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updated Mon. May 30, 2022

Despite those bogus “official” findings, subsequently confirmed rampant corruption and misconduct in Iraq were committed regularly by the same privatized profiteers with whom Colonel Ted Westhusing was confronting and exposing right up until his death. To vindicate Westhusing's accusations and ...

Of the 99 U.S. military women killed in the Iraq theater, 41 were women of color (21 African-Americans, 16 Latinas, three of Asian-Pacific descent and one ..... Ted Westhusing, 44, at the time the highest-ranking officer to die in Iraq, allegedly committed suicide after reportedly becoming despondent about the ...
One of the few high-profile cases involves a much-admired Army colonel named Ted Westhusing — who, in his 2005 suicide note, pointed a finger at a then little-known U.S. general named David Petraeus. Westhusing's widow .... Since last March, when I wrote a story about the apparent suicide of Col.
... of Col. Ted Westhusing in Iraq, I had believed there was nothing else to write about his tragic death. .... Army Lt. Col. Robert Bateman worked with Westhusing in Iraq. Bateman said he attended a meeting on June 4, 2005, that was attended by only two other people: Westhusing and Petraeus. Bateman ...
Its essence was summed up by Col. Ted Westhusing, an Army scholar of military ethics who was an innocent witness to corruption, not a participant, when he died at age 44 of a gunshot wound to the head while working for Gen. David Petraeus training Iraqi security forces in Baghdad in 2005. He was at ...
Writing in his suicide note, "I am sullied -- no more," U.S. Colonel Ted Westhusing, father of three, chose death over a life of lies and corruption in occupied ... In the ever-expanding tragedy of the second Iraq war, the tragedy of Ted Westhusing is just one among tens of thousands. .... COL Ted Westhusing.


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