywood stars to rise up and attack Johnny Depp for joking about assassinating the President at a British festival.
President Donald Trump's advisers encourage him to make early morning consultation calls with his outside legal counsel to vent frustrations over the Russia investigation, according to the Washington Post.
In a White House meeting Thursday, tech executives and investors, many from the Bay Area, signaled the importance of keeping a rule that would encourage foreign entrepreneurs to stay in the U.S.
A group of White House officials is heading to Capitol Hill Wednesday night for a briefing on the Senate Republicans' healthcare reform plan.
A pair of top White House officials is pushing to broaden the war in Syria, viewing it as an opportunity to confront Iran and its proxy forces on the ground there, according to two sources familiar with the debate inside the Donald Trump administration.
President Donald Trump met on Monday with the heads of 18 U.S. technology companies including Apple, and Microsoft, seeking their help to make the government's computing systems more efficient.
the White House is considering shifting press secretary Sean Spicer away from the daily spokesman job and into a new communications role but no such move is believed imminent, a senior White House official said on Monday. Spicer has been a frequent ...
President Donald Trump has smarted all week over the stories about the special counsel probe zeroing in on him and his close associates, according to a White House official, spending hours in the White House obsessing over the coverage. And Trump's ...
Two high-ranking White House officials insist on expanding military operations in Syria, but the head of the Pentagon is against it, local media reported citing sources familiar with the situation.
A pair of top White House officials is pushing to broaden the war in Syria, viewing it as an opportunity to confront Iran and its proxy forces on the ground there, according to two sources familiar with the debate inside the Donald Trump administration.
the White House on Thursday brushed off news of a leaked video of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull making fun of U.S. President Donald Trump and alluding to ties with Russia.
"There are 12 categories of travel that are permitted still, but that one of the individual people-to-people travel was one that was of the highest risk of potential abuse of the statutory ban on tourism," a senior White House official said Thursday ...
To ensure that political power is not used to reward allies or punish perceived adversaries and to avoid even the appearance of improper influence, administrations have strictly limited contacts between White House officials and agency personnel on all ...
"I don't think anybody cares about that," a senior White House official said of Turnbull's remarks at a news media ball at Parliament House in Canberra late on Wednesday that was supposed to have been off the record.
"The driver of Trump's policy is that the actions taken by the previous administration of Barack Obama were enriching the Cuban military and intelligence services," said the senior official at the White House. ... to be drafted "to disrupt the existing ...
A White House official said the effort is needed because CEOs and business leaders have complained of a "skills gap," where businesses struggle to fill jobs with skilled workers, which limits investments and growth.
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Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a Trump White House official told the Associated Press that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has decided to deploy approximately 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan, according to a report published on Thursday ...
With it came a reminder of the anything-goes social media culture fostered by President Trump, and and of how rapidly the dynamic around information that comes from White House officials (even political ones) is shifting. "Cong. Scalise and Cong ...
Joseph Yun, the U.S. envoy on North Korea, met with North Korean foreign ministry representatives in Norway last month, a White House official said. Such direct consultations between the two governments are rare as they do not have formal diplomatic ...
When publicly asked if he is interested in the Fed job, Mr. Cohn and other White House officials have said he is focused on his current job.
A close friend of President Donald Trump is defending his claim that the president is considering directing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and pushing back on press secretary Sean Spicer's statement ...
Senior White House aides pushed back on a claim Monday that President Donald Trump is considering directing the deputy attorney general to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is currently leading the investigation into Russian interference in the ...
(CNN) - A White House official confirmed that president Trump interviewed Robert Mueller to replace James Comey as FBI director just one day before he was named Special Counsel.
But a White House official late Monday did try to distance Trump from Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy, who told a PBS news program earlier in the evening that Trump is "considering" firing Mueller.
White House official Violated Law by Calling for Defeat of Michigan Congressman. June 9, 2017. U.S. Office of Special Counsel says WH social media DIrector broke law with tweet targeting U.S.
US Senator urged to apologise following attack on faith of White House official. Mon 12 Jun 2017. By Marcus Jones. US Senator Bernie Sanders has been told to apologise after grilling the man set to become one of President Trump's top White House officials.
Ivanka Trump, assistant to the president and the president's daughter, will lead next week's events, including what a senior White House official called a "major policy speech" by President Trump. The official said the administration will seek to re ...
The growing scandal is giving some candidates cold feet - and distracting aides from finding new recruits. It's always been speculated that Kushner was somehow involved in the special relationship between the President and Russian Federation, and these ...
White House Director of Oval Office Operations Keith Schiller (L) and White House Director of social media Dan Scavino arrive to meet Pope Francis, May 24, 2017.
A White House official has confirmed to VOA that President Donald Trump, the secretary of state and the Secretary of Defense discussed South Korea's suspension of deployment of a U.S.
A senior White House official told reporters on Friday that President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were on the "same page" on Qatar.
This is the second time a White House official has been reprimanded for apparently violating federal law, with Kellyanne Conway being rebuked in February by the Office of government Ethics for urging the public to buy fashion products sold by Ivanka ...
President Donald Trump plans for a showdown Thursday with former FBI Director James Comey. The law enforcement chief Trump fired last month is set to give potentially damaging testimony to the Senate about whether the president worked to obstruct the ...
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump spoke by phone with Saudi King Salman on Tuesday and stressed the need for gulf unity, a senior White House official said, following a decision by Arab powers to cut ties to Qatar. "His (Trump's) ...
A trio of top White House officials - chief of staff Reince Priebus, chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior adviser Jared Kushner - had been making plans to create an in-house "war room" to respond to the flood of revelations related to the FBI and ...
SYDNEY, June 5 (Xinhua) -- Two top White House officials held high level talks with Australia's foreign and defence ministers in Sydney on Monday, in the wake of the London terrorist attack.
White House officials predicted Monday that their forthcoming infrastructure legislation could pass the House and Senate this year, despite a growing consensus that lawmakers won't get to the bill before 2018.
Some of that money would be dedicated to funding rural infrastructure projects, White House officials say. But they didn't say how much.
The senior White House official said the administration should have communicated better about rolling back regulations - and had spent much time on the Neil Gorsuch confirmation, a significant move for conservatives.
White House officials are being notably vague about whether President Trump believes in climate change. When pressed Thursday on whether Trump accepts the science linking global warming to carbon dioxide emissions, a senior administration official ...
President Donald Trump is allowing at least 16 White House officials to work on issues they handled in their private-sector jobs.
the White House will not say whether or not President Donald Trump believes the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activity contributes to climate change.
French President Emmanuel Macron told Trump that it was a "mistake" to exit the accord, that the agreement wasn't renegotiable and called on him to "make our planet great again.
White House officials confirmed Thursday afternoon that President Trump will leave the climate change deal, but it will take four years during which Trump will be ...




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