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updated Sat. April 27, 2024

The Russian government is continuing to demand the United States answer its questions regarding unsubstantiated rumors of unmarked helicopters .... given its poor relations with the United States it has an obvious incentive to undermine American policy in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the region.

I will provide some reflections on the production of knowledge on Tajikistan by foreign researchers and refer to my experience as an early-stage female researcher .... Most of these grants go to research on topics that are a priority for western policy-makers, such as terrorism and counter-terrorism, Islam and ...
Tajikistan's latest amendments adding more restrictions to the already restrictive Religion Law came into force on 10 January. "Instead of ... "Now there will be more questions and more details, which will make it very difficult for us to work," the communities told Forum 18 of their fears. "We are afraid to give ...
The districts of Batken and Lelik are tucked away in a southwest corner of Kyrgyzstan with the northern part of Tajikistan on either side. ... Kemel Toktomushev, research fellow at the Institute of Public Policy and Administration of the University of Central Asia, said that he saw the roots of sporadic conflicts in ...
Tajikistan's National Bank carried out intervention in the amount $300 million to support the exchange rate of the national currency, Tajik Telegraph Agency TajikTA reported. "The credit organizations were provided with around $300 million to meet the demand for the US dollar in Tajikistan in 2017," the ...
As Ukraine's acting Minister of Agriculture and First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, I have devoted the last year and a half to land reform. ... the best land reform practices that have been utilized in other countries in order to help us to avoid the mistakes made in Central Europe and the Baltics.
“Over the past 96 hours, U.S. forces conducted air operations to strike Taliban training facilities in Badakhshan province, preventing the planning and rehearsal of terrorist acts near the border with China and Tajikistan by such organizations as the East Turkistan Islamic Movement and others,” U.S. Forces ...
Anonymous and/or confidential accounts provided to us reveal the mechanisms by which the repression of academics is occurring in Tajikistan. ... system of knowledge production," under which scholars must adhere to state narratives, and conduct research that supports and/or justifies official policies.
The Afghan side asked us to increase the supply, but we explained to them that we cannot do this,” Usmonzoda was quoted as saying by Baku-based AzerNews news agency. Kyrgyzstan, meanwhile, also sells back to Tajikistan in accordance with seasonal requirements. Uzbekistan's policy of bolstering ...
'Peace Games' With the closure of the 2018 Winter Olympics on Sunday, Pyongyang signaled that North Korea would be willing to directly speak with the United States. “The North agrees that inter-Korean relations and North Korea- U.S. relations should improve together,” South Korean President Moon ...


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