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Several Iraqi parties, international human rights organizations and the United Nations have already accused the pro-government Shiite militia of committing several sectarian crimes against Sunni civilians in the liberated cities since 2014 and until 2016.

Erdogan fights anyone and anything outside the sphere of his understanding of Sunni Islamism. His arguments typically reflect an Islamist's angry inner thoughts, feelings of "defeat against the non-Muslim West" and a "powerful urge to reverse the world ...
Saudi Arabia driven Shia-Sunni conflict is today's Cold War - leading to both our Iraq wars, the rise of global jihad, and a mass extinction of human rights since 1979.
Pakistani authorities suspect the Sunni extremist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi could be behind the recent terror attack that killed up to 59 police trainees in Quetta, Balochistan.

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The risk that military operations to expel Islamic state terrorists from Mosul in northern Iraq could morph into a new frontline in the wider conflict between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam has intensified with Turkey's disputed entry into the fray.
Haripur: The district head of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) Maulana Shaukat Nawaz was gunned down in Makhan Colony in the limits of City police Station here on Sunday, police officials said.
BAREILLY: Sunni Barelvi clerics on Friday began preparing to organize what they are calling a 'Shariat Bachao Andolan'.
The Change and Reform parliamentary bloc on Tuesday dismissed accusations from Speaker Nabih Berri's Amal Movement about an alleged "Sunni-Christian" deal as an attempt to "blackmail" the supporters of Free Patriotic Movement founder MP Michel ...
MANGALURU: Karnataka State Sunni Co-ordination Committee has condemned strongly the move to implement Uniform Civil Code in India.
BAREILLY: After Sunni Barelvi cleric Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan, while speaking on 'triple talaq' on Sunday, said that there have been instances where a woman has been married to five men and she was unaware about the identity of her children's fathers, ...
NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Diana Eltahawy, an Iraq researcher for Amnesty International. Its new report alleges that Sunni men fleeing ISIS-held territory have been executed and tortured by Shia militia. ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: A new report by ...

In the Sunni tradition it is widely known that we fast on this day to show gratitude to God and champion the day Moses and the children of Israel were saved from the tyrannical rule of Pharoah as was narrated from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) - Sunni Arab fighters trained by a contingent of Turkish army deployed in northern Iraq are to join an anticipated battle to recaptre the city of Mosul from the Islamic State (IS) group, the Turkish state-run ...
All of these projects are based on religious or ethnic division, whether among Turkmens, Kurds, Arabs, Sunnis or Shiites. Some see these proposals as the solution to the sectarian, religious and ethnic diversity problems that have caused so much ...
The battle for Mosul is about more than ISIS - it is a fight for the heart and soul of Iraq. Kurds, Shia and Sunni forces are fighting together but they may struggle to stay united.
As the Iraqi Army begins its campaign to rid Mosul of Da'esh, the government has made the decision to task Shia militias with a similar role in Hawija.
What if it were US warplanes that dropped napalm, phosphorus and bunker-buster bombs on Sunni Muslim hospitals, aid convoys and civilian neighbourhoods across rebel-held areas in Syria?
London - There is a way to defeat the Islamic State group in Iraq. It's to grant the country's Sunni population its own separate state, free of control from Baghdad.
Dozens Die in ISIS suicide bombing, Shootings in Iraq. Attacks target a Shi'ite gathering, police checkpoint and the family of a Sunni paramilitary leader opposed to ISIS. By Reuters On 10/15/16 at 6:28 PM ...
There is a way to defeat Islamic State in Iraq. It's to grant the country's Sunni population its own separate state, free of control from Baghdad.
Above are the last two stanzas of Niyi Osundare's excellent poem, Not My Business. The poem mirrored the murderous dictatorship of General Sani Abacha in the 80s and even more significantly, the silence of the people in the face of injustice as long as ...
"We are oppressed - the Sunni leaders are only focused on their interests and political gains, and they don't protect us.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) - Sunni Arab fighters trained by a contingent of Turkish army deployed in northern Iraq are to join an anticipated battle to recaptre the city of Mosul from the Islamic State (IS) group, the Turkish state-run ...
Oct 12 (Reuters) - There is a way to defeat Islamic State in Iraq. It's to grant the country's Sunni population its own separate state, free of control from Baghdad.
This Muharram, Sunnis from Gilgit city vowed to protect their Shia brethren during the mourning processions that take place annually at this time of the year.
The Taliban, as well as ISIS, are Sunni Muslim organization who have no place for the other major Muslim sect, the Shias. They routinely kill Shias who constitute 15 percent of the Afghan population.
Relations between the two powers grew tense late last year after Turkey deployed troops to a largely Sunni area northeast of Mosul to train locals in the fight against Islamic State extremists.
Mosul, Iraq - Around 15,000 fighters from Sunni tribes are set to join in the military operation to liberate a northern Iraqi city from the Islamic State.
After his visit of District Command Post and main bazaar of Kohat, the IGP presided over the Aman Jirga comprising of elders from both Shia and Sunni sect. Addressing the jirga, the IGP KP praised the valiant and brave citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ...
Sunni Muslim Baurzhan Beisembai was sentenced in Oskemen to two and a half years' imprisonment for alleged membership of Tabligh Jamaat missionary movement.
During his address, slogans like 'We want freedom' and 'Shia-Sunni bhai bhai' were shouted by the participants.
Sunnis make up the vast majority, about 85 to 90 percent. With over 1.5 billion followers worldwide, Sunnis view themselves as the orthodox branch of Islam and are mostly located in Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.
I am Sunni. My family is Sunni. We love Abu Bakr (ra), Usman (ra), Umar (ra) and Ali (ra). We believe in their rightly guided caliphates.
But U.S. regional Sunni allies - Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia - would provide the arms to Syrian fighters. The only U.S. role in the war would be a covert operation devised by then CIA director David Petraeus to provide intelligence and logistical ...
The latest massacre in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Muslim coalition highlights the utter moral bankruptcy of America, France, and the United Kingdom.
On Tuesday, Muslims across the world will be marking Ashura, a prominent day for all Muslims but one which is also at the heart of the split between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Here's what you need to know. When is Ashura? Ashura means "10" and occurs on ...
The Syrian government, Russia, and Iran (SRI) are trying the change the demographic makeup of Syria. They aim to depopulate Syria of the Arab Sunnis, which, ...
An anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Friday awarded 14-year rigorous imprisonment to an activist of the Sunni Tehreek (ST) for his involvement in terrorist activities.
The battle was decisively won by Yazid and the Sunnis, but the Shia have never forgotten or forgiven. On this upcoming anniversary they will lament their loss because they believe the Sunni succession was illegitimate. Unsurprisingly, most Sunni ...
NCRI - According to reports, Sunni prisoners in ward 7, Hall 21 of Gohardasht prison - West Tehran are under a lot of pressure.
A PROMINENT Sunni preacher is describing how the demise of Islamic State could herald a new era of Sunni-Shia reconciliation, when a Shia soldier at the checkpoint outside his home town of Samara interrupts his musings.
Salim al-Jabouri is the fifth Sunni Arab figure to become speaker of the parliament during the three post-2003 parliamentary terms.
The small Isla Vista (I.V.) St. George Family youth Center was loud, almost stifling, with the feelings, voices and expectations of over a hundred people filling the space, awaiting the words of poet Sunni Patterson on Tuesday evening. After a brief ...


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