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updated Wed. May 24, 2017

He is currently serving as an aircraft mechanic on both the F-18 Hornets and the C-130 and is stationed in Pensacola, Florida.
U.S. Navy F-18 Pilot, will serve as the grand marshal. Brenda Blonigank, Chief Master Sgt. (Ret.) U.S. Air Force, is the speaker of the event.
14,500 people work in Boeing's facilities in Missouri, where the f-15 and F-18 are made, where Senator Claire McCaskill is up for reelection next year, and where Donald Trump trounced Hillary Clinton 56 to 38 percent in 2016.
f-18 engines are maintained on board, pilots train around the clock. The average age of a sailors on the Ike is 22; 25% of the ship is female.
Chosen in 2001, the F-35 went on to become the largest Pentagon procurement project of all time, and one of the most beset by trouble.
The F-35 Lightning II - which is set to replace the Harrier jump jet, F-16, early models of the F-18, and possibly the A-10 in U.S.
(May 22, 2017) A Royal Canadian Air Force f-18 Hornet made a quick stop to refuel at Nantucket Memorial Airport Monday afternoon, pulling of a few maneuvers as it left the island.
The technology is also being engineered into the navy F-18 Super Hornet. The technology can detect the heat signature, often called infrared emissions, of enemy aircraft.
He was an F/18 pilot and most recently an F-35C pilot. A Retirement Ceremony was held on May 12, honoring Commander Robert F. Pieroni at Eglin AFB, Fla.
... WWII Dogfight between a Japanese Zero and Kate Torpedo bomber, F-35 Heritage Flight, P-51 Heritage Flight, f-18 Legacy Hornet Tactical Demonstration, Jelly Belly Cadet aircraft, DH-115 Vampire, Matt Younkin's Twin Beech 18 (C-45), Lady Liberty A-26 ...
The federal government hinted Thursday that Boeing should not take future military contracts with Canada for granted, a veiled threat that coincided with a spat between the aerospace giant and rival Bombardier.
The new air-launched JSOW C-1 weapon will allow fighter jets to track and destroy moving targets at sea - such as enemy ships, small boats and submarines.
1. 180 is internal cannon capacity, used only on F-35A. This post is about the pod being tested on the F-35B. The pod carries about 20% more shells- 220.
"It is trying but it's also rewarding that you're doing work that other people can't do," said Taylor, being interviewed in front of a massive f-18 jet engine, one of many under repair. "Engines, all the body work on the aircraft basically. Any part ...
f-18 Pilot Ryan Furtner who flew missions against ISIS over Iraq last year calls night landings on a carrier a harrowing experience.
Leonkov also mentioned that in terms of cost the F-35 does not seem to be the best choice when compared to other options. "The F-35's price tag was lowered to approximately $110 million apiece, while the f-18 costs some $60 million. The f-15 Eagle, ...
"It has the mission computer from the A-10, HOTAS from the F-16, a HUD from the f-18, and parts and logistical commonality with the T-6 trainer.
But while it carries a full complement of weaponry, including scores of Tomahawk cruise and anti-ship missiles, radar-jamming aircraft and non-stealthy f-18 Super Hornet jets built by Boeing, it can't shoot down ballistic missiles. "We need to be ...
The navy plans to expand its emerging "over-the-horizon" ship-launched cruise missile defense technology to a wider range of airborne sensor platforms ...
President Donald Trump has described the program as "out of control" and has asked Boeing to offer a price for the f-18 Super Hornet, a much older design, as a possible alternative. The new ejections seats are already being retrofitted into the ...
What happens, Bergin asked, when an f-18 on that carrier breaks a pin in its landing gear? "They need a part, but they don't have the part on the aircraft carrier," he said.
The U.S. Air Force has called on Lockheed Martin to make more than a dozen of a line of targeting stations that are placed on fighter jets, making it easier for pilots to aim at targets in battle.
Some Marine Corps and navy pilots say problems with the aging planes they fly create hazardous, potentially deadly working conditions.
Then Boeing when the f-18, I mean I must have got thirty-five million of each plane off. . . . You know they had the F-35s, they had thirty-five of them fly over Japan when [Defense Secretary] General [James] Mattis was there, and they were not ...
Q: You will tell people what they can pay staff. And repeal trade union laws that cut the number of strikes. Gwynne says Labour is just talking about repealing the Trade Union Act introduced by David Cameron.
2015's AirFest produced plenty of memorable moments, including a viral video of Eyewitness News anchor Christie Nicks passing out in the back of a Blue Angels F-18 jet. The event generated four million tourist dollars for the local economy according to ...
Then Boeing when the F-18, I mean I must have got thirty-five million of each plane off. . . . You know they had the F-35s, they had thirty-five of them fly over Japan when [Defense Secretary] General [James] Mattis was there, and they were not ...
At this point, our F'17 and F'18 EPS remain at $5.95 and $6.69, respectively - the FQ2 beat is offset by higher than expected NBA costs in FQ3 ($400MM in total) - and we maintain our market Perform rating and $111 price target.
Bossier Sheriff's Detective Mike Lombardino got to fly in a Blue Angels F-18 Hornet. Click the video above to watch Det.
Among them was Major Adam Wellington, a Marine Corps pilot who first learned to fly the older f-18 Hornet, but has re-trained on this new 5th generation stealth fighter.
An inside look at Boeing's F-18 production line in St. Louis, Missouri, which could get a second life in the Trump era.
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill scolded the Pentagon office that is assigned to work with Lockheed Martin on negotiating a price for the F-35 fighter jet, the nation's most expensive defense program.
Boeing won a contract worth more than $89 million to carry out additional maintenance work on the Super Hornet and Growler fighter aircraft.
While the F-35 performs similarly to legacy jets in some areas like speed, turning, and range, there's a huge, ever-growing information gap between what the F-35 pilot sees and what an F-18 pilot sees. The F-35 features six cameras stationed around the ...
The US Navy has released a video of its state-of-the-art Nimitz-class aircraft carrier the 'USS Carl Vinson' being escorted towards North Korea by South Korean destroyers and f-18 Hornets, as they transit the Western Pacific. Helicopter footage shows F ...
Lockheed Martin and the navy will soon fire a high-tech Long Range anti-ship missile from a new deck-mounted launcher as a way to expand options for the weapon, increase possible deployments and widen the range of potential targets, industry officials ...
Since President Donald Trump ascended to the Oval Office in January, he has openly criticized the aircraft, calling on lawmakers and the Pentagon to get a better deal, while also prompting rival jet maker Boeing to refit its F-18 Super Hornet fighter ...
The LRASM, which is 168-inches long and 2,500 pounds, is currently configured to fire from an Air Force B-1B bomber, navy surface ship Vertical Launch Tubes and a Navy F-18 carrier-launched fighter. The current plan is to have the weapon operational on ...
The navy aviation community writ large is trying to get "crazy smart" about its own maintenance and testing procedures for the F-18, overcoming a sense of remote-control upkeep that has been associated with the Hornets and Super Hornets. U.S. Navy F/A ...
President Donald Trump loves Lockheed Martin's (nyse:LMT) "fantastic new F-35 jet fighter" -- at least now that Lockheed Martin has cut its price on the F-35, he does.
Still, Muilenburg said the company is "seeing the potential for fiscal year 2017 funding increases on numerous Boeing programs, including the Apache, the F-18 Super Hornet, P-8 Poseidon and the v-22 osprey. International demand for our offerings ...
Tristan Hanks (S) 42-1; 5. Noah Singer (MC) 41-8.5; 6. Spencer Barringer (C) 40-11.5. Long jump - 1. Michael Smith (M) 20-7; 2. Colton Landrum (P) 20-0; 3. Rhett Kocher (N) 19-6; 3. D.J.
Last September, U.S. A-10 Thunderbolts, Australian F-18 Hornets and Danish F-16 Fighting Eagles mistakenly bombed and strafed columns and positions of the forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in eastern Syria near the flashpoint town Deir Ezzor.
An Anchorage-based air traffic controller potentially saves the life of an F-18 pilot after the plan lost an engine over the Bering Sea.
Within seconds, a thunderous roar reverberated from the steep, narrow canyon as an f-18 fighter jet streaked through it, passing beneath their feet.
A debate over the future of US naval fighter jets has been on a slow burn for months, but it's starting to heat up. There are reports that Boeing is surreptitiously ...
While stationed at a mobile diving salvage unit in Hawaii, McConnell went on a dive to recover an F-18 Super Hornet that suffered full engine failure and crashed, but, once you start operating hundreds of feet underwater, the high pressure begins to ...
navy officials are standing by plans to buy the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter despite President Trump's repeated criticism of the costly aircraft and the suggestion that the Navy should think about opting out of the program and expand its current fleet of ...






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