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updated Sat. August 19, 2017

That's the number of hate groups operating in the US, according to data from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Alabama-based nonprofit ...
... organizations who sponsored the event, such as Code Pink, Jewish Voice for peace, students for Justice in Palestine and Black Lives Matter.
The anti-war group Code Pink showed up. People in town were excited by the the rush of attention, but most tried not to get their hopes up.
In Washington, D.C., the stalwart antiwar activists of CODEPINK held a 24-hour anti-nukes vigil outside the White House on August 8-9.
Medea Benjamin, from left to right, co-founder of Code Pink; former U.S. presidential candidate Jill Stein of the Green Party; Will Griffin of ...
A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to ...
But hunkered down at the long table, where she often sets up a makeshift office with other members of Code Pink, the radical, Feminist-oriented ...
But hunkered down at the long table, where she often sets up a makeshift office with other members of Code Pink, the radical Feminist-oriented ...
Desiree Fairooz, right, an activist affiliated with the group Code Pink, at the confirmation hearing in January on the nomination of Jeff Sessions ...
Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, and others who spoke outside the White House sharply criticized President Trump's response to the ...
CODEPINK founder Medea Benjamin has written that Saudi Arabia is the world's single largest purchaser of U.S. weapons. The Saudis purchase white phosphorus, among other weapons, from the United States and appear to be using it, along with cluster ...
Anti-Israel demonstrators led by the protest group Code Pink wear masks of Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu as they sit at the entrance to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference at the Washington Convention Center in ...
Increasingly, groups such as Black Lives Matter, Moveon, Code Pink and Occupy Wall Street have embraced intersectionality - a radical academic theory which holds that all forms of social oppression are inexorably linked - as an underpinning to their ...
A number of groups including IfNotNow will be protesting AIPAC this coming weekend; Code Pink hopes to shut the conference down.
Later in the show host Eugene Puryear is joined by Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder, Code Pink, to talk about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's aggressive language towards North Korea, the worldwide famine cause by war, and the increasing involvement of ...
The march was organized by women of ANSWER Chicago and was endorsed by BLM Women of Faith, Chicago students Union, CODEPINK Chicago, and Women's March Illinois. Although the weather was cold, protesters were soon fired up with passion for ...
Issa Amro (center) leads members of Veterans For Peace and CODEPINK during the annual Open Shuhada Street march. (Photo: Ellen Davidson).
The United States should not be selling them any weapons or helping in their reckless military adventure that has left so many Yemenis dead, displaced and starving.
Organizations who signed on include groups, such as the NAACP, the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, Detention Watch Network, Southern Poverty Law Center, Code Pink, and the University of Southern California Gould school of Law. "We are deeply ...
Wieland was bedecked in a makeshift Code Pink, a women-led anti-war group, vest/sign reading "No to Islamophobia." She arrested on a charge of "disrupting Congress.
Palestinian rights advocates such as Jewish Voice for peace, US Campaign, and Code Pink, also gathered a combined 40,000 petition signatures opposing Friedman.
Clean out the crooks. Choke on your silver spoon. Can't touch this. Code Pink. Don't be a bully. democracy demands empathy.
... the nation's largest online racial justice organization (also featured in Ava DuVernay's film "13th"). Kica Matos is the director of the Immigrant rights & Racial Justice program at Center for Community Change.
CODEPINK's DC Action Team Leader, Ellen Taylor, told MRCTV, "I'm here today because it's International Women's Day and I am a woman.
... Matos is the Director of the Immigrant rights & Racial Justice program at Center for Community Change | Medea Benjamin is the co-founder of Code Pink, an NGO for peace movement working to challenge militarism, end U.S. funded wars and occupations.
... pages I staged several of them over the years. I tried to get them to the Sewall-Belmont House where Alice Paul drafted the ERA.
In addition to the lowest crime rate in 20 years, other department accomplishments in 2016 included the creation of Civilian Response to active shooter Events, an infant child abduction drill called "Code Pink" at Sugar Land Methodist hospital, the ...
There are currently 55 Palestinian females held in Israeli prisons and detention facilities, including 12 girls and 16 mothers, according to a statement from prisoners' rights group Addameer and antiwar group CODEPINK. "Testimonies by Palestinian women ...
The nighttime celebration at First Churches, titled "Courageous women, Fearless Women: Voices for Our Time," marked the 12th annual International Women's Day event sponsored by Western Mass Code Pink Women for peace. "It is fabulous to see you ...
Earlier this week, denizens of a small Canadian town got a surprise when they opened their kitchen taps and flushed their toilets.
Medea Benjamin, founder and leader of the women-led peace group Code Pink, said that she tried unsuccessfully to include an anti-war message in the Women's March on Inauguration Day.
Elsewhere, Code Pink has engaged in anti-Israel activity that many construed as anti-Semitic. In other states, opposition from civil rights groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, has focused on boycotts as protected speech.
Salim Khan, a Muslim driver was burnt alive after a message was passed on the police wireless that a Muslim driver was coming that way.
Following an extensive letter-writing campaign from members of the German Parliament and others who know that CODEPINK's actions challenging the policies of the State of Israel are not anti-Semitic, the Bayreuth City Council voted to reinstate the ...
Following an extensive letter-writing campaign from members of the German Parliament and others who know that CODEPINK's actions challenging the policies of the State of Israel are not anti-Semitic, the Bayreuth City Council voted to reinstate the ...
Sushi and yes Cory and I don't blame who's grieving nutritious crazier and teachers' package a little compassion good word and as you with the Code Pink crowd and they were very vocal bury them profile until. Obama elected in great passion and the ...
A CODEPINK protester is removed by Capitol police during testimony from Scott Pruitt during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on January 18, 2017.
They were quickly followed by about 20 people rushing out of the hospital in response to a "Code Pink" - a hospital-wide alert for any maternal or neonatal emergency.
Medea Benjamin, the cofounder of the peace group CODEPINK, has been resisting the US wars overseas and will discuss Trump's proposed budget, with its $54 billion dollar increase, which will make the US even more militarized and will drain funds from ...
If there were any doubts that the Oscars were merely a political tool wielded by the globalist elite, doubt no more. It should come as no surprise that a film celebrating the White Helmets scooped up an Oscar for best short documentary.
Although President Donald Trump won't be giving a formal State of the Union address Tuesday night (he's only been in office a month), Democrats are still planning on making his address to a joint session of Congress as uncomfortable as possible.
The worst part of this mayhem is that it is sanctioned and covertly supported by anti-American groups like George Soros' Moveon.
They must wait and see how the current imbroglio over immigration plays out. But despair will not suppress al-Fusail. The Yemeni activist said she has gone to Washington, D.C.
When push comes to shove this administration will join with conservative principles and when it doesn't, they will join with leftists, Code Pink Republicanism and Bernie Sanders like trade positions. Later, the 4th Circuit Court is now infringing on ...
"The issues we are protesting are not just partisan issues," said Code Pink's Medea Benjamin in an interview with Truthout.
And then when Barack Obama rolled into town, the antiwar movement, besides the stalwarts at Code Pink and a few others, gave its last breath.
Inside my suitcase was a folded-up CODEPINK Bibi-Trump Bad Romance banner, a Gaza Habibti t-shirt from Coalition of women for peace, a Palestinian flag, and flyers for youth Against Settlement's annual Open Shuhada Street campaign.
As the symbol of Code Pink and Act Up's iconic and highly effective Silence = Death campaign, which referenced the pink triangle that was used by Nazis to identify gay men in concentration camps during World War II, pink has done some serious heavy ...
... Al Sharpton's "National Action Network",, the Tides Foundation, Amnesty International, American Federation of teachers, the Weatherman Underground, the New Black Panther Party, CODEPINK, SEIU etc. who have been supporting the massive ...
Benjamin is a political activist and the co-founder of an organisation called CODEPINK. CODEPINK was founded in 2002, as a movement that opposed Western intervention in Iraq.


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