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updated Tue. October 24, 2017

As conservative New York Post columnist Kyle Smith noted in late January, Mother Jones' David Corn "approvingly quoted Bush on ...
David Corn '89, the D.C. bureau chief of Mother Jones, Benjamin Domenech, publisher of the Federalist, and Sabrina Siddiqui, political ...
Mother Jones journalist David Corn scorched President Donald Trump on Saturday, saying that Trump has dragged U.S. presidential politics ...
With the Trump-Russia scandal expanding--it now includes new revelations regarding Moscow's use of social media in the United States to ...
The Russian Connection: The Untold Story of the Trump Presidency by Michael Isikoff and David Corn (Twelve, $30; ISBN 978-1-5387-2875-8) ...
The story, written by Washington, D.C. bureau chief David Corn, paints the former British intelligence agent as being very cooperative with ...
"The kneel will now become a sign of opposition to Trump," Mother Jones's David Corn declared on twitter on Sunday. "Wouldn't be great if ...
David Corn, Washington D.C., bureau chief for the left-leaning Mother Jones magazine, suggested as much days after Rothkopf took heat for ...
Since the eruption of the Russia scandal, President Donald Trump and his allies have consistently lied and deceived regarding assorted ...
A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece noting that whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin's covert operation to subvert the 2016 ...
By midsummer, numerous cyber experts had bolstered the conclusion that Russia was behind the hacks. And President Barack Obama echoed those findings.
At Mother Jones, David Corn looks back at Trump's past statements about nuclear weapons and nuclear war, and writes that "you should really ...
It has to be "alternate," David. Corn gluten meal is an excellent fertilizer; its 9 to 10 percent slow-release nitrogen content makes it an ideal lawn ...
Christopher Steele is the former British spy who compiled the "garbage" dossier on Trump-Russia ties, as Bob Woodward put it. That garbage dossier was cravenly and opaquely hyped by the American press until BuzzFeed released it, at which point the ...
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is not going quietly along with the Trump administration's plan to remove him from office. On Sunday, TheHill.
Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, during a briefing in February. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times. As long as you don't care too much about facts, you can learn a lot from a Sean Spicer daily briefing.
Nicholas Kristof has a valuable column this morning, "Connecting Trump's Dots to Russia," in which he lists ten "crucial" pieces of information that may indicate that Trump's inner circle colluded in some way with Moscow's interference in the US election.
On Sunday, in a follow-up to President Donald Trump's controversial tweets, the White House called for Congress to look into how the FBI investigated Russian connections to the Trump campaign before the election.
David Corn '81, Washington bureau chief for Mother Jones, mediated the discussion between Mercedes Schlapp - Fox News contributor and political commentator for Spanish media - and John Weaver, a political consultant best known for his work on Sen.
David Corn the DC Bureau Chief of Mother Jones was the first to write about the Steele dossier in October. Notably, Corn thought the story was about the FBI's actions.
... his people are very incompetent. But that's not the usual knock on Sessions. As David Corn notes, the cover-up is not always worse than the crime.
Some journalists, like Mother Jones' David Corn, expressed concerns about the press' reaction to Trump's address.
David Corn, who nobody would mistake for anything but a dyed-in-the-wool progressive, wrote a great explainer at Mother Jones titled "Why Tom Perez Is a Strong Competitor Against Keith Ellison in the Democratic party Race".
... the race had become so charged was "ridiculous," since Perez and Ellison are "about equally progressive." Or as his colleague David Corn wrote: "There's truly not much ideological distance between the two. They are both grassroots-minded ...
They are both grassroots-minded progressives," argues David Corn in Mother Jones. But organizers are not in agreement; they know the establishment isn't challenging Ellison without a reason.
Advocating for Perez's credentials, David Corn of Mother Jones asserted that the race "isn't an establishment vs.
Brigid Bergin, City Hall and politics reporter for WNYC, and Errol Louis, political anchor and host of "Inside City Hall" at NY1 News and director of urban reporting at the CUNY Graduate school of Journalism, recap Mayor de Blasio's State of the City ...
The best journalism, like the best science, often starts with asking the right question. My friend David Corn of Mother Jones posed a fecund one last week in a piece subtitled "Whatever happened to the Trump-Russia story?
News about the dossier first emerged shortly before the election via David Corn of Mother Jones, who provided a sketch of the sort of information that it contained.
Mother Jones' David Corn noted yesterday that we're talking about "the biggest election-related scandal since Watergate," but it's "largely disappeared from the political-media landscape.
No you can't, David Corn. No you can't, Newt Gingrich. No you can't, O'Reilly. No you can't, O'Donnell.
Written by veteran reporters Michael Isikoff and David Corn, this is an inside look at how a president took the nation to war using faulty and fraudulent intelligence.
"Russia influencing US election to put Trump in power is bigger than Watergate," David Corn of the misnomered Mother Jones magazine tweeted on December 9, conveniently ignoring the inability of the Clinton campaign to visit Wisconsin and Michigan in ...
Through their own dogged reporting, independent journalists Amy Goodman, Glenn Greenwald, John Carlos Frey, David Corn, Ana Kaskparian, Jeremy Scahill and Matt Taibbi, among others, remind us just how important and hard it is to challenge the official ...
"Given Trump's erratic nature and lack of experience, especially in foreign affairs, these leaks may be more important than ever," David Corn, a reporter with Mother Jones magazine told The Washington Post. "They give us a sense of how he's doing his job."
"Given Trump's erratic nature and lack of experience, especially in foreign affairs, these leaks may be more important than ever," says David Corn, a reporter with the muckraking Mother Jones magazine. "They give us a sense of how he's doing his job ...
Mother Jones' David Corn says he doesn't think the leaking will stop, either. "It's going to be a continuing problem for him and his administration," he told The Washington Post.
"Given Trump's erratic nature and lack of experience, especially in foreign affairs, these leaks may be more important than ever," says David Corn, a reporter with the muckraking Mother Jones magazine. "They give us a sense of how he's doing his job ...
At Mother Jones, David Corn profiles the senator who is pushing hardest for that, Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden: "Wyden has a difficult task: to ensure that a highly sensitive intelligence committee investigation is done right and that the public learns as ...
Nominal liberals like David Corn and Michelle Goldberg would show up to a protest and mock communists, anarchists, Palestinian activists, Free Mumia partisans and a whole hosts of groups and issues they deemed kooky.
Mother Jones' David Corn added separately, "This is crazy. The FSB, according to our own Intelligence Community, plotted to subvert the 2016 election.
Even left-leaning journalist David Corn, in his polemical book The Lies of George W. Bush, was careful to note in the introduction that all presidents utter falsehoods, and often must do so for the sake of their country.
That's what David Corn, the author of The Lies of George W. Bush, told The Atlantic in 2007: "What Bush does is that he displays a kind of willful disregard for the truth, which is the moral equivalent of lying," Corn said, referring to then-president ...
So could it be that he is delusional, the words of Mother Jones' David Corn? Or is it possible that he only listens to news from the likes of Breitbart, The National Inquirer, Fox, and Russ Limbaugh that cater to his voters, not the mass media that ...
The same day, Mother Jones' David Corn published an article claiming an anonymous veteran spy gave the FBI information alleging a "Russian operation to cultivate Donald Trump.
Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn interjected, joking that Kim is a basketball fan so "he can play basketball really well.
David Corn, the journalist who wrote about this dossier in October 2016, had tweeted that he did chose to not share the entire document because he could not confirm all the allegations.
In fact, as David Corn of Mother Jones pointed out, it started raining just as Trump began his speech: Trump just said "the rain never came....God was looking down on us." Actually, it began raining the moment he started his speech. So true. - David ...
In an October Mother Jones article, David Corn quoted, in part, a letter sent by Senate Minority leader Harry Reid to FBI Director James Comey, that "it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between ...
Weeks after The Times had the goods, Franklin Foer of Slate and David Corn of Mother Jones each took a turn at such pre-election articles.




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