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updated Tue. March 28, 2017

A COUPLE thought to be Britain's longest-wed are preparing for their 77th anniversary and say the secret is a "good hot meal and chat" every night.
Michelle has been keeping her affair with Preston a secret since he turned up in Walford after tracking her down and now has been left disgusted that her niece has been pulled into the mess, with Preston dating and sleeping with Bex to make the ...

What is Dispatches: secrets of Coca-Cola all about? Channel 4's latest investigation is all about the impending sugar tax regulations.
There's no secret formulas to this stuff. Work together, take ownership in what you're doing, treat them like responsible professional Athletes, and you get on with your business.
On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union) exploded. At that time, it was the worst nuclear disaster in history.
It's a harsh reality that for many children, breakfast and lunch at school, through free or reduced-price programs, represent the only nutrition they receive, leaving them hungry over the weekend.

So far during 9 weeks of being the President, Donald Trump has gone golfing 13 times. This is the same man who constantly berated President Obama for ...
100-year-old Marge Jetton lifts weights every morning. "I'm for anything that has to do with health" Jetton says. Photo by Getty.
The secret City Wildbots are primed for competition this weekend at the FIRST Robotics "FIRST Steamworks" challenge at the Thompson-Boling Arena on the ...
The House Freedom Caucus, composed mostly of more right-wing members of the Republican Party, had reportedly made a pact to band together in the recent fight over health care.
secret Service agents found Marci Anderson Wahl, 38, shortly after 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, when she allegedly tripped an alarm near the U.S.
This is so much of a spoiler that it is not being published on the front page of Bleeding Cool. It is not being tweeted out or posted to facebook, Tumblr o.
Here, you need deep contacts and good language skills - including the ability to read Chinese - to penetrate a society where so much happens in secret. Patience, subtlety, and the humility to know that you can't always get what you want immediately ...
Over the years the beloved has developed a faculty of critical thinking. She has flowered as a rationalist, a realist, a person who sees the world as it is.

Last Updated Mar 27, 2017 10:10 PM EDT. WASHINGTON -- Rep. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said he was at the White House grounds last Tuesday to meet a source and look at highly classified information in a "secure ...
Uncover the secrets of the Mazda garage. Miller has been an engineer with Mazda Motorsports for twelve years. He has an AA in Automotive technology from Saddleback College in Orange County, California and a BA in Business Administration and ...
From war Horse to Wolf Hall: the secret alchemy of stage lighting. How a play is lit changes not only how it looks but how we feel about it.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The secret Service says a woman who got tangled up by her shoelaces after trying to jump the White House fence last week has been arrested again after a similar stunt.
Big Little Lies isn't just all about the parents of Otter Bay Elementary school - it's about their children, too. While Madeline has a daughter, Choloe, who is just starting first grade, she also has a teenage daughter from her first marriage: Abigail ...
Coca-Cola is waging a secret war against the government's new 'sugary drinks tax', leaked emails show. An investigation by Channel 4's Dispatches reveals a Coke executive boasting that "a campaign is underway to build a case against the tax" which was ...
John and Charlotte Henderson, 104 and 102, often field questions from wannabes eager to learn their secrets. "Living in moderation," he said.
A damning NZ Defence Force report on our largest commitment to Afghanistan is hugely critical of politicians and senior commanders, along with many other aspects of our decade-long deployment to the country.
... cyborgs in a futuristic wild west theme park. Since we didn't quite get all the answers by the end of season 1, the cast and creators of Westworld turned up at PaleyFest to reveal secrets about the series - and hints about the closely guarded ...
Such was the case during spring training on Saturday when the Indians took on the White Sox. During the ninth inning, radio broadcaster Tom Hamilton invited Brody Chernoff, the son of Indians GM Mike Chernoff, on the broadcast.
For more than 20 years, volunteers across Nebraska have been working behind the scenes to create a new kind of community pride and belief in the future of our hometowns.
Worse yet, in about 200 cases, government officials who have made such deals have agreed at the company's insistence to seal them off from the public and the press, making them secret, even though they likely contain no sensitive business information.
Ivanka Trump has sparked fury among her Washington neighbours for disturbing the area with heavy security. Local residents in the affluent Washington DC neighbourhood of Kalorama expressed anger the first daughter's family take up much of the parking ...
The provision, set out in Article 24 of the WTO's General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, has been described as a "secret weapon" in Britain's free trade negotiations with Europe. A worry has always been that Britain would not have any deal at the end ...
Snap Inc. Chief strategy Officer Imran Khan follows the IPO of his company's stock at the New York Stock Exchange, Thursday, March 2, 2017.
The home secretary, Amber Rudd, says WhatsApp and other messaging applications must not provide a secret platform for terrorists to communicate.
Ministers are planning to allow hundreds of rural chemists to close across the country despite repeated assurances to MPs this would not happen, The Telegraph can disclose.
The Home secretary said it was "completely unacceptable" that Whats App - which is owned by facebook - was enabling terrorists to communicate "in secret", knowing the police and security services will not be able to read their encrypted communications.
The secret Service has requested $60 million in additional funding for next year, according to a report Wednesday by the Washington Post.
Dustin Johnson didn't demur or mince words when he was put on the spot. The question: Is he beatable if he is playing his best golf?
Wahl was also arrested Tuesday when she attempted to jump over the southwest corner of the fence adjacent to E St. around 10:45 p.m.
Speaker Paul Ryan and House leaders had been toiling behind closed doors for weeks assembling their Obamacare repeal bill as suspicion on the far-right simmered to a boil.
The secret Service has requested $60 million in additional funding for next year, according to a report Wednesday by the Washington Post.
Ivanka Trump leaves her home in Washington, D.C., on Friday. Neighbors complained when "no parking" signs were installed on the street, reducing the spaces available to residents.
They were the deeply personal etchings which caused a legal scandal, requiring Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to legally block pictures of their baby daughter and home life going on show without their permission.
Because of the complexity involved in creating a delicate hinged cover, secret watches offer an opportunity for luxury watchmakers to showcase their design creativity, as well as the breadth of their technical savoir faire -- all while answering the ...
Brit + Co's Brit Morin says that while a boss that instills fear may get short term results, it is not a solid foundation for a successful company.
The opinions, analysis and/or speculation expressed on represent those of individual authors, and unless quoted or clearly labeled as such, do not represent the opinions or policies of the New England Patriots organization, front office ...
It is not generally considered safe for organizations to embed access passwords in applications, but rather an emerging best practice is to use a secret management technology, like Vault, to safely secure and inject passwords into applications as needed.
The dryer in my building never dries a load in one cycle, which means I end up paying for two dry cycles when my clothes really only need one and a half per load.
The judge acknowledged such secret hearings represented a "serious derogation from the fundamental principles of open justice and natural justice", but that disclosing the evidence could reveal the extent of British intelligence on suspected terrorists ...
Why origami machines may unlock secrets of Mars and the universe. New thinking. More than a mere pastime, the tools of origami are leaping off the page and into the realms of engineering and manufacturing.