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updated Sat. March 31, 2018

Last July, federal prosecutors did charge at least 412 people in more than 20 states in connection with health care and opioid fraud scams, including more than 100 health care professionals. Thirty-two Medicare fraud cases were in the Eastern District of Michigan and some of the 96 people charged ... Muslims
NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- Fayetteville police are investigating a possible pizza delivery scam, which is putting delivery drivers at risk. police said they think people are calling in fake orders. They said those callers are giving false addresses, which potentially puts delivery drivers in danger.

Susan Letizia of SEL Tax Services says people should be careful who they share their tax returns with -- it can lead to identity theft. "Your whole life is on there," she says. "Your name, your dependents, your bank account -- everything." The biggest red flag is when someone claiming to be from the IRS ...
In this scam, a driver will notify the rider on arrival at their destination that they (the rider) have selected a cash payment. The rider thinks they must have done so in error and pays the driver cash, only to be charged a cancellation fee due to the driver canceling just before arrival. "Choosing a cash payment has to be ...
The elastic linens are the worst kind of scam--one that tells you it'll save you money and time but does the exact opposite. Fitted sheets are impossible to fold, wear out fast, and often come loose in the middle of the night. I've long hated fitted sheets, but never having known anything else, just ...
(WMTV) -- The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection is warning farmers about a suspected scam call. Officials say Wisconsin farmers are ... For more information on grant scams, review DATCP's Government Grant scams fact sheet. For additional information, visit ...
CrimeStoppers of the Quad-Cities is warning Quad-City area residents several scams making the rounds in the area. +1. Crimestoppers logo. According to ... The victim purchased $300 worth of gift cards and told them the numbers before she realized it was a scam." Also this week: "A Moline citizen ... Frauds
Seattle woman warns of potential new locksmith scam. By: Deedee Sun. Updated: Mar 29, 2018 - 9:42 PM. Loading... Loading ... While seeing his fair share of scams, he says manipulating a phone number from a smartphone is a newer one. His advice is to ask for a business card or check the number on a locksmith's ... Frauds
RALPHO TOWNSHIP, P.a. -- An amusement park in Northumberland County has a warning about a social media scam. Knoebel's Amusement Resort near Elysburg says there's a scam floating around Facebook that says you can get five free tickets for filling out a survey. Officials say it isn't true and the ... Frauds
Rutledge has also seen Arkansas Facebook users recently victimized by the sweetheart scam. Love can be found online...but if you receive a romantic overture from a fellow Facebook user...the attorney general advises caution. More tips on avoiding Facebook scams can be found on the Arkansas Attorney ... Frauds
Scam (pre-trading): Any project that expressed availability of ICO investment (through a website publishing, ANN thread, or social media posting with a contribution address), did not have/had no intention of fulfilling project development duties with the funds, and/or was deemed by the community (message ... Frauds
Mid-Southerners are reporting getting an incoming call from what appears to be their own phone number. Even though many answer the phone out of curiosity, the BBB warns you not to do it. It's all part of a clever scam. “The very best thing you can do is just not answer the phone,” Nancy Crawford with ... Frauds
The Securities and Exchange Commission entered a default judgement against DaRayl D. Davis, a self-styled "financial coach" who took $5 million from church members and their friends in a fraudulent bond scam. From at least 2003 to 2017, Davis raised more than $5 million from approximately 30 people ... Frauds
Scams can also come in the form of an email. Dodson says an email could be disguised as do-it-yourself tax software. If you download that software, it could come with a virus or be used as a way to steal personal information. Don't click the link! What Dodson says you should do is delete the email and ... Frauds
WESTFIELD, Ind. – Westfield police are warning about the latest in what seems like an endless series of phone-based scams. Scammers are calling residents, identifying themselves as representatives of the Westfield Police Department and trying to collect money on behalf of the department's K9 unit. Frauds
(WVEC) -- Our VERIFY team is getting several questions about a post on social media warning about a scam involving the use of Dominion Energy's logo on flyers people are receiving by mail. The Facebook post claims the documents are fake because although the envelopes have the Dominion logo on ... Frauds

Good ole 'Gary Taylor'; trying to pull a money scam on people. Shame, 'Gary,' SHAME! 2 Wants to Know told you about 'Gary' sending a fake check to James Kallam of Eden. James put his car for sale on Craigslist and 'Gary' contacted him wanted the car. 'Gary' sent James a check for $1,800 more than the ... Frauds
WASHINGTON — Cold-call job recruitment scams are a growing problem as the online job listings segment grows, and local contractor CSRA Inc. is warning potential job-seekers that it appears to have been hit with such a scam. CSRA said scammers are posing as company executives, often using names ... Frauds
Fargo Police say Thursday morning they received a call from a frantic mother reporting her son had been kidnapped. The victim says she received a call while she was at work from a 701 area code phone number. The man said her son owed them $15k and he had kidnapped him. During the phone ... Frauds
The sheriff's office is looking for a suspect in a roofing scam that cost a man $1,200 last week. "They will say listen, I just finished a roof project down the road and I noticed you have a bunch of leaves on the roof I can get those leaves off of there," said Vecker. The worker then said he found a hole on the roof ... Frauds
Keep an eye on credit reports and bills, because identity theft is a never-ending issue. As technology changes, new types of scams come onto the scene, but there are ways to protect yourself. Michelle Gleba, regional director of Better Business Bureau Columbia provided tips on ways to keep your identity ... Frauds
Schenectady Police Sgt. Matt Dearing says scam investigations are complex and usually involve additional agencies, sometimes from other states. “It's a longer process when that happens,” Dearing said. We reached out to Craigslist today to find out what they're doing to combat the scammers overrunning their site, and did ... Frauds
DARE COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — Authorities are warning residents of two North Carolina counties of recent scams. Dare County Sheriff Doug Doughtie says there is an ongoing scam where will call on a number that appears local — and may even be your own. A vocie on the call requests that you input or ... Frauds
Imposter scams: These were the scams most frequently reported to the FTC by millennials. They involve someone pretending to be a trusted person, such as a tech support agent or a family member in an emergency, according to CNBC. Travel, vacation, and timeshare-plan schemes: These are the scams that cost victims ... Frauds
The scam events page advertising tickets for “Hamilton” at Proctors offers a variety of clues to its illegitimacy including a single performance date – there .... about the fake events page, Morris said, and it is joining with other theaters on the "Hamilton" tour to present a united front of opposition to such scams. Frauds
Even the savviest travelers can wind up victims of a scam from time to time, so it's important to know what type of scams exist around the world. We looked at travel sites and tourism blogs to find some of the most common scams around the world you'll encounter as a tourist. Learn the signs, and make sure you don't fall ... Frauds
The anti-scam initiatives taken by Royal Mail also include working with the National Trading Standards Scams Team to train their delivery staff to identify scam mail, providing funding for the national 'Friends Against Scams' initiative, and by working in partnership with postal services in other countries. Frauds
Scam artists posing as tax preparers may file false information on your return all for the purpose of inflating your refund. They may report deductions, credits or exemptions you don't qualify for. Or they may try to report your taxable income as zero through the use of bogus forms. Falsely inflating income. Frauds
Anyway, in recognition of this recent in scamming, I am going to write (again) about the sorts of scams we usually see, along with providing tips on how to avoid them. This is part 4 of the series. In Part 1, I wrote about the scam of tricking someone to come to China to sign a deal. Part 2 was on the scam of ... Frauds
The Queensland police have pressed fraud charges against a 38-year-old man formerly of Rockhampton, in relation with a large investment scam. ... shows that Australians reported $11,033,635 lost to various types of fraudulent schemes in February 2018, with investment scams topping the list of illicit ... Frauds
“Versions of the scam may continue to evolve,” the IRS states in a notice about the scams. Phone calls, emails and websites are used to make the scam more elaborate. If taxpayers notice an unexpected deposit in their bank account, the IRS offers a slew of suggestions and advice for how to handle a ... Frauds
Tax scam calls have soared 1,218 percent since last year, inundating American taxpayers with often threatening calls in the name of the Internal Revenue Service. Scammers use multiple methods to trick victims out of their money, according to Hiya, a phone spam protection company that analyzed the ... Frauds
“Although we saw an increase in total scam reports, the good news is that susceptibility was down,” stated Melissa Trumpower, director of programs and operations with the BBB Institute and co-author of 2017 BBB Scam Tracker Annual Risk Report: New Trends in Scam Risk. “The percentage of those ... Frauds
In particular, they heard about a huge jump in the number of victims who reported "impostor scams" — like the case of the Troy woman — which are widely conducted both on the internet ... But note this detail: According to the FTC, those numbers don't mean that numerous scam artists reside in Michigan. Frauds
The most prevalent scam in 2017 was the IRS Impersonation Scam, both in the U.S. and Pennsylvania, according to the U.S. Senate Aging Committee. In the popular scam, callers pretend to be IRS representatives who demand payment of taxes and threaten arrest if payment is not immediately made by ... Frauds
Nebraskans are being targeted in a phone scam wrongly linked to the Nebraska State Patrol. ... Consumers were urged to report any scams to the Consumer Protection Division of the Nebraska Attorney General's Office at, or call the protection line at 800-727-6432. Frauds
Would-be investors in Telegram's multibillion-dollar initial coin offering (ICO) have quickly become a favorite target for scammers. CoinDesk has identified as many as nine more websites claiming to sell the Telegram token after previously reporting on another fake website, which claimed to be run by the ... Frauds
GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- As the water levels continues to recede after near-record flooding across portions of Michigan, state agencies are offering help and warning against scams aimed at those who were hit hardest. Several rivers crested at near-historic levels, with most in Kent County cresting just below ... Frauds
In contrast, online shoppers likely lost hundreds and even thousands of dollars last year to puppy scams, car buying scams, job scams, overpriced gold and the like, according to 2017 BBB Scam Tracker Annual Risk Report released last week. The BBB Scam Tracker allows consumers an easy way to ... Frauds
(WSET) – Attorney General Mark Herring is urging you to protect yourselves from two scams Virginia is seeing a spike in. The first is the puppy scam. Here is what Herring's office released about that scam: Puppy Scam - Despite issuing a consumer warning in 2017, Attorney General Herring's Consumer ... Frauds
“I emailed the email address and asked for a shipping date or when could I expect it and that came back undeliverable,” said Molly. “ So then that was my red flag. I called my credit card and told them I think this is a scam. Right away they credited my account and said you won't have to make this payment.”. Frauds
One such scam uses the Kraken logo as bait. Victims are suggested to send up to five Ethereum coins (Ether) to a specific address for up to 50 Ethereum coins in return in a big 2,000-coin “giveaway.” But victims never see the big return, nor do they get their virtual coins back. It's a growing problem related ... Frauds
PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- Amanda Robbins offering a warning after losing thousands of dollars to an online job scam. The Pinellas County woman found a work-from-home position through ZipRecruiter. Her job was to buy gift cards with her personal credit card for a company called 1 Great Gift and they ... Frauds
Twitter says it will stop cryptocurrency scams by removing manipulative accounts ... Twitter is taking steps to reduce the amount of cryptocurrency scams on its platform. In recent ... Those who fell for the scam must have missed the fake accounts' dubious last names and their lack of a verification check mark. Frauds
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville Police has a warning for anyone who may see their non-emergency number on their caller ID: It may be a scam. It appears as though someone is disguising their phone number as the non-emergency number for HPD, 256-722-7100, trying to get money from the person who ... Frauds
Tax fraudsters are aggressive and use threatening phone calls while impersonating IRS agents, and the scams remain a major threat to taxpayers. Surefire signs of a scam? The real IRS will never demand immediate payment or ask for financial information over the phone, threaten to sic law enforcement ... Frauds
WebTronics CEO Gerri Lawrence said many thieves try to gain access to personal information through Internet-connected devices. Lawrence, who spoke at the Sulphur Senior Center last week, said one common trick is to use a pop-up notification, purportedly from Microsoft, that says your computer has a ... Frauds
Hoards of scam letters are being seized before reaching the letterboxes of vulnerable potential victims, according to Royal Mail. The delivery ... the scammers." The initiative does not cover electronic mail, and many con-artists have turned to email and social media to blitz potential victims with similar scams. Frauds
A threat of having power turned off had the desired effect on a nail salon employee in Madison, who sent $500 to a scammer claiming to be from the utility Alliant Energy. The scam was played on an employee at 4K Nails, 7416 Mineral Point Road, Madison police said. "She was told the business owed for ... Frauds


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