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Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting. Surveillance is therefore an ambiguous practice, sometimes creating positive effects, at other times negative. It is sometimes done in a surreptitious manner. It most usually involves observation of individuals or groups by government organizations (though there are some exceptions, such as disease Surveillance, which monitors the progress of a disease in a community without for that matter directly observing or monitoring individuals).

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updated Wed. April 25, 2018

Such a sweeping surveillance measure is particularly ripe for abuse in a country known for its human rights violations, including an attempts to use surveillance against civil society. The bill is expected to pass a final vote before Egypt's House on May 14th or 15th. Article 10 of the bill requires companies ...
But on the business side of cameras, IP surveillance systems have mostly been reliable pushers of video across cables, a modern extension of the CCTV systems that have existed for decades. That is about to change, though. Kogniz recently announced what it calls the first artificial intelligence ...

After over a decade of police departments acquiring even more powerful methods for gazing into private lives, and amid ongoing concerns about bias in policing, the city council of Berkeley, California, is attempting to aggressively curb police surveillance by law. On March 27, it unanimously passed ...
In the Black Mirror episode "Nosedive," writers Rashida Jones and Michael Schur created a bleak world where everyone has a public rating system based on their social media ranking. The episode features Bryce Dallas Howard as a young woman who tries to improve her respectable 4.2 score to ...
If you care about privacy and human rights, then information from a new report about secret global surveillance networks and the sharing of intelligence between governments is not good at all. In fact, the sharing of surveillance with intelligence and other governments is so "alarmingly under-regulated" ... spy
China's authoritarian regime is taking systematic steps to expand its surveillance of people and communication channels within the country, and the tentacles of the apparatus are slowly extending far beyond China's borders. A series of revelations and activist arrests over the past month provide insight ...

Surveillance video shows van crashing into Toronto pedestrians; 10 dead, 15 injured ... Police in Canada's biggest city are piecing together witness accounts and Surveillance video trying to determine why a driver plowed a rented van along a crowded sidewalk, killing 10 people and injuring 15 in ...
The first cameras in this network were installed in 2012 and since then there's been mixed reaction. Some say it's an invasion of privacy, but others say it's a necessary step to fight crime. In San Francisco's quintessential Union Square, cable cars carry excited tourists and sidewalks are packed ... Surveillance Cameras
DECATUR -- Police said a Decatur man's assault on his ex-girlfriend was captured on surveillance video outside Decatur's Caterpillar Inc. plant. A sworn Decatur Police affidavit said the incident occurred on the afternoon of Feb. 13, and police caught up with and arrested the 28-year-old man early ... Surveillance cameras
While the department says drones won't be used as an investigation tool, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Pittsburgh, Vic Walczak, has concerns about their surveillance capabilities, especially by law enforcement. “They could be flying a drone outside here while we're talking and they're ... Surveillance cameras
ALBANY, N.Y. — The New York Police Department can use a Cold War-era legal tactic to conceal whether it put two Muslim men under surveillance, the state's highest court ruled Thursday. The Court of Appeals, in a split 4-3 decision, ruled that the NYPD was in its rights to decline acknowledging whether ... Surveillance cameras
By 2020, China will have completed its nationwide facial recognition and surveillance network, achieving near-total surveillance of urban residents, ... Authorities in the southwestern province of Sichuan reported in December that they had completed the installation of more than 40,000 surveillance ... Surveillance cameras
A 19-year-old woman checking into the Beaumont Dearborn emergency room on Feb. 10 was attacked by a man waiting in the lobby. Security footage obtained by WDIV shows the attack (watch the video below). Flash is not active. Flash does not appear to be installed or active. Please install or activate ... Surveillance cameras
OLYMPIA, Wash. – A new program in the South Sound is hoping to give police an edge when trying to solve property crimes. Called the 'Community Outreach Video Surveillance Program,' the project hopes to build a database of homeowners who have cameras, helping give detectives quick access to ... Surveillance cameras
Surveillance at Triple S Food Mart where Alton Sterling was shot and killed by Baton Rouge police in July 2016 shows, for the first time publicly, the graphic altercation and aftermath of the highly publicized incident. The footage shows an overhead angle of where Sterling was selling homemade CDs before ... Surveillance cameras
The New York Police Department can use a Cold War-era legal tactic to conceal whether it put two Muslim men under surveillance, the state's highest court ruled Thursday. The Court of Appeals, in a split 4-3 decision, ruled that the NYPD was in its rights to decline acknowledging whether records existed ... Surveillance cameras

This weekend, MoMA PS1's Sunday Sessions program, which dazzled museumgoers with its Hair Wars showcase earlier this month, will be delving into yet another fascinating and mesmerizing corner of the beauty zeitgeist: Computer Vision Dazzle, otherwise known as CV Dazzle or anti-surveillance ... Surveillance cameras
Larry Nassar Survivors Feel 'Violated All Over Again' After MSU Surveillance. Monitoring ... Although this type of monitoring is not uncommon in criminal cases, the explosive report garnered intense media attention and prompted many Nassar survivors to criticize the surveillance as invasive and triggering. Surveillance cameras
Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department watchdog who doubles as chairman of the inspectors general council, has added a probe of the FBI's use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to his other politically controversial reviews of the bureau's treatment of both the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns ... Surveillance cameras
The inspector general will examine the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's compliance with legal requirements in its application for warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the inspector general, Michael Horowitz, said in the statement. Republican lawmakers ... Surveillance cameras
The department's inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, said in a statement Wednesday that the review will examine whether the Justice Department and the FBI followed the proper procedures and legal requirements when applying for surveillance orders "relating to a certain U.S. person" before the ... Surveillance cameras
WASHINGTON — The Justice Department's inspector general, facing increasing political pressure from Republicans in Congress and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, said on Wednesday that his office would investigate the surveillance of a former Trump campaign official. The announcement came amid a ... Surveillance cameras
... Wednesday it has launched a probe into the department and the FBI's handling of warrant applications under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. ... DOJ's and FBI's relationship and communications with the alleged source as they relate to the (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) applications.". Surveillance cameras
Police have released neighborhood surveillance video of the suspects in a gang-related shooting that injured two kids. MOREAdditional LinksPoll. The shooting happened on March 12 at East 37th Street and Capers Avenue. The video shows a red 2016 Dodge Durango with chrome colored mirrors and ... Surveillance cameras
ATLANTA - Atlanta Police have launched an internal investigation to find out if any officers made errors while investigating a missing Atlanta Airport worker's disappearance, and how most of the airport surveillance tracking her movements ended up deleted. The body of Shanequa Sullivan, 23, was found ... Surveillance cameras
LAS VEGAS -- Newly-released surveillance video shows Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock in the days before he opened fire from his Mandalay Bay hotel room, killing 58 people. MGM Resorts said it released the video because it wanted to provide greater context around Paddock's actions leading up ... Surveillance cameras
Atlanta police say an internal investigation has been opened to determine why surveillance video was not preserved in the case of a missing woman whose ... Police spokesman Carlos Campos told WSB-TV in a statement Friday that all airport surveillance video of 23-year-old Shanequa Sullivan should ... Surveillance cameras
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Surveillance video released on Friday shows a teen hanging out of the window of an SUV as he fired shots that wounded a 5-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy in a gang retaliation shooting. The short video clip from a surveillance camera in the public housing complex on East 37th ... Surveillance cameras
MGM Resorts released surveillance video on Thursday of Stephen Paddock, the man behind the Oct. 1 shooting, showing the days and hours before he fired upon a concert crowd from his room inside Mandalay Bay. In one hour and 17 minutes of footage, Paddock, 64, behaves like any other high roller ... Surveillance cameras
Today surveillance is the DNA of the platform economy; its model is simply based on the possibility of continuous privacy invasions using whatever means possible. In most cases users agree, by signing the terms and conditions of service providers, so that their data may be collected, analyzed and even ... Surveillance cameras
Memphis Police Department is hopeful surveillance footage will help capture two men responsible for a home invasion earlier this month. MOREAdditional LinksPoll. Video shows two men walk up to the home on Meadows Lane on March 3. The men forced their way inside the house with handguns, and ... Surveillance cameras
DALLAS - Dallas fire investigators released home surveillance video of an arsonist. He's seen tossing a firebomb at a home. The fire happened early in the morning on March 6 at a home on Woodland Drive, which is near Preston Road and Northwest Highway. The video shows a man throwing the Molotov ... Surveillance cameras
What follows is a haunting collection of surveillance images capturing Paddock getting on and off elevators, playing video poker, eating alone in the hotel's sushi restaurant, interacting with hotel and casino staff and transporting his arsenal of 23 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in nearly 12 ... Surveillance cameras
As Faceter CEO Rob Pothier talks about the 'sci-fi' capabilities of advanced video security camera technology, the listener is transported to the future. Today, cameras are watching us as we move through the office, shop at lunch in the department store, and on the car ride home. Smart digital surveillance ... Surveillance cameras
The researchers say "very little" can be done to prevent stingray-style surveillance attacks. Those 'stingray' detector apps are basically useless, say researchers. Researchers found at least one major flaw in the five leading stingray surveillance trackers for Android. New York bill aims to limit police use of ... Surveillance cameras
BERKELEY — A groundbreaking Berkeley city ordinance requires the city's use of surveillance technologies such as surveillance cameras, license-plate readers and cellphone trackers to be approved by the City Council and subject to citizen oversight. The City Council unanimously approved the first ... Surveillance cameras
MGM Resorts released images of Stephen Paddock days before he carried out the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history. MGM Resorts. ADVERTISEMENT. X. start. share. 1/15. Close X. Embed Slideshow Code:




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