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Leon Edward Panetta (born June 28, 1938) is the 23rd and current United States Secretary of Defense, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama since 2011. Prior to taking office, he served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. An Italian-American Democratic politician, lawyer, and professor, Panetta served as President Bill Clinton's White House Chief of Staff from 1994 to 1997, Director of the Office of Management and Budget from 1993–1994, and was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1977 to 1993. He is the founder of the Panetta Institute for Public Policy, served as Distinguished Scholar to Chancellor Charles B. Reed of the California State University System and professor of public policy at Santa Clara University.

Leon Panetta
Leon Panetta
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updated Thu. June 29, 2017

Panetta's father, Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, played in the game when he was a congressman. "It's a little nostalgic," Jimmy Panetta said.
Murphy worked as a civilian at the Pentagon, and Panetta is a navy veteran who served overseas and is the son of Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (N.Y.) formally endorsed the push for the task force ...
Updated at 1:30 p.m. ET Russian police arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny outside his home Monday, preventing the man who organized nationwide demonstrations against Russian president Vladimir Putin from joining a rally in Moscow.
The program features nearly two dozen presentations, events and exercises including discussions with Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and former Rep. Sam Farr. The former congressmen will participate in a joint panel discussion on leadership in ...
As a civilian, Mikolay was a speechwriter for Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Byron Callan, an analyst with capital Alpha Partners, said he is "skeptical" that three staffers with ties to Palantir will cause the Pentagon to flip its position on ...
(CNN) -- Here's a look at the life of former CIA director and former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Personal: Birth date: June 28, 1938.
Fired FBI Director James Comey said President Trump's administration lied and defamed him after he was fired. Former CIA director Leon Panetta weighed in on Comey's dramatic testimony. KSBW |. Updated: 2:30 PM PDT Jun 9, 2017. Advertisement.
WASHINGTON D.C. -- former FBI Director James Comey walked into a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing room at precisely 10 a.m. and immediately took his seat at the witness table.
former FBI Director James Comey has given testimony to no less than three congressional committees about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.
For insight into James Comey's testimony, Scott Pelley spoke to Leon Panetta on the "CBS Evening News." Panetta was Secretary of Defense and CIA director under President Barack Obama, and he served as White House chief of staff under President Bill ...
In 1970, Leon Panetta resigned from his civil-rights post at what was then the Department of Health, education, and Welfare because of congressional pressure not to push school desegregation.
Since World War II, the United States has provided global leadership to promote peace and prosperity. Doing so was the best way to strengthen and protect both our values and our national security interests.
He asked the audience if they could imagine such a meeting happening under the watch of a historically successful Chief of Staff such as Jim Baker under former President Ronald Reagan or Leon Panetta under former President Bill Clinton. "This is just ...
At the Sunset cultural Center in Carmel at 7 p.m., former CIA director Leon Panetta will ask the speakers how they think the Trump Administration will handle these challenges.
David Petraeus, Michael Chertoff, Madeleine Albright and Leon Panetta, told members of Congress in this letter: "the process that refugees undergo in order to be deemed eligible for resettlement in the United States is robust and thorough.
former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice speaks beside former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter during a press conference prior to their discussion in the Panetta Institute for Public Policy at the Sunset Center in Carmel on Monday June 5, 2017.
Even then, former CIA Director Leon Panetta charged the GOP nominee with "in fact asking the Russians to engage in American politics.
Leon Panetta serves fresh salsa during 2017 La Merienda and the celebration of Monterey's 247th birthday in the Memory garden at the Custom House Plaza on Saturday.
The happy couple were joined by Jimmy Kimmel, honoree Bob Iger, performer David Foster, keynote speaker Leon Panetta, producer and presenter Jerry Bruckheimer, and Netflix's Ted Sarandos at the event, which raised over $5 million for the Navy Seal ...
Carmel >> The Panetta Institute will present the final installment of the Leon Panetta 2017 Lecture Series on Monday with guest speakers Condoleeza Rice and Ash Carter.
The third forum in the 2017 Leon Panetta Lecture Series focuses on Our democracy: Parties, politics and Governing. Speaking with Secretary Panetta on the topic is Donna Brazile, former chair of the Democratic National Committee; David Gergen, senior ...
Bosco further said that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had told the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2012 that China was irrefutably providing advanced technology for North Korea's ballistic missile program.
So often in recent weeks, the words "obstruction of justice" have been spoken on cable news, and there have been discussions about whether or not President Donald Trump committed the act.
Leon Panetta's emails were coming out then, but no one has said Trump had anything to do with that. Whether the Russians had anything to do with it is questionable.
In July 1994, Clinton replaced Chief of Staff Mack McLarty (who had been a childhood friend of his) with Leon Panetta, who set about reorganizing the White House.
Kelly himself was a commander in the Iraq war, returning to the U.S. in 2009 to serve as the top military adviser to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. In 2012, two years after his son's death, he became the head of Southern Command, overseeing all U.S ...
David Gergen talks about the state of the Trump presidency as Leon Panetta listens on Monday during a press conference for the third event of the Leon Panetta 2017 Lecture Series at the Sunset cultural Center in Carmel. Vernon McKnight - Herald ...
Even then, former CIA Director Leon Panetta charged the GOP nominee with "in fact asking the Russians to engage in American politics.
Leon Panetta has been highly critical of President Donald Trump's temperament. On Friday, the former CIA director and Defense Secretary renewed those criticisms.
It's common knowledge that Leon Panetta is concerned that Donald Trump doesn't have the maturity to be president. "The president needs to have some grown-ups around him," Panetta told CNN earlier this month.
Leon Panetta, who at the time was Secretary of Defense, said the leaks could hamper intelligence gathering. "When these leaks take place, I can't tell you how much they damage our ability to be able to pursue our intelligence efforts," he said.
Panetta Lecture Series forum to focus on democracy: Parties, politics and Governing. Leon Panetta will once again host the Panetta Lecture Series at the Sunset Center in Carmel on Monday.
Leon Panetta, right, was CIA Director when Chinese officials reportedly learned about spying operations in their country in 2010 and began imprisoning and killing CIA sources.
Whipple has some ideas about the subject, having just written "The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency," his new book with interviews of 17 former chiefs, including Rahm Emanuel, Dick Cheney, Leon Panetta and ...
The Russian meddling consists of hacking and releasing embarrassing emails sent and received by Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State, by the DNC during the primary season involving Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and by Leon Panetta, Clinton's ...
SEASIDE >> For former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who has been dedicated to encouraging young people to engage in public service, the 2017 survey of American college students' attitudes has some kernels of optimism in the midst of discouraging ...
SEASIDE >> For former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who has been dedicated to encouraging young people to engage in public service, the 2017 survey of American college students' attitudes has some kernels of optimism in the midst of discouraging ...
Santa Monica - Leon Panetta, the former Defense Secretary and CIA director who has been an adviser to presidents for decades, advises young people who have become more attentive to government and politics since the November election to stay ...
Leon Panetta full reaction to Comey. 12 hrs ago; 0. CNN's Pamela Brown speaks with former CIA Director Leon Panetta about news the White House is reaching out for legal help in preparation for potential impeachment proceedings.
I for one am tired of listening to Democrats rave on and on about Trump and Russia. They say what he leaked in the White House the other day was so terrible to the United States.
The US CIA Chief Leon Panetta confirmed Dr Afridi's role in helping the CIA find Bin Laden in Abbottabad and US authorities demanded his release, awarding him a US citizenship.
Obama and his then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta leaked the fact that Seal Team 6 had killed Osama bin Laden as well as the fact that a Pakistani physician had tipped the US off to his whereabouts, life-threatening leaks for which Obama was given a ...
Leon Panetta's recent outrage over President Trump is laughable. Unlike Mr. Panetta's political associates, President Trump didn't sell uranium to Russia for money - that was Hillary Clinton.
Ex-CIA Director Leon Panetta warned that Trump's behavior risks polluting relations between the intelligence agencies of the United States and its allies.
Former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, among others, said Tuesday that sharing classified information could threaten intelligence gathering and the ability to stop potential threats.
Do stories that they are putting out in in the press listened to Leon Panetta former Defense Secretary this morning. I realize he was a Democrat under the Clinton and administration also be Defense Secretary under Obama.
Efforts like sharing sensitive information with Russians by Donald Trump undermines the credibility of US presidency, former defence secretary, CIA chief and White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta said today. "I watch this President rationalise these ...
Former Office of Management and Budget director Leon Panetta was given the authority he needed to whip the White House into shape.
Leon Panetta discusses the threat of cyberattacks and alleged Russian hacking on Bloomberg's 'What'd You Miss?'.
WASHINGTON (CNN) - veteran national security official Leon Panetta rebuked the Trump administration following reports that the President had shared highly classified information with Russian officials.




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