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updated Mon. April 24, 2017

When my book "Occult America," a history of supernatural religions in the U.S., appeared in 2009, I was surprised to receive an admiring phone call from a ...
Corporate treasury in a New World Order. By The Asset. An unprecedented combination of events led by the strengthening US dollar and low interest rates, macro events in the US and Europe that are generating uncertainty in global markets, as well as the ...
For decades, the CIA and the Walt Disney corporation have been brainwashing child stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber, programming them to spread subliminal messages in support of a shadowy New World Order. The affairs of ...
So it was in the bipolar Cold War until the 1990s, followed by a descendant multi-polar world, which is now evolving into a precarious New World Order that needs strategic recalibration, especially along the southeastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
Progressive politicians in the West have taken a royal beating recently. Americans responded to Barack Obama's legacy by enthroning Donald Trump.
Cricket: Chris Gayle became the first player to reach 10000 Twenty20 runs the other day as he spanked his way to 77 for Royal Challengers Bangalore in their ...
It seems as if history is repeating itself with so many rising powers on the global stage. Although the US has long maintained its uni-polar status for quite some time, it seems now that America's days of being the world's cop are over, with the other ...
In groups of people there are always bullies who feel entitled, for no particular reason, to want more than the rest and to dominate the others in complete disregard of the common good.
Buyers who have held on to their cars for a long time may feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle when they shop for a new one. By TOM VOELK on Publish Date April 20, 2017.
Lisbon's new Museum of Art, Architecture and technology (MAAT) seems like ideal location to consider the current mood of urban civilisation.
This 21,000-lb. Massive Ordnance Air Blast, explosive, just brought out of the closet in a spectacular second only to a nuclear display of force, has heralded a new and very effective weapon of large destruction by concussive force and oxygen deprivation.
It did not start in 2016. The nation-first movement. 2016 marked the peak point in the upended world order, but the movement had been evolving with an equal measure of stealth and drama.
The New World Order: Failing States and Collapsing Systems. Our global dramas are now driven by the end of cheap energy, journalist Nafeez Ahmed argues.
Last week the 45th president of the United States paid proper tribute to the People's Republic of China - which, by the way, would have been a whirlwind week for the Trump Administration even without the big-deal dinner for leader Xi Jinping.
Donald Trump has announced that the United States will not be going into Syria to intervene after the recent chemical gas attack that, the U.S.
This is because what Xi wants is a New World Order in trade. This order needs new international reconciliation and the reduction of hot spots around the world in conflict areas.
One thing this past week's US air strikes in Syria highlight is the fact that the sands are continuously shifting as regional and world powers jockey for position in a future Eurasian world order.
The first rail freight service from the UK to China departed April 10, carrying 30 containers of British-produced goods from Stanford-le-Hope in Essex, along a 7,500-mile journey to Yiwu, China.
On the 4th April, a chemical attack by the Assad regime killed over 70 people in Idlib, northwestern Syria. When the same chemical weapon was used back in 2013, Obama pulled back from making a military intervention, despite having drawn a red line ...
The entire global commmunity has taken a sigh of relief with the firm resolve on Saturday by two big bosses - President Xi Jinping and President Donald J Trump - to build up mutual cooperation, harmoney in carving out new avenues of friendship and ...
James M. Dorsey is an award-winning journalist and commentator on foreign affairs who has covered ethnic and religious conflict and terrorism across t .... Read more. WE BRING YOU PERSPECTIVES FROM AROUND THE WORLD. HELP US TO INFORM ...
Should the New World Order limit global trade to oil and gas and arms because Russia has nothing else to sell? The Russian alternative world order also includes invading weak and often unarmed neighbors such as Georgia and Ukraine and snatching away ...
President Trump made an about-face in his approach to the Middle East by launching a fiery salvo of cruise missiles early Friday, and with it came relief to American allies - and many of the president's critics at home - but its impact in Syria will ...
The world has just been given its first hard look at how things are going to work under Donald Trump. It now appears that that new order will sometimes be reactive and sometimes completely unpredictable.
... Eastern Europe and the Middle East, while insurgent figures such as US President Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right in France, openly admire him.
"The New World Order is sought to put an end to this growing malice and hate, division, fundamentalism, fanaticism, and all these things which are growing," he added on Tuesday at a press briefing at the National Press Club in Dhaka, organised by the ...
The mainstream media has a new in vogue phrase and you are sure to have heard it by now - 'the rules based international order (or system)'.
By my labored calculations, FCC chairman Ajit Pai's plan to restore the UHF discount would allow 10 of the 11 largest station groups to reach more than 60% of U.S.
Russia's 1989 plea for a New World Order was rejected, and so Putinism was born. Richard Sakwa. As the Cold War ended, Mikhail Gorbachev wanted a new political community, with Russia as an equal partner.
New Delhi: Investment-led growth in India and consumption-led expansion in China will make up the New World Order, economist Andy Xie said, even as he cautioned about uncertainties.
They are expressing their irritation at how hard it has been to establish their New World Order, one world government. And, it is true.
US Senator John McCain said on Friday that the world desperately needs the US and Europe to unite once more to preserve globalism.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns tonight with an all-new episode which sees the Agents inside the Framework in a near-Utopia where their regrets have been stripped away.
The Donald is the only president to come along and directly oppose the New World Order, and has gotten the globalists furious.
billionaire David Rockefeller's death has prompted some observers to assume that the US establishment's globalist concept has lost some wind.
Exactly one hundred years ago this month, President Woodrow Wilson and Vladimir Lenin articulated two competing messianic and universalist visions for a New World Order. This tectonic shift in geopolitical thinking marked the rise of ideologically ...
New funding models in disability and aged care services are defining a "New World Order of human services" with big impacts on service providers, says one executive working in the sector.
The start to any new AFL season will be marked by most clubs unveiling at least a couple of new faces. Occasionally, there'll be the return of a long-term injury casualty.
Calder was speaking at a media interview at the annual Boao Forum in the Chinese province of Hainan where leaders and thinkers have converged for four days to discuss issues in global trade and diplomacy in the New World Order with Donald Trump's ...
The exclusive results will be revealed at Energy Voice's OTC breakfast on Tuesday, May 2 at the Hilton Post Oak. An expert panel, which will be announced later this month, will debate the findings.
Global politics is entering uncharted waters. The post-Cold War liberal world order crafted by the US, Europe and their allies, which provides the framework for multinational enterprise, is increasingly threatened by both external and internal challengers.
TWO months into the Trump administration and we have had more sound and fury than concrete proposals about its economic agenda. The most alarming sign so far is that America forced the G20 to drop a pledge about resisting "all forms of protectionism" ...
This website has been created by Christian Freedom Fighters, we seek to expose the lies and deceit that the powers that be force us to see every day.
The exclusive results will be revealed at Energy Voice's OTC breakfast on Tuesday, May 2 at the Hilton Post Oak. An expert panel, which will be announced later this month, will debate the findings.
Time and time again he pushed for a New World Order and a one world government, which would allow the elite and world bankers to hold complete control over the global population.
Xi Jinping recently stated that China should take the lead in shaping the 'New World Order,' rather than their original position of just playing an important role.
Over the past few years, the cyber domain has been the chessboard on which these cyber powers in the world -- Russia, China and the United States -- have vied for influence and control.
Got an idea for a New World Order? Swedish billionaire Laszlo Szombatfalvy will pay you at least a million for it. A competition from the Global Challenges Foundation, founded in 2012 by the Szombatfalvy, is calling for solutions to the world's most ...
This is the first of a three-volume major project which aims to cover all aspects of the New World Order (NWO) of neoliberal globalization, with its effort at full integration of every country in the world into this new order.
In a keynote address to activists on Sunday, Mr Farron will say the Prime Minister is part of a "New World Order" that links the US and Russian presidents and French Front National leader Marine Le Pen.





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