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updated Sat. April 21, 2018

Netherlands Pizza Chain Launches Vegan Pizza Promotion In Support Of Sea Shepherd. One euro from each sale will go to the non-profit organization. Emily Court. Apr 21, 2018 9:04 PM. The Sea Shepherd Vegan Shawarma pizza features red onions, mock meat, and a garlic sauce drizzle. Popular chain restaurant ...
THE Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign will hold a clean up at Claytons Beach in Mindarie on Saturday. "We have a huge problem with single use plastic on the northern suburbs coast," organiser Gemma Hickey said. "Straws and plastic film are very prominent in every clean up we carry out.".

Since February, Sea Shepherd has carried armed soldiers and police aboard its ships, for the activists' protection. Authorities say poachers filet the totoaba at sea, stash the swim bladders in hidden compartments and toss the bodies back into the water. Then they ship their haul in small quantities – the ...
Environmental nonprofit Sea Shepherd covers the outlines of sea animals in plastic film in a haunting short film and social campaign highlighting the topical issue of plastic pollution in the oceans. Sea Shepherd worked with FF New York (formerly Fred & Farid) on the film, which is aimed at capturing the ...
Sea Shepherd, an international non-profit focusing on marine conservation, has launched a new campaign to increase awareness of the “overwhelming plastic pollution of the ocean,” the organization said in a press release. The campaign was created by FF New York and is a visual, “dreamlike and ...
According to non-profit marine conservation organisation Sea Shepherd, plastic pollution of the ocean reaches a new record high every single year, killing more than 1 million ocean animals each year. Alex Cornelissen, global CEO of Sea Shepherd, said that plastics have been posing a serious threat to ocean wildlife and ...

Marine Animals Are Suffocating On Plastic In This New Sea Shepherd PSA · By Jeff Beer 1 minute Read. What: A new PSA that takes an artistic approach to telling us that more than 1 million marine animals die every year from plastic debris. Who: Sea Shepherd, Fred & Farid, New ... Sea
At 7:45 p.m. PST Monday, the Sea Shepherd vessel M/V SHARPIE came upon an illegal gillnet within the Vaquita Refuge in the Northern Sea of Cortez, Mexico. The gillnet was entangled in a longline. As the ship's crew began to separate the illegal fishing gear, they noticed live totoaba bass in the net, ... Sea
Great Australian Bight oil fight: Sea Shepherd shares photos of wildlife diversity in campaign to protect seascape ... Conservation group Sea Shepherd, known for its sometimes violent confrontations with Japanese whalers, this week arrived in Port Adelaide on its ship the Steve Irwin armed with what they ... Sea
A Guinean-flagged fishing trawler detained and under investigation by Liberian law enforcement authorities was arrested by the Liberian Coast Guard, with assistance from Sea Shepherd, as it attempted to evade justice by fleeing detention on March 15, 2018. Taking advantage of a national holiday in ... Sea
A Guinean-flagged fishing trawler detained and under investigation by Liberian law enforcement authorities was arrested by the Liberian Coast Guard, with assistance from Sea Shepherd, as it attempted to evade justice by fleeing detention on March 15, 2018. Taking advantage of a national holiday ... Ship
SEA Shepherd has labelled as 'soft' penalties handed down to a Queensland Government shark contractor who faced 19 charges in the Gympie Magistrates Court this week. Gregory Bruce Pearce, 40, was fined $3500 after pleading guilty to the 19 offences including unlawful possession of four shark fins ... Ship
MONROVIA, Montserrado – The Liberian Coast Guard has arrested a popular fishing vessel for trespassing. The arrest was made on March 13 with assistance from the activist group, Sea Shepherd. According to the international direct-action ocean conservation movement, a Liberian Coast Guard team ... Ship
For some years, Sea Shepherd has been serving as a kind of mercenary navy off the west coast of Africa, patrolling fishing grounds for the tiny nation of Gabon. Armed Gabonese marines were allowed onto the activist vessels to arrest illegal fishing boats. A similar campaign was mounted in Liberia, and ... Ship
A notorious Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish poaching vessel, famous for plundering the Antarctic, was arrested on March 13 in waters belonging to the West African state of Liberia by the Liberian Coast Guard, with assistance from the marine conservation group Sea Shepherd. The F/V Hai Lung, known ... Ship
A dramatic first hand account of Sea Shepherd's pioneering Operation Icefish, has been put together by two Norwegian journalists in a sensational new ... Captain Peter Hammarstedt stated, "While two Sea Shepherd vessels trailed the F/V Thunder, the world's most notorious at-sea poacher, in Antarctica; ... Ship
Sea Shepherd is a radical protest group made famous — or notorious — by the American cable TV series Whale Wars and by the support of numerous Hollywood celebrities and rock stars. Having previously concentrated on obstructing whale-hunting from Japan to the Faroe Islands, it now focuses on ... Ship

The iconic rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, just posted an Instagram photo in support of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Sea Shepherd). The photo features two of the band's core members, lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis and bass guitarist Flea, draped in a Sea Shepherd towel. Red Hot Chili Peppers ... Ship
“It has a dramatic impact not only on our marine life but also on our consumers who eat seafood because toxic plastic goes into their food,” said Natalie Banks, the managing director of Sea Shepherd UAE. “A lot of the plastic that we throw away on land ends up in the ocean.” Reducing marine debris is one ... Ship
Two Sea Shepherd vessels, John Paul DeJoria and Farley Mowat, now each host six Mexican enforcement officers onboard. The vessels are stationed in the Sea of Cortez where less than 30 vaquita porpoises remain in existence. Due to a loss of over 90 percent of the species between 2011 and 2016, ... Ship
Members of the Great Australian Bight Alliance – a band of environmentalists from several groups including the Bob Brown Foundation and SA's Wilderness Society – will on Sunday leave Port Adelaide, on Sea Shepherd's vessel the Steve Irwin, armed with underwater video cameras. The move comes as ... Ship
31 at 5th Street Marina. The M/V Sharpie, a former U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat, will have free tours in Miami Dec. 29 to Dec. 31 at 5th Street Marina. (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society / Courtesy). Johnny DiazContact ReporterStaff writer. Privacy Policy. Want to take a free tour of a former U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat? Ship
A drone operated by ocean conservation group Sea Shepherd was shot down in the Gulf of California, Mexico, on Christmas Eve. The vessel is currently in the Upper Gulf to protect the critically endangered vaquita porpoise and totoaba bass. The organization reports that its vessel M/V John Paul DeJoria ... Ship
The quick actions of Sea Shepherd monitors and a nearby SMART drumline contractor averted the otherwise certain death of an endangered loggerhead turtle that became entangled in shark nets off Ballina's Lighthouse Beach yesterday (Monday, December 18). Yesterday the the Apex Harmony crew ... Ship
Volunteers from conservation campaigners Sea Shepherd have taken it upon themselves to keep Queenstown Bay tidy. They include youngsters Noah Smith (6, left), and Tyler Smith (4), and (from left), Megan Thomas, Jemma Atkinson, Liz Smith, Katharina Rehberg and Jade McWilliam. ''There's plenty of ... Ship
“It's always been my opinion, that the only causes really worth fighting for are lost causes,” continued Watson. “It's incredible how many times (Sea Shepherd has) pulled through and lost causes have turned into victories. I'd really like to thank Chris Sharp for making it possible for us to have this vessel and ... Ship
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society unveiled its newest vessel, the M/V Sharpie, in Miami on Monday. The vessel, formerly known as the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Bainbridge Island, is powered by two diesel engines and has a maximum speed of 29.5 knots and a range of 3,300 nautical miles. The group's ... Ship
The organizations Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Taino Warriors together with actress Michelle Rodriguez have joined forces to help the island of Puerto Rico rebuild after the devastation brought by Hurricane Maria and its economic impact. The campaign, named Operation Taino Spirit Promise, ... Ship
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has just announced a partnership with Taino Warriors and Michelle Rodriguez on a campaign to help Puerto Rico. The initiative, dubbed Operation Taino Spirit Promise, comes less than three months after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, the strongest storm to hit ... Ship
Sea Shepherd Global celebrated the official launch of its first chapter in the Middle East on Friday night and 40 years of campaigns to protect the planet. A party at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club set out Sea Shepherd UAE's goals for marine conservation, amid music, global campaign footage and a message ... Ship
On Tuesday, the Sea Shepherd Conservation society released three minutes of footage obtained by the Australian government during a ... Ship
Sea Shepherd Australia has released footage of a Japanese whaling operation nine years after it was shot and five years after a battle started ... Ship
After a five year battle with the government, Sea Shepherd has won the ... Sea Shepherd is also calling on the government to take Japan to the ... Ship
The Japanese Whaling fleet has left from Japan bound for the waters of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The intention of the Japanese ... Ship
The group Sea Shepherd, which campaigns against fishing practices it ... Sea Shepherd told Business Insider they have been blocked by legal ... Ship
The island government also criticized Sea Shepherd representatives for going "to any lengths to paint a negative picture of the Faroese whale ... Ship
Admiral Giuseppe de Giorgi, the former Chief of the Italian Navy also crewed on the Bob Barker with Sea Shepherd, contributing his experience ... Ship
Sea Shepherd Australia has joined the Stop Adani Alliance in an effort to stop the proposed Carmichael coal mine which the organization says ... Ship
The environmental conservation group Sea Shepherd wanted to raise awareness of its efforts in stopping ocean-faring lawbreakers, but ... Ship
SAN FELIPE, Baja Mexico (CBS News 8) -- Illegal gill net fishing in the Sea of Cortez is killing marine mammals, sea turtles, and fish. Ship
An intimate look at Sea Shepherd, the environmental group that actively pursues and disrupts ocean-faring lawbreakers, makes for compelling ... Ship
In the past, conservation groups such as Sea Shepherd have mounted campaigns of harassment and successfully blocked Japan's ships from killing whales. But not this year. Despite previous successes, Sea Shepherd says it can no longer frustrate Japan's whalers because their boats now carry hardware ... Ship
YOU can be sure Sea Shepherd will be active during the North Coast's second shark net trial which is now under way. Queensland coordinator for Sea Shepherd's Apex Harmony campaign, Jonathan Clark, said the effect on marine life was "absolutely disastrous". "We're going to come here as much as we ... Ship
Kyla (left) and Jaime Taylor, of Wanaka, were two of the volunteers who took part in the first Sea Shepherd Wanaka Beach clean-up yesterday. Ship
Dubai: Sea Shepherd, a self-described “international direct-action ocean conservation organisation” has dropped anchor in the UAE waters ... Ship
According to reports, the images were taken by Sea Shepherd Global volunteers during nine separate hunts. Pilot whales can be seen lying in ... Ship
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is returning to Mexico's Gulf of California as part of an ongoing campaign to protect the endangered ... Ship
“Sea Shepherd is a well-respected organisation, well known for the courage shown in combating illegal activities across the oceans, always in ... Ship
Operation Pahu is Sea Shepherd's first campaign in New Zealand and makes a stand for NZ's endemic dolphin in the South Island. For more ... Ship


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