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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

The atheists working to put a Clarence Darrow statue outside the Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee are receiving a number of subtle and not-so-subtle threats from a Christian activist on facebook.
When the FBI fails to arrest domestic, right-wing, "Christian" terrorists, that is violent politics. When we propose to eliminate health insurance from 23 million Americans, condemning many thousands to death, that is violent politics.
The Handmaid's Tale is everywhere these days, so if you haven't read it by now, what on Earth are you waiting for? The story takes place in what was once the United States, a few years after the U.S.
The Central African Republic's news agency, Le Nouveau Centrafrique (LNC), said 110 people had been killed in clashes between the Christian militant group Anti-balaka and a faction of former Seleka fighters, a collection of mainly Muslim rebel groups.
"It feels like you are under siege," said the 23-year-old, standing outside Finsbury Park mosque, where earlier a white British man rammed a rental van into a group of worshippers.
Darren Osborne, the Finsbury Park mosque attacker, is a white Christian terrorist and a supporter of the far right Britain First party.
One student argued "radical Islamic terrorism" is inappropriate because a similar term hasn't been used to define Christian terrorists in the United States. "There's been domestic terrorism with Christian groups, for example, and you don't really call ...
The game's story revolves around a group of White Christian militants in the wilds of Montana so it will be interesting to see what obstacles she will face in the game.
The game's story revolves around a group of White Christian militants in the wilds of Montana so it will be interesting to see what obstacles she will face in the game.
social media is full of folks who refuse to acknowledge that terrorists who identify as radicalized Muslims do not represent the rest of the Muslims just as the radicalized Christian terrorists do not represent all of those who practice the Christian ...
Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall announced today that Alabama joined 15 other states in supporting President Trump's temporary travel ban.
The same thing happened when dozens of LGBT people were slaughtered at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The same thing happened when a Christian terrorist killed people at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Why blame religious beliefs when you ...
Keep in mind that the U.S. has seen more violence over the past month at the hands of alt-right, white, usually Christian terrorists, not radical Muslims. It's another indication that the jihadists' goal of waging a global holy war is working perfectly ...
Speaking of which. An anti-Muslim man in Oregon stabs people to death on a commuter train, but there is no public outcry in this country over home-grown white Christian terrorists. Too little, too late. Kathy Griffin feels her apology makes everything ...
Bill Maher probably summed it up in an argument on his HBO show before his recent controversy, telling Chris Hayes that there aren't "Christian terrorist armies like ISIS" going around. Hayes mentioned the IRA, to Maher's response "That's the past! But ...
Did anyone at the time think of referring to those people as "Christian terrorists?" The question needs no answer, but hopefully the point is made.
Just like in extremist fungal and fundamentalist Christian. terrorist mines. You know to them killing an abortion doctor is.
The religious affiliation of a Muslim always seems to come up in the media when there is negative news, even if the matter is nothing to do with religion; this hardly happens with other groups.
Such is my luck. I have caught Prof George Kanyeihamba demonstrating that even the brightest people tend to use the most deformed kind of reasoning when defending the absurdities of their religious faith.
A self-described white nationalist kills two good Samaritans and leaves another one wounded after going on a hate-filled, anti-Muslim rant on a light-rail train in Portland, Oregon.
However, I want to point out during the troubles in Ireland the IRA were never refereed to as Catholic terrorists, nor the KKK Christian terrorists, the Fenians Catholic terrorists, The Orange Lodge Protestant terrorists, FLQ Catholic terrorists, etc ...
The first-person shooter video game series "Far Cry" has cast a Christian cult as villains for the first time in over a decade.
There are terrorists who corrupt Islamic teachings just as there are people who corrupt various Christian religion teachings. We don't call them Christian terrorists. When Irish Catholics and Protestants were carrying out terrorist activities such as ...
However, this extends to acts of terror committed in the name of any religion - whether it's Hindu terrorists lynching, gang raping, or fatally beating those who eat beef, or whether it's a Christian terrorist killing people at a Planned Parenthood ...
To be fair though, more people in the British Isles have been killed by "Christian" terrorists than by Moslems. It would be a shame to revert to bigotry and racism out of fear and ignorance.
Were the Protestant KKK ever labelled a Christian terrorist group? For Badat, the term "Islamic terrorist" is an oxymoron.
Were the Protestant KKK ever labelled a Christian terrorist group? For Badat, the term "Islamic terrorist" is an oxymoron.
While claiming responsibility for the suicide bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night, the Islamic State (ISIS) issued a cryptic warning about further attacks.
Theodore Shoebat, a self-described "Christian militant" activist from the United States who has hundreds of followers online, uploaded a clip celebrating the attack.
We don't even call abortion-clinic attackers "terrorists," much less "Christian terrorists" or "Christianist terrorists.
Let's discuss the lynchings of black people during the civil rights movement(the KKK are Christian terrorists). Let's discuss Matthew Shepard, and also those gay "conversion camps" run by Christians that abuse these poor kids so badly that they commit ...
Jesus and guns: A gun-loving, conservative Christian, white nationalist, is under arrest for fatally shooting a Montana deputy. Lloyd Montier Barrus, 61, is being held on a felony deliberate homicide charge after he shot and killed a Broadwater County ...
Dakar: militia fighters from the Central African Republic's (CAR) Christian minority attacked a UN base for the second consecutive night, a UN official said on Sunday, after a week of violence that has killed six peacekeepers at the southeastern border.
The man, a teacher called Long Dimanche, allegedly shared a photoshopped image of a severed head after news broke that four Cambodian peacekeepers were killed by a Christian terrorist group in Central African Republic earlier this week. In a social ...
On Tuesday 9th May, the UN mission (MINUSCA) stated that four United Nations peacekeepers in Central African Republic have been killed and eight wounded following an attack on their convoy late on Monday by Christian militants in the southeast of the ...
Three Cambodian peacekeepers have been confirmed dead in Central African Republic, a day after they went missing following an attack on their convoy by a Christian militant group. The three men, Mao Eng, 37, Seang Norin, 35, and Mom Tola, 31, were ...
Anyone posing the Christian terrorist canard is either an idiot or is hopeful you don't know the history. If you're ... Liberals, like with their arguments about Christian terrorists, are trying to obscure facts blocking their efforts to bring down ...
Four United Nations peacekeepers in the Central African Republic have been killed and eight wounded following an attack on their convoy late on Monday by Christian militants in the southeast of the country, the UN mission (MINUSCA) said on Tuesday.
But Syria isn't a Christian majority country, and Christian militants do not now lead the rebels. It's a Muslim majority country and the rebels are now led by Muslim militants.
Tim Drake, the obnoxious wunderkind, and Cassie Sandsmark, the klepto cover girl model, were no longer friends with Superboy, the sociopath, and Bart Allen was a fundamentalist Christian terrorist from the future. To say that this run was garbage is an ...
There was no terrorist in Iraq before Christian terrorist Bush and his terrorist armies murdered millions of innocent women and children.
I was in Lesbos, greeted the refugees, and found a thirty-year-old man with three children. He looked at me and said, "Father, I am a Muslim.
My wife was Christian. terrorists came to our country, and they looked at us and asked us about our religious and they saw her with the crucifix, and they asked her to throw it on the ground.
As early as 2003, Moulang Bhante, the Buddhist chief priest for tribal populations in the Indo-Myanmar border regions and Wannasara Bhikku, another influential Buddhist monk in Arunachal Pradesh, had complained that the Maoist-Christian terrorist ...
Western Journalism writes, "The media has for years claimed that convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was a 'Christian terrorist.' This is an absurd claim, though, because McVeigh did not perpetrate his crimes in the name of religion, nor was ...
In the distant future, America as we know it has been overthrown by a Christian terrorist group and replaced with a rigidly oppressive society.
When Oklahoma bombing took place, Timothy McVeigh, that did not make every Christian terrorist. Similarly, few Muslim bad apples does not make all Muslim terrorists, so that's the point everybody needs to understand, that this is how everybody should ...
... chose to attack poor Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of so called evidence that they had WMDs. This has lead to the destabilization of the region and attacks on Muslims around the world.
Timothy McVeigh, a racist Christian identity sect who killed 168 people was never described as a Christian terrorist. Similar were the cases of Dylan Roof, the white supremacist who killed several blacks in church; Craig Hicks, a Muslim hater who ...
She said Christians who have committed mass shootings in the U.S. aren't labeled "Christian terrorists" the way Muslims who commit mass murder are often termed "Islamic terrorists.


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