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updated Wed. November 22, 2023

The proposal netted swift condemnation as “foolish and shortsighted” from the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents 700,000 workers in the federal ... “All of the savings and efficiency have to stay within DoD to get more capability into the war fighter faster,” Thornberry said.
An assessment of the flexible employment authorities for the employment and retention of federal civilian employees. GAO believes that DOD addressed this requirement because it sent questionnaires to DOD hiring officials and human resource professionals to collect information on flexible employment ...

Signed by 3,000 Google employees, it protests the company's use of its artificial intelligence expertise in a Pentagon contract. “We believe that Google should not be in the business of war,” it says. The letter demands that the company, whose famous internal motto is “don't be evil,” commit not to “ever build ...
The Office of Compliance is not doing enough to protect the sensitive information of congressional employees who may have been sexual harassed. ... the Office of Personnel management to identify the lowest 20 percent of major components and bureaus on the 2017 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.
3100 Google employees protest company's involvement in Pentagon drone project ... Google experts have been assisting DoD in developing algorithms which analyze drone footage captured during flyovers of large swathes of land (primarily ... This statement has clearly rang hollow with many employees.
WASHINGTON — Thousands of Google employees, including dozens of senior engineers, have signed a letter protesting the company's involvement in a Pentagon program that uses artificial intelligence to interpret video imagery and could be used to improve the targeting of drone strikes. The letter, which ...

Boeing (NYSE: BA), which has come under criticism from Pentagon officials over delays to the KC-46 refueling tanker, is revamping its defense unit in a bid ... Boeing Defense CEO Leanne Caret, in an email to employees first reported by Defense One, said that the company next week will stand up two new ...
“DOD has ignored the contract services budget requirement in its FY 2019 budget request,” the union said in a statement to Government Executive. “Instead, the department only submitted information on “Advisory and Assistance” contracts, which constitute a small fraction of one percent of overall DOD ...
DoD's current leadership is committed to this objective, and more; Ellen Lord, the under secretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment, stated publicly her intent to reduce the time to “get on contract by 50 percent. ... Learn how to get the most out of your business, management and employees.
The Pentagon and its many supporters in Congress say this money is badly needed because budget constraints imposed under a 2011 budget deal have steadily eroded ... Across the military, troops will get a 2.4 percent pay hike, compared with 1.9 percent for civilian employees of the federal government.
As a start-up called Cambridge Analytica sought to harvest the Facebook data of tens of millions of Americans in summer 2014, the company received help from at least one employee at Palantir Technologies, a top Silicon Valley contractor to American spy agencies and the Pentagon. It was a Palantir ...
As a start-up called Cambridge Analytica sought to harvest the Facebook data of tens of millions of Americans in summer 2014, the company received help from at least one employee at Palantir Technologies, a top Silicon Valley contractor to American spy agencies and the Pentagon. It was a Palantir ...
Federal employees left their jobs at a higher rate under the first year of the Trump administration than at any other point since 2013. ... In a letter to Deputy Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan, PSC suggested DoD remove specific policy and regulatory barriers that make it harder for the services to adopt ...
The hack was first reported by CNBC, which said DoD financial services provider Citibank had reported the criminal organization tried more than a million possible credit card number combinations, and successfully guessed the account numbers belonging to more than 300 DoD employees. The bank and ...
(CNN) Defense Department employees charged just over $138,000 at Trump branded properties in the first eight months of Donald Trump's ... "With the DoD's... spending at Mar-a-Lago and other Trump properties, and Trump's refusal to divest from his sprawling business empire, once again we find the ...
The Army and the Pentagon's inspector general are at loggerheads over allegations that the service has been intentionally overstating how much ... The IG said Army commands, with the full knowledge of headquarters budget staff, intentionally hired fewer employees than they were authorized so that some ...
This provision, tucked away in Section 1045 of the NDAA, imposes broad lobbying restrictions on certain former DOD officials and employees working on behalf of private sector clients that retired from federal service on or after December 12, 2017 (the date on which the Fiscal Year 2018 NDAA became ...

As the Pentagon's top weapons supplier, Lockheed Martin takes the lion's share of DoD funds with nearly 90 percent of revenue coming from the federal ... And while Norquist said he could not comment on how defense contractors pay their employees he said that taxpayers "should be paying for the ...
A DoD press release on Project Maven says the project aims to help deal with the "millions of hours of video" the military collects. Drone footage is pouring into the Pentagon at a rate faster than human analysts can keep up with, so the hope is that machine learning could help do some of the heavy lifting ...
Google has promised employees that it will draft a set of ethical principles on how it does defense-related work with the government, industry publication DefenseOne reports, after thousands of employees urged CEO Sundar Pichai to drop a deal with the Pentagon. Alphabet-owned Google last month said ...
Last August, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis made a journey to the West Coast and met with Google founder Sergey Brin and CEO Sundar Pichai. Over a half day of meetings, Google leaders described the company's multi-year transition to cloud computing and how it was helping them develop into a ...
According to the report, Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene held a town hall meeting with Google employees on Wednesday to downplay concerns over Maven, but that apparently didn't quiet those ... Proposals are due around the end of May, and the DoD is expected to pick a winner around September.


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