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updated Tue. July 25, 2017

The security measures - which have been hugely effective in reducing rhino poaching at the Kruger National Park - have pushed poachers ...
Four persons were arrested on a charge of killing a wild boar at Gundupatti village on upper Kodaikanal hill on Sunday. The arrested were P.
In troubled waters: Spot Billed Pelicans in the Oussudu Lake near Puducherry face threat from poachers. | Photo Credit: T_Singaravelou.
THE British Army has been sent to stop ruthless poachers from slaughtering rare forest elephants and selling their tusks to fund extremism.
"Working with communities and the actual poachers," Barkas tells me ... He realizes that shooting a starving--or HIV-infected--poacher with ...
The arrest of a group of hardened ivory poachers in a sting operation has been captured in a series of extraordinary photographs.
The authorities have turned to technology to patrol the 195-square-mile park, relying on drones to monitor the rhinos and look for poachers.
This had continuously happened on the 4th consecutive day and the Indian poachers are straying in Sri Lankan waters with almost as if though they enjoy some kind of impunity, and unmindful of the legal implications and the harm they are doing to the ...
Pavel Fomenko carries a rifle, believed to have been abandoned by a poacher, through the forest wilderness of Primorski province.
The chairperson of the Private Rhino Owners Association, Pelham Jones, has called for answers from government, after a seriously wounded prisoner ...
MBOMBELA - The white rhino's face was gone. Deep gashes remained where its horns, one eye, nose and mouth had been. Chunks of flesh had been ripped from its head and blood gushed from the slaughtered animal.
The patrol let off a flare. The blue dots representing the wildlife in the vicinity scattered. Another dot - a poacher - ran back the way he had come, straight into the second patrol.
Brahma informed that senior officials are already searching for clues inside the Park to nab the poachers. Meanwhile, Range Officer Pranjal Baruah said a rhino poacher was arrested last night from Boralimara under Sootea police station in Sonitpur ...
However, his accomplices comprising seven more known offenders belonging to a network of poachers managed to escape. Shivamogga Wildlife, deputy conservator of forests Cheluvaraj said, "One poacher was caught by Sakrebailu north beat staff during ...
Back in February, South Africa's Fundimvelo Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, a facility dedicated to rehabilitating young animals affected by the crisis, was targeted by a gang of poachers who took staff hostage and killed at least two rhino calves. One ...
The incident that happened in the Sabah province was reported in the latest issue of 'conservation biology' by Canadian professor Stephen Cook.
Rhino poachers operating in South Africa, especially along the country's border with Zimbabwe, will soon face a new opponent, the Gripen fighter jet, according to a report from FlightGlobal.
A swift response from the Karibib District Watch led to the arrest of eight suspected poachers in the Khomas Hochland area over the weekend.
Shukul argued that even in the past, poachers had produced fake documents from Biruhali gram panchayat and it was exposed during cross examination by the prosecution.
Now what we are getting to see is that after poachers sell the skin and flesh of the reptiles, they have started selling the rest of the body parts of the animal.
An upstate New York poacher who admitted to shooting a state Environmental conservation Officer while illegally hunting after hours was sentenced to 6 months in jail and ordered to pay $20,000 in restitution.
Trevor Lane, co-founder of the Bhejane Trust, a non-profit organisation that monitors poaching activities in the northern sector of Hwange, says rangers have been given a clear shoot-to-kill policy from the government for any poachers they find within ...
If you open Google and start typing "Chinese cave gecko", the text will auto-populate to "Chinese cave gecko for sale" - just US$150, with delivery.
... messaging services, or even a dedicated app designed to report incidents of poaching - 'Project poacher'. Peter Mischenko is a fisheries Technical Officer for the Environment Agency in Yorkshire.
A TOTAL of 3,185 poachers have been caught in the act and apprehended.Among them 1,539 have been arraigned in courts of law since July 2016, according to the Permanent Secretary with the Ministry of natural resources and Tourism, Major General ...
Video: Elephants wars - smartphones vs poachers. June 9 2017. 0 Comments. email. Video: Elephants Wars - smartphones vs poachers. source: ITN-Adam Page. 00:00. 01:34. 360p low. 480p. 360p high. 360p low. Share this video. Embed code: Size:.
Authorities and wildlife protection groups already use a range of methods to interrupt the ivory trade, including planes and drones that identify poacher blinds and animal carcasses. But such systems have limitations. Lower-cost quad-rotor UAVs (drones ...
Bail application expected for alleged rhino poachers. Friday 9 June 2017 06:39. Zebilon Maine. The animal population is at a brink of decrease due to illegal poaching.
A multidisciplinary rhino poaching task team arrested 50 suspects between the ages of 24 and 58 years and recovered 13 rhino horns, two elephant tusks and 19 hunting rifles during ongoing police operations in various parts of the country over the past ...
The animals apparently killed by several different groups of poachers and proudly flaunted on facebook included critically endangered Sunda pangolins, a sun bear and a clouded leopard, in addition to a Malay weasel, an Asiatic softshell turtle, as well ...
Many of these foreign poachers were repeat offenders. Commanding Officer Jessop said the Roebuck's upgrade would help target more illegal fishers.
The animals apparently killed by several different groups of poachers and proudly flaunted on facebook included critically endangered Sunda pangolins, a sun bear and a clouded leopard, in addition to a Malay weasel, an Asiatic softshell turtle, as well ...
Windhoek-Four men arrested for suspected poaching activities near Khorixas on Saturday were yesterday denied bail in the Khorixas Magistrate's Court where they appeared on seven charges.
conservation officers resorted to some high-tech crime fighting measures to catch three poachers in the Kamsack area.
In March, 60 Minutes told the story of 33 lions rescued and airlifted to South Africa. Last week, poachers broke into their sanctuary and killed two.
ABC News reported that last year 33 lions were freed from the circuses in Colombia and Peru. These big cats were then transported to South Africa so that they could have the wildlife refuge.
The WCC has also supplied photographs of suspected poachers to the state forest department. Local panchayat officials and forest range officers are on their toes, keeping in mind the 2007 incident when members of Pardhi tribe had poached eight Asiatic ...
Two lions who were rescued from circuses in South America last year were killed by poachers in a sanctuary in South Africa last week.
In 2016, 33 lions freed from circuses in Peru and Colombia were transported to South Africa to live out their days in a wildlife refuge.
In this 2010 photo provided by Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, group member Jake Milarch climbs the Waterfall Tree, a famed giant sequoia near Camp Nelson, Calif.
U.S. military personnel returning home from combat have a hard enough time adjusting to civilian life, let alone attempting to find suitable employment.
In 2016, 33 lions freed from circuses in Peru and Colombia were transported to South Africa to live out their days in a wildlife refuge.
Golaghat (Assam), Jun 6 A court here has sentenced a person to seven years rigorous imprisonment for rhino poaching in Kaziranga National Park.
ZANESVILLE -- Twenty-five individuals, including 20 juveniles, were recently convicted of 161 hunting-related charges in the Muskingum County Court and the Muskingum County Common Pleas Court Juvenile Division, according to the Ohio Department of ...
A HEADMASTER at Chirisa Primary school in Gokwe, Midlands Province and his teenage son have been arrested after being found in possession of an AK-47 ...
One in five hunters is a woman, as is one in four of the nation's anglers, but they're rarely leaders of sporting conservation campaigns.
THE trial of an Okahandja area farmer accused of having murdered a poacher in January last year is due to continue in the Windhoek Regional Court later this ...
A new study warns that poachers and animal traffickers are using scientific data published online ... to track down rare and endangered species.
That defence is that the death of the 41-year-old Andreas Ukandanga, who died from a gunshot injury on the farm of Rust's father in the Okahandja district on 27 January 2016, resulted from a shooting accident involving poachers, a dog, and a ricochet ...
When a murderer gets 10 years behind bars and an Abalone poacher gets maybe 30 years then there is a problem with the justice system.






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