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Emmanuel Jal, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 7 - 8:30 p.m., JACC. Jal, a former child soldier, is now an international rap and hip hop artist and a peace activist. $18; youth under age 14 free. Yup'ik Ways of Dancing, Thursday, Oct. 27, noon, Walter Soboleff ...
... who you support or don't support." filmmaker and peace activist James Otis has admitted to destroying the star and says he's not afraid of the police or Donald Trump.

Rabat.Morocco. Gloria Young met with Zakaria El hamel, human rights and peace activist, on Agust 26, 2016 to discuss the shared point of views on human rights education and world peace and opportunities of the increasing ...
peace activists in ARMM, among them members of the Catholic and Islamic communities, blame the poor performance by local executives for all the security woes besetting Sulu, known throughout the world as haven of the dreaded Abu Sayyaf.
The "radical priest" most likely was either Philip or Daniel Berrigan, two Jesuit priests who were outspoken peace activists. Many have surmised that the action in the song takes place on Roosevelt Avenue, in the Corona neighborhood of the Borough of ...
Emmanuel Jal talks about his transition from child soldier in Sudan to peace activist and hip-hop artist during an interview on Tuesday, Oct. 25, in Juneau.

In a separate meeting, the delegation led by Mr Sinha and including former minorities commission chief Wajahat Habibullah and peace activist Sushobha Barve, met former Hurriyat chief Prof Abdul Ghani Bhatt. Prof Bhatt told Dawn from Srinagar that the ...
George led the squadron on three memorable protests in the usually calm waters of Auckland Harbour, and documentary photographer and peace activist Gil Hanly was there to make sure the events were captured on film. George Armstrong. (PHOTO: Gil ...
peace activist Diep Saeeda said the report was comprehensive but missed the socioeconomic indicators. "In rural areas, the nexus is shared by the religious leaders, feudal lords and the politicians and this report also shows that the threats come ...
peace activist Tom Hayden, left, and actress Jane Fonda inn 1987. Hayden forged his political activism while a student at the University of Michigan, where he was a founding member of the seminal 1960s activist group, students for a Democratic Society.
(CNN) - Tom Hayden, a peace activist whose radical views helped spur the 1960s anti-Vietnam War movement, has died. Barbara Williams, Hayden's wife, told CNN that her husband died Sunday night surrounding by his family at the UCLA Medical Center in ...
Tom Hayden, the peace activist who became a California state legislator, in 1973. He was once married to Jane Fonda, who produced a documentary with Mr. Hayden about the Vietnam War.
A ceremony in Neve Shalom, a Jewish-Arab village whose name means oasis of peace, features Liberian peace activist Leymah Roberta Gbowee, a 2011 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and a concert by left-leaning Israeli artist Achinoam Nini.
The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville presented the Angeline Award to Cory Lockhart, a program associate at JustFaith Ministries, for her "Christian leadership and her work as a nonviolent peace activist," according to a statement from the Ursuline Sisters.
Tom Hayden is perhaps best known as the principal author of the Port Huron Statement, the central document of the students for a Democratic Society, written in June 1962.
"Ann Wright is an articulate and passionate spokesperson and an ally to people struggling for peace and justice around the planet," says Maine peace activist Lisa Savage. "She is doing the kind of diplomatic work that the U.S. state Department often ...
A peace activist says the United States and Britain are pushing Saudi Arabia to engage in the war on Yemen for their own profits.

Internationally acclaimed authors, and peace activists from India will also join them." "The ultimate aim of the organizers of this Congress is to frame proper curriculum on world peace.
Editor's note: This commentary is by Rosemarie Jackowski an advocacy journalist and peace activist who is the Liberty Union Party's candidate for Vermont attorney general.
"We are becoming too dependent on the culture of violence and we need to transform and become more peaceful, more loving and respectful of each other," said Arun Gandhi, the 82-year-old peace activist, who was a journalist for the Times of India for 30 ...
Chintan Girish Modi, a 31-year-old Indian peace activist based in the city of Mumbai, believes that the internet has helped to connect people across the border.
Some friends from Turkey and I recently watched representatives of the Colombian government sign a peace deal with that country's largest guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).
On Tuesday, September 27, women peace activists held a press conference at the Interchurch Center across from the United Nations Headquarters building in NYC.
Khurram Parvez shows a victory sign as he is taken to Kot Balawal Jail, Jammu Kashmir. Photo by: Sameena Mir. By Ather Zia. "peace!
In addition, women Wage peace activists will hold special outreach activities with residents of local communities. Solidarity walks in support of Women Wage peace will also be held over the next two weeks in locations around the world, including San ...
He's making his first visit to Alaska for the lecture and was invited to speak by the Alaska peace Center and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Peace Club.
women peace activists played key roles in the Havana negotiations, both in the talks' preparatory years and in their execution.
To deliberately award the peace prize as a political tool is not only a misuse of the prize's intended purpose, but also a disservice to other deserving peace activists. Take, for example, the White Helmets, who have contributed to peace by pulling ...
women peace activists played key roles in the Havana negotiations, both in the talks' preparatory years and in their execution.
peace activists have been camping out in Plaza Bolivar near congress and the presidential palace. "This isn't a question of cosmetic changes," Uribe said as he delivered the proposals to the government.
So far the most determined protesters against THAAD deployment in South Korea are the ordinary people in South Korea, especially those living in Seongju.
'Do you remember why the US started this war?' Mel Lehman from the Common Humanity organization replied when I asked him why he was attending a demonstration held on the east side of Union Square on Friday afternoon to mark the 15th anniversary of ...
Santa Monica, CA -- With less than a month to go before the Presidential election, a self-proclaimed peace activist in Southern California is going on a hunger strike to convince Green Party candidate Jill Stein not to be a spoiler for Hillary Clinton.
Around the 2016 awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize and the 15-year anniversary of 'Stop the War', one peace activist spoke to The Canary about the military-industrial complex, bringing about change, and who the true heroes are.
Dozens of Palestinians, accompanied by international peace activists, held the weekly protest, Friday, in Kufur Qaddoum town, in the northern West Bank district of Qalqilia, demanding access to their own lands, and the reopening of the town's main road ...
LEVERETT - Just back from training former Israeli soldiers and Palestinian freedom fighters now working as "Combatants for peace," Leverett peace activist Paula Green said she saw some hopelessness and also fear over rising tensions around them.
Lahore/Kolkata: Eighty-five peace activists from the Indian state of West Bengal have deplored the attempts to "deny the legitimacy of the struggle of the Kashmiri people" for self-rule and called for negotiations involving the Kashmiris for lasting ...
Beginning on September 26, International Day for the Total Elimination of nuclear weapons, hundreds of peace activists converged on the Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility, less than 20 kilometres from Alice Springs, to expose its role in war, surveillance ...
October 7, 2016 -- Jerry Rubin has a better attendance record for Santa Monica government meetings than many elected and appointed officials.
On Wednesday afternoon, an all-female detachment of Israeli Navy sailors intercepted and detained 13 female activists who were attempting to run the Gaza naval blockade.
Cutting off military aid might not compel the government of South Sudan to change course, but at least the U.S. government won't be complicit in putting guns in the hands of little boys and girls.
West Belfast-born peace activist Niall Farrell who has campaigned against the use of Shannon Airport by the US Air Force said what is needed "is a peace movement north and south to keep an eye on this".
The captain has been a green peace activist and undertaken the most amazing direct actions at sea. The Malaysian gynaecologist who has started three hospitals and does medical operations and raises funds to reduce the waiting time of Palestinians who ...
"Disturbing the peace" is about former Israeli and Palestinian fighters who end up working as peace activists. From anarchy to bombings, illness, and death, a random sampling of documentary films from this year's Hamptons International Film Festival ...
Israeli fanatics go berserk over Obama Jerusalem snub. President Obama released a press release of his remarks made during the funeral of former Israeli prime minister and peace activist Shimon Peres in Jerusalem on Sept. 30. the White House later ...
"On October 1 and 2, they visited Sabaramati Ashram in Ahmedabad and a neighbouring village where they met its sarpanch too," said Mandar Apte, a US-based engineer and a peace activist. Mumbai-born Apte, 41, who raised funds for their trip, says the ...
Green Party MP Marama Davidson and a group of peace activists are being detained by Israeli authorities in international waters off the coast of Gaza according to reports.
The war-like situation on both sides of Indo-Pak border remains unchanged. But the recent exchanges between Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj and a young peace activist, Aliya Harir, on social media brought some cheer at a time when political ...
US Presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State has been blamed for chaos in Libya after she opposed, for personal reasons, a peace deal signed by Muammar Gaddafi to organize democratic elections in 2011, Dr Kilari Anand Paul; a US peace activist ...
The book's original publication came at a heady time for peace activists. Within a few years, the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, and the Soviet Union collapsed.


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