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william ruto Deputy President William Ruto. He says a section of leaders are undermining his call to have Kenyans unite. PHOTO: KENYA TODAY.
After each game for the rest of the year, I'll be posting numbers that tell a broader story than what a traditional box score may offer.

workers at two Jim Beam distilleries in Kentucky went on strike after contract negotiations failed late on Friday. Just hours before an existing contract was set to expire, over 200 union members overwhelmingly rejected the latest terms from the world ...
For a lot of people, Attikus and the Thrall rebellion is going to be too little, too late. Battleborn has been plagued with issues since its launch, from poor PC performance to a rapidly decreasing base of players causing long wait times to get into a ...
Cincinnati - In an arena normally reserved for ice hockey, the Donald Trump crowd was on edge. Some wore shirts with slogans like "[Expletive] Your Feelings" or, in reference to the female Democratic nominee, "Trump that Bitch.
"Battleborn" has just got its first story DLC with Attikus and Thrall rebellion as part of the five planned story expansions of Gearbox Software.

Daesh killed 58 people earlier this month and crushed a rebellion plot in Mosul, led by one of the group's commanders, residents and Iraqi security officials said.
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has crushed a rebellion plot in Mosul led by one of its commanders who aimed to switch sides and help deliver the city to Iraqi forces, Reuters news agency reports.
WASHINGTON - House Speaker Paul Ryan's abandonment of Donald Trump is aimed at protecting Republican control of the House. But it may test his hold on his own job, and his long-term ambitions.
ITS opening frames will give the most hardened and cynical Star wars fans the chills. The final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has landed on the internet.
Attikus and the Thrall rebellion, the first "Story Operation" DLC for Battleborn, tells the tale of Attikus and his role in the uprising that gripped the slums of the planet Tempest and ultimately touched off a revolution within the Jennerit Empire.
A Momentum-style movement will host a rival "radical independence" event during the SNP conference, which starts today (Thursday), in a challenge to the party's leader Nicola Sturgeon.
It's a trailer for underdogs, for people banding together against a seemingly insurmountable force. It's a time for rallying speeches and coming together with our heroine Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) at the center of a growing rebellion against the evil ...
WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - A slave rebellion in Virginia and Black Lives Matter were the topics of discussion at the Uptown Theater in D.C.
The Ethiopian government on Monday accused Cairo of providing support to rebellious Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Getachew Reda, Ethiopian government spokesman and Minister of communication was flatly clear: "We know for a fact that the terrorist ...
Jeremy Corbyn's lengthy reshuffle received a boost today when two senior peers ended their boycott of the shadow Cabinet. Angela Smith, Labour's leader in the Lords, and Steve Bassam, chief whip in the upper chamber, said they were returning to the top ...

FOR OVER two weeks, hundreds and thousands of people have kept the rebellion against police terror alive in the Queen City.
Just a few years following independence, South Sudan struggles to form as a state. While the economy rapidly sinks, politically motivated insurrections and ethnic feuds seem to be on the rise countrywide.
To me, Zvezda means rebellion. Personal rebellion against the imposed. I've been having authority issues all my life, and group protests never felt right for me - probably for the same reasons.
1916 The Irish rebellion was awarded "Best Documentary Series" at the 2016 Irish Film and Television Award ceremony, held on Friday, October 7, in Dublin.
The Libyan army's southern commander claimed today to have scotched an attempt to replace him. Rebellious officers met on Friday in Brak Al-Shatti and chose General Suliman Kanah as their new chief.
The Birth of a Nation, about the 1831 uprising of a slave community in the American south, is a fiery account of a rebellion against injustice and oppression. Based on a true story, the film offers an unflinching look at the brutal event. First-time ...
"Utilities may end up needing to go back and excavate these sites years in the future to comply with the CCR rule after having wasted money on half measures that will not work.
Some staffers inside the Republican National Committee are rebelling and "defying orders" to continue working for Donald Trump, according to a source familiar with the situation.
The Birth of a Nation, in theaters Friday, is the latest cultural reimagining of Nat Turner, leader of the infamous 1831 Southampton County, VA.
Minnesota's first-round pick has only played four snaps through four games. Here are three reasons why.
Welcome to a very special 30th anniversary edition of The Independent. Inside you'll find 30 of the best front pages, news reports, cartoons, comment pieces and photographs.
Three weeks ago a 14 year old boy from Afghanistan left his shelter in a flooded disused landfill site in Northern France to climb onto a truck.
This week's Podcast rebellion takes a step back to consider whether the 3-2 rebels have met or fallen short of expectations through five weeks of football, a question we extend to the rest of the SEC West division.
It's based on the story of Nat Turner, who led a slave rebellion in 1831 Virginia.His owner uses Parker's preaching ability to keep slaves obedient (and to make some extra cash).
But it's still a largely uninspired passion project for its first-time writer-director Parker, who might have been better off casting someone else in the lead role of Nat Turner, the self-educated slave who led a rebellion against white slave owners in ...
One of the year's most buzzed-about and hot-button films is writer-director-star Nate Parker's tale of slave Nat Turner's rebellion, which swept the awards at this year's Sundance Film Festival. "The Girl on the Train". Based on the fun book, Emily ...
A string of recent events has brought the leader of an 1831 slave rebellion back into the news.
While there were more than two dozen known slave revolts in the U.S., the rebellion of 1831, led by Nat Turner's may be one of the more popular.
On the heels of Sunday night's Westworld premiere, HBO has released a new promo teasing host rebellion in the weeks ahead.
As confident as the rebels may (and should) be heading into Saturday, they can't afford to laugh off the Tigers' soft schedule wins.
In 1775: rebellion, you and your friends can command the armies of the British Redcoats, English Loyalists, German Hessians, American Regulars, Patriots, ...
More than nine out of ten Virginia students entering high school in 2012 - 91.3%, to be exact - earned a diploma in four years, up from 88% four years previously, according to new Virginia Department of education data.
This production of Sean O'Casey's exploration of the 1916 Easter rebellion, and the social climate leading up to it, comes straight from Dublin's Abbey Theater, which first performed it in 1926.
During Easter week of 1916, an armed rebellion led by the Irish Republican Brotherhood took place in Dublin, with smaller insurrections scattered throughout the rest of Ireland.
Event goers were treated to daily reenactments of civil war Battle. Several cannon returned volleys of fire while soldiers with muzzle-loaders moved positions in order to gain tactical advantage.
The rebellion was prompted by long-standing complaints about overcrowding and systematic racism by prison guards. Several officers were taken hostage, some were badly beaten, one fatally.
South Sudan's government urged Sudan and regional states on Tuesday not to let opposition leader Riek Machar launch a new rebellion, after he threatened a return to the battlefield unless demands needed to revive a peace deal were met. Machar is in the ...
rebellion Brewing in Regina is calling for the province to move forward with a craft brewery strategic plan. The brewery applauded most of the findings in a recent review of the industry orchestrated by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority ...
On Tuesday, a new branch of a Caddo Parish family preservation court met for the second time. Following the nine-year success of the Family Preservation Drug Court, the Tuesday sessions focus on preserving families rocked by substance abuse combined ...
Hernan Barangan's film,"Road rebellion" will air on KCET on October 8. Hernan Barangan, a teen cancer survivor, has a mission.
Apparent good news from the Virginia Department of education: Virginia public school graduates in 2016 continued to buck a multi-year national trend of lower achievement on the SAT college-admissions test.
Smackdown rebellion will be moving to a pre-tape format moving forward. Each episode will now feature host Jonathan Jansen discussing the latest episode of Smackdown as well as the top news stories of the day alongside a different WZ Radio personality ...






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