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updated Sun. May 28, 2017

The Nigerian information technology Development Agency, NITDA, has assembled a team to implement the Execute Order issued by acting President Yemi ...
Earlier this month the Trump administration made an effort to centralize an incredibly fractured federal government IT infrastructure when the President signed his Presidential Executive order on "Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and ...
Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued a decision upholding an injunction imposed against the President's Executive Order that is designed to protect our nation from foreign terrorists. Ten judges (all placed on the ...
Richmond, VA - The Fourth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals largely upheld Thursday the injunction against President Trump's travel ban executive order, which many critics call a "Muslim ban," ruling that the administration's power to limit immigration ...
The number of refugees arriving in Arizona and across the nation has plummeted in the months since the president issued his executive order.
The number of refugees coming to the United States saw the longest consecutive monthly decline in nearly two decades in the first five months of this fiscal year, a decrease only partly attributable to President Donald Trump's two executive orders this ...
U.S. President Donald Trump signs an Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and religious Liberty during the national day of prayer event at the Rose garden of the White House in Washington D.C.
DENVER -- With a stroke of his pen, Denver's mayor has responded to President Donald Trump's executive orders on immigration.
A federal appeals court has refused to lift a temporary block on President Donald Trump's revised travel ban. The Virginia-based court said the president's broad immigration power was "not absolute" and the ban "intended to bar Muslims from this country".
A legal battle over executive orders limiting the number of refugees resettled in the U.S. is not deterring the Trump administration.
President Donald Trump recently signed the Presidential Executive Order on Promoting agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America.
... and are a reminder that executive orders can be swiftly reviewed where they bump up against constitutional or statutory limits.
President Trump signs an Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and religious Liberty during the national day of prayer event at the Rose garden of the White House in Washington, D.C.
New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer - surrounded with immigration advocates - signs an executive order pertaining to immigration Wednesday.
A group of professors from across the country is urging a federal court to declare one of President Trump's regulatory executive orders unlawful and throw it out. "The Executive Order ignores regulatory benefits and therefore fails to distinguish ...
Recently President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf passed executive order 84 allow industrial vessels greater access to fish in its coastal waters.
FrontPageAfrica Newspaper - All Things Africa 24/7.
Federal court cases on the travel ban and on defunding sanctuary cities have generated enormous attention, and are a reminder that executive orders can be swiftly reviewed where they bump up against constitutional or statutory limits. There have been ...
President Donald Trump is flanked by clergy members after signing an Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and religious Liberty, during a national day of prayer event in the Rose garden at the White House, on May 4. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty ...
That law requires local, state and federal governments to provide information on any individual's immigration status. Sessions' new definition is in response to President Trump's executive order that attempted to strip funding from sanctuary cities ...
President Trump's executive order played a role in radically reducing the number of illegal crossings at the southwestern U.S.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is narrowing the scope of an executive order on so-called sanctuary cities. A federal judge in California last month blocked a key part of that order, reasoning that the Trump administration had overstepped by threatening ...
Lt. Gov. Brad Little's executive order that calls for a "holistic" review of the state's occupational licenses is the most exciting news to come out of the Idaho governor's office in a long time.
Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, will on Wednesday meet some mid level and senior government officials as part of strategies to ensure the implementation of the three executive orders he signed on Thursday. Senior Special Assistant to the Acting ...
Idaho Lt. Gov. Brad Little, center, serving as acting governor on Friday, May 19, 2017, issues an executive order to review the state's occupational licensing requirements.
Lt. Gov. Brad Little's executive order that calls for a "holistic" review of the state's occupational licenses is the most exciting news to come out of the Idaho governor's office in a long time.
President Trump signs executive order on religious liberty, generating debate about churches and taxation.
OPINION | The time is now to create a coalition capable of combatting terror online.
This executive order establishes the Presidential Advisory Commission on Electoral Integrity. Implementing this executive order would have a de minimis impact on costs and revenues to the Federal government. The benefits of this executive order include ...
Immigration and Customs Enforcement says agents have arrested more than 41,000 people in the 100 days since President Trump signed an executive order expanding the group of people considered "priorities" for deportation. The data also show a 156 ...
On May 4, Trump signed an executive order designed to strengthen the "religious freedom" of faith groups in the United States by allowing them to express their political views without reprisal from the federal government.
Last week, amidst the whirlwind surrounding the firing of FBI Director James Comey, President Donald Trump signed his long-promised executive order on federal government cybersecurity. While many of the other orders issued by Trump have been ...
President Donald Trump's executive order on cybersecurity this month tracks the recommendations of a presidential commission that late last year urged federal agency heads to identify and fix weaknesses in the government's information technology systems.
President Trump's long-awaited cyber executive order defines cybersecurity as "an executive branch enterprise" and seeks a single consolidated federal network architecture with centralized security and control.
Gov. Roy Cooper said Tuesday morning he will soon announce an executive order addressing protections for the LGBT community.
Richmond, VA. - Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Tuesday a state plan to limit carbon emissions from power plants, a plan that U.S.
DeKalb County, GA. - Gov. Nathan Deal issued an executive order Tuesday regarding the investigation into a local sheriff. DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann was arrested May 6 in Piedmont Park.
President Donald Trump's executive order on cybersecurity, signed May 11, has received praise from both Congress and industry for continuing the progress of the previous administration and focusing on the issues of workforce development, ...
Roy Cooper said Tuesday he will do it soon by issuing an executive order. His spokesmen did not respond when asked to explain the governor's plans.
Last week, just four days before federal agencies' initial plans were due to OMB, the White House issued a memo updating with more specifics as to how President Trump expects agencies to carry out his previously issued energy executive order (Executive ...
The pace of refugees arriving in Minnesota slowed markedly in recent months, even though President Trump's executive order pausing resettlement remains ...
In Executive Order 13789 of April 21, 2017, 82 F.R. 19317, President Donald J. Trump ordered the Treasury Secretary to review all significant tax regulations issued on or after January 1, 2016, and identify all such regulations that (i) impose an undue ...
A bipartisan group of 325 state legislators from 44 states sent a letter to President Trump today raising strong concerns with the unprecedented action to review ...
Passionate debate on both sides of the issue continues in the wake of President Donald Trump's new religious freedom executive order - and now even the ...
This executive order directs Federal departments and agencies to take certain steps to ensure that the freedom of persons and organizations to engage in ...
Reuters: Trump signs order aimed at upgrading government cyber defenses - U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday to bolster the government's cybersecurity and protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks, marking his ...
Gov. Kate Brown recently signed three executive orders as part of her "Series of Cost Savings Across State government" initiative _ touted as a broad effort to ...
In the April 27 executive order, Brown called for biannual reports of public versus private-sector employee compensation and she also laid out what the "salary pot" of money used in collective bargaining should include - practices that have been in ...





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