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updated Fri. April 28, 2017

WASHINGTON -- "I was one very lucky kid," wrote retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn in a 2016 memoir about his bumpy childhood in a working-class Rhode Island family.
MANILA - The Philippine National police Internal Affairs Service (PNP-IAS) is now conducting an investigation following the discovery of a secret cell in Station 1 of Manila police District (MPD). PNP-IAS Inspector General Alfegar Triambulo said having ...

About seven years ago, I started learning how to paint as a hobby. I was pretty terrible. Everything looked flat, I did not have the right proportions, and my colors were totally off.
The head of Uber's self-driving car project is stepping away from the leadership role as a lawsuit embroiling Uber and his former employer Waymo relating to the theft of trade secrets continues. Anthony Levandowski is a talented engineer who is ...
"I'm a nomad, not a hobo," said John McGill. "A nomad is a functional man who moves from place to place, he goes where he needs to be.
A secret ballot in the vote of no confidence in Jacob Zuma would be good for all members of Parliament who are tired but scared of the captured and dangerous president.

Gary Steigman in an undated photo. Dr. Steigman was one of the ringleaders of cosmology in an era in which astronomy and particle physics were merging.
Members of The Philippines' Commission on human rights, accompanied by journalists, have discovered a tiny, secret cell in a Manila police station that was stuffed with 12 men and women who had been detained for a week.
Scott Disick is occasionally the most sane person on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. We know that's kind of a weird thing to say about the guy who calls himself Lord Disick semi-ironically, but here we are.
Throwing a flawless event is a science and Patricia Altschul has cracked the formula. A celebrated hostess, Altschul reveals her fail-safe tips and tricks in her new book "The Art of the Southern Charm.
The secret Kobe Bryant pickup games at UCLA were even CRAZIER than we thought -- with a teenage Mamba killing legit NBA stars and future Hall of Famers.
There's something going on inside the intelligence communities in at least two countries, and we have no idea what it is.
The drink is reportedly a part of Starbucks "secret menu," that is, if you are in the know about how to order it. According to Fortune magazine and the "Today" show, the drink was created by baristas after they ran out of ingredients for the sought ...
Foti Kallergis stopped by Peli Peli and Christie's Seafood and Steakhouse to try some of their secret menu items. KTRK.
Barack Obama may have been the first president with a twitter account, but Donald Trump will definitely be remembered by history as the first social media ...
Gen. Thomas Waldhauser sounded a little uneasy. "I would just say, they are on the ground. They are trying to influence the action," commented the chief of US ...
Philippine police are investigating a station chief after the country's Commission on human rights discovered a secret jail cell inside the station where a dozen detainees complained they were being held for extortion.

Being a billionaire means sometimes having a secret side-project big enough to necessitate an actual NASA hangar. That appears to be the case for the Google co-founder Sergey Brin, anyway.
Mexican salamanders never undergo metamorphosis from larval stage to adult, which saves energy, helping them to survive in harsh climates.
Things are on fire, as usual. That's Moss from the IT Crowd, who sometimes feels like a rater. The IT Crowd/Channel 4. Something disturbing has been happening to Google's advertising algorithms.
Domingo had initially denied the existence of the secret cell, but CHR-Metro Manila director Gilbert Boisner, acting on his informant's tip, proceeded to inspect a brown bookshelf in the DEU office.
Ms. Obst testified that Ms. Berman's admission about Mr. Durst had come up in a discussion of Ms. Berman's view of loyalty as an expression of love, and that Ms. Berman often said her mother had died protecting the secrets of her gangster husband. Ms ...
"The secret Service works closely with our local law enforcement partners in each state to ensure a safe environment for our protectees and the public," the agency said in a statement.
"It's generated a tidal wave of threats that the secret Service can't ignore." Bongino, who has written a book on the secret Service's challenges in protecting Trump that's scheduled for publication later this summer, said the secret Service is ill ...
His family's real estate firm, the Kushner companies, would spend about $190 million over the next few months on dozens of apartment buildings in tony Lower Manhattan neighborhoods including the East Village, the West Village and SoHo.
In the film "Miss Congeniality," Cheryl Frasier (played by Heather Burns), better known as Miss Rhode Island, says the iconic line as an answer to a question posed by William Shatner's Stan Fields during a beauty pageant.
The largest family tree of dogs ever assembled shows how canines evolved into more than 150 modern breeds. Dogs were first selected and bred for their ability to perform tasks such as herding goats or cattle, say scientists.
Marvel Comics' Free Comic Book Day issue, a tie-in to the company's 2017 secret Empire event, leaked online this week, fueling an already raging critical fire surrounding the miniseries.
Siegfried and Roy's secret garden and Dolphin Habitat has been certified under a new international program that recognizes zoos and aquariums which "meet the highest standards of animal care.
twitter plans to broadcast live video 24 hours a day · Google co-founder Sergey Brin is reportedly building his own secret airship · Delta partners with on-demand helicopter startup so VIPs can avoid the airport · Stop calling them flying cars · Day ...
Many of Jenner's reflections are about three marriages that ended in divorce and the ten children that Jenner has played parent to - while often caught up in "gender confusion" that contributed to absences as a father, as well as "unconscionable ...
CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Charleston police are asking for the public's help to identify a woman they say stole $500 worth of merchandise from Victoria's secret. CPD officials said the woman was captured on surveillance video at the King Street location.
Remember a few weeks ago, when I asked you all for your strangest, slightly-shameful, secret food habits? It turns out that you people are dirt bag geniuses, and were able to open my eyes to new and exciting ways to eat mac and cheese, instant ramen ...
The identity of one of the witnesses scheduled to testify this week has been kept secret - the second time that prosecutors have kept a witness confidential until the last possible moment.
SACRAMENTO - The University of California hid $175 million from the public in secret funds while its administrators demanded more money from the state, according to a report released Tuesday by state Auditor Elaine Howle.
The secret Service faces an array of challenges. Most recently, its budget has been stretched this year as it watches over a president who travels between several residences, in addition to protecting his immediate family, which oversees a worldwide ...
For the first time, research shall focus on NATO'S so-called "secret armies", and explain the notion of the Stay-Behind networks by shedding light on the architecture of cooperation that supported those networks.
A BRITISH-Iranian mum jailed for five years in Iran after being accused of plotting to topple the regime, has lost her final appeal.
The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office is investigating after an inmate at Jail Central found a secret way to escape his cell pod late Sunday.
Every Monday, we tap GOLF's Top 100 teachers in America for their insights on what went down between the ropes over the weekend on the major tours.
Fatally shot in 1935 while urinating at the Palace Chop House and Tavern in Newark, Schultz was a noted gangster in a time of noted gangsters, when men such as Charles "Lucky" Luciano and Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel walked the Earth.
Shocking Update. Aaron Hernandez's Gay secret: Male prison Lover Allegedly Revealed. Ad by VuPulse. Your TV. Live and OnDemand on FuboTV - a New Way To Watch!
After the Times reported on Greyball, a secret program to evade law enforcement, the company discontinued the feature. On Sunday, the Times reported that Uber had violated Apple's privacy rules for iOS apps, resulting in a private rebuke from Tim Cook.
And, yes, contrary to the thoughts of many in the trans community, she uses her former name, Bruce, in the book, "The secrets of My Life," out this week. And, yes, she describes her liberating, below-the-belt gender reassignment surgery - "The Final ...
One of the most significant breaches under President Donald Trump occurred on March 10, when the secret Service said a man breached the perimeter of the White House grounds after jumping several fences and went undetected for more than 16 minutes ...
LEGEND has it that many of our favourite Fast Food chains offer secret menus for fans in the know. McDonald's recently revealed it's secret menu, but when it comes to rumours about secret menus across all fast food stores, it can be hard to know if ...
At least one branch of Brooklyn Heights' not-so-secret tunnels is gone. For years, four private underground tunnels have connected numerous Jehovah's Witnesses buildings in the neighborhood.
There's nothing like eating a freshly cooked meal. That's why we go out to restaurants (oh, and cook on occasion), right? But meal prep is a different story.
As the Oscar-winning blockbuster nears its 20th anniversary, the director looks back at the tense studio negotiations and strategic release plan in connection ...
A huge storm churning across the face of Saturn. At the time this image was taken, 12 weeks after the storm began, it had completely wrapped around the planet.