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updated Mon. April 22, 2024

The terms 'psychopathic' and 'pathological' are used by Black in the realms of social science, as Joel Bakan also demonstrated in his book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power. I am in no way attempting to create stigmas about people living with mental health issues; nor am I ...
They cannot discuss the very reasonable claim advanced by the Canadian lawyer, Joel Bakan, that the corporate system – the most powerful economic and political force on the planet – is, in essence, a giant psychopath subordinating human and animal life to short-term profit. This cannot be debated even ...

Past recipients include Wade Davis, Maggie de Vries, Bev Sellars, Joel Bakan, Andrew MacLeod, Bob Hunter, and Richard Wagamese. Twigg described the story in Fighting for Space as one in which the city should take pride. "As a native Vancouverite, I see my city as an overly boastful and self-satisfied ...
In the book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, Canadian authors Mark Achabar, Jenifer Abbott, and Joel Bakan (2003) present a history of the growth of large corporations in the world, addressing social and environmental issues like the use of products harmful to the biosphere, ...
... Chris Tollefson (UVic), Nicole Schabus (Thompson Rivers University), Joel Bakan (UBC), and David Boyd (UBC). “It's the right thing to do,” said Tollefson, executive director of the Pacific Centre for Environmental Law and Litigation. “It's become very mainstream, the idea that democratic expression needs ...

It is clear that the options for who governs B.C. are constrained by important constitutional principles. Vibrant democracies depend upon those principles being observed. Securing their observance is the responsibility of the Lieutenant-Governor. Joel Bakan and Margot Young are professors at the Peter A.
In his book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, author, filmmaker and law professor Joel Bakan traced the corporation's rise to dominance, right back to its origins centuries ago. Bakan illuminated how these juggernauts are required by law to elevate their own interests above ...

Joel Bakan, University of British Columbia law professor and a constitutional law scholar, has weighed in on the controversial proposal, E80, which is the employers' proposal on class size, class composition and specialist teachers. Bakan says he understands the B.C. Teachers' Federation's concerns ...
... the political will, it is possible to create laws and enforce mechanisms that would properly regulate corporations. We just don't do it. A screening of The Corporation will take place on Monday, May 26 at 7 p.m. at Vancouver's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. A panel discussion hosted by Joel Bakan will follow.
Vancouver, British Columbia. WHEN I sit with my two teenagers, and they are a million miles away, absorbed by the titillating roil of online social life, the addictive pull of video games and virtual worlds, as they stare endlessly at video clips and digital pictures of themselves and their friends, it feels like ...
“We have, over the last three hundred years constructed a remarkably efficient wealth-creating machine, but it is now out of control.” (p159) The out-of-control machine to which Bakan refers in his highly readable and informative book is the corporation. Few entities are as damaging to the environment as are corporations.


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