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updated Sun. May 28, 2017

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - Members of the 104th Fighter Wing at Barnes Air National Guard Base will be having a very busy Memorial Day weekend.
Again, in April it secured a modification contract worth $168.8 million from the U.S. Air Force to upgrade f-15 Combined APG-63 Version 3 (V3) Radar Improvement Program and APG-82 Version 1 Radar Modernization Program (RMP) radar.
Two f-15 Eagle aircraft from Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, fly in formation next to the KC-135 Stratotanker from which they just refueled, May 19, 2017.
Klamath Falls, Ore. - The Oregon Air National Guard is scheduled to conduct flights over Memorial Day ceremonies across the state, including southern Oregon.
The planned modifications in many ways mirror previous work Israel has done to its American-made f-15 and F-16 fighter jets, both of which are loaded with country-specific equipment.
When Lockheed Martin's X-35 beat the Boeing X-32 to win the trillion-dollar Joint Strike Fighter program in 2001, Boeing might have thought its days in the fighter business were numbered.
Boeing is conducting fatigue testing with a full-scale f-15C and f-15E article, Steve Parker, vice-president of f-15 programmes at Boeing, told reporters in St. Louis, Missouri last week.
The service is continuing investment in radar and electronic warfare upgrades for the f-15, and the budget request also includes $7 million for a service life extension program for the fighter's fuselage longerons, a key upgrade needed to keep it in ...
14,500 people work in Boeing's facilities in Missouri, where the f-15 and F-18 are made, where Senator Claire McCaskill is up for reelection next year, and where Donald Trump trounced Hillary Clinton 56 to 38 percent in 2016.
The origins of the ATF competition came in the early 1980s, when it became apparent that the Soviets were planning to field fighters (the MiG-29 and the Su-27) capable of competing effectively with the U.S.
Sana'a, Yemen (8:50 P.M.) - On Saturday morning, Yemeni Air Defense officials announced their forces had shot down a Saudi f-15 fighter jet over Saadeh province in northern Yemen. Today Al-Sahat TV, a satellite channel broadcasting from Beirut, ...
The Air Force is revving up electronic warfare upgrades for its f-15 fighter as a way to better protect against enemy fire and electronic attacks, service officials said.
The planned sales include dozens of advanced f-15 fighter jets, Apache attack helicopters, Patriot missile-defense systems, thousands of bombs and other munitions, and hundreds of armored vehicles.
There will also be another flyover performed by f-15 Eagles from the Air National Guard. Beaverton veterans Memorial Park is located in between Watson and Washington avenues south of 7th Street in the Central Beaverton neighborhood.
"This is a record neither of my opponents can run from," he told delegates at the South Towne Convention Center in Sandy.
Sputnik reviews the history of development and modification of the aircraft. Everything began at Sukhoi design Bureau at the end of 1969.
Yemen's force has shot down an F15 fighter jet that was taking part in the bombing campaign of Saudi-led coalition. Yemen's Arabic-language al-Masirah television network quoted a local military official as saying that the Air Defense Force in the ...
students graduated from the advanced machinery program Friday afternoon at Franklin County Technical school. Director of the Western Massachusetts Office ...
NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WWLP) - Two f-15 fighter jets, pilots, and aircrew from Barnes Air National Guard Base are making their way to Rhode Island Friday in support of the 2017 Rhode Island National Guard Open House Air Show.
The public is invited to attend the annual armed forces Day celebration, including a Howitzer salute and an f-15 flyover, on Thursday at the Oregon State Capitol Mall.
Boeing believes it has prospects and contracts for its f-15 Strike Eagle aircraft up until at least 2019 and likely beyond 2022.
Japan scrambles jets after China allegedly flies drone. Japan dispatched four planes, including two f-15 fighters and an airborne warning and control system (AWACS) plane to waters surrounding the islets, Japan's defence ministry said.
"The United States offers two solutions, the F/A-18 Hornet and the f-15 Eagle. Both are 4++ generation jets. It is common knowledge that Washington likes to force other NATO member states to purchase US-built armaments to provide contracts to its ...
An f-15 Strike Eagle from RAF Lakenheath was involved in a near miss with another jet over the Vale of York, a report has revealed.
After years of debating what to do with the damaged aircraft, engineers at Depot 22 suggested grafting the front end of the f-15B onto the back end of an obsolete single-seater f-15. According to Orgad, the total cost of rehabilitating the plane was ...
The T-50 may still have teething issues but I doubt it will be anything less than a competent fighter. Take the Su-27. It also came years after the f-15. Despite the Soviet Union trailing the USA in electronics technology it wasn't worse than the f-15 ...
Boeing (BA -0.2%) says it would assemble new U.S. Air Force T-X trainer jets at its main military aircraft facilities in St. Louis, MO.
The U.S. Air Force has called on Lockheed Martin to make more than a dozen of a line of targeting stations that are placed on fighter jets, making it easier for pilots to aim at targets in battle.
Garrison is a command pilot with nearly 4,000 hours in the F-16 and f-15, and is a Distinguished Graduate of the USAF Weapons schools, F-16 Division.
For a time, the navy actually considered a carrier version of the f-15. The f-15N, or "sea Eagle" as it was unofficially dubbed, was proposed by McDonnell Douglas in 1971, according to author Dennis Jenkins in his "McDonnell Douglas f-15 Eagle: Supreme ...
TEL NOF AIR BASE, Israel - When Boeing, Lockheed Martin or any other U.S. airframe provider says something can't be done - or that it must be done in a prescribed manner according to company procedures - Depot 22 of the Israel Air Force more often ...
The United States has been the main supplier for most Saudi military needs, from f-15 fighter jets to command and control systems worth tens of billions of dollars in recent years.
Boeing has begun working on a new software load that will unlock new operational capabilities for the long-serving f-15C Eagle and f-15E Strike Eagle, as it fends off an f-15C/D retirement proposal by the U.S.
Reese Olinger, F, 15:04.05; 5. Carlie Haase, H, 15:21.42; 6. Mara Sprang, H, 15:23.24; 7. Nika Steig, H, 17:41.83. Discus - 1. Faith Leiseth, H, 111-2; 2. Elle Thompson, F, 102-0; 3. Shannon Poppen, DS, 101-8; 4. Kenzie Blue, DS, 98-2; 5. Chloe Larsen ...
The f-15 in flight at RAF Lakenheath. Picture: Sonya Duncan. The 48th Fighter Wing have told people to expect more aircraft activity than usual.
Lt Col Jason Zumwalt, 493rd Fighter Squadron commander, said: "This exercise provided our pilots with the opportunity to practice working together to solve complex tactical scenarios using integrated operations that optimized both the F-35 and f-15's ...
The United States Air Force has completed its first ever overseas deployment of the stealthy new Lockheed Martin F-35A Joint Strike Fighter.
"This exercise provided our pilots with the opportunity to practice working together to solve complex tactical scenarios using integrated operations that optimized both the F-35 and f-15's capabilities," said Lt. Col. Jason Zumwalt, the 493rd Fighter ...
The United States Air Force has successfully networked its F-22 Raptor and f-15 Eagle aircraft under the "Talon HATE" program.
The annual ceremony memorializing the 104th Fighter Wing's fallen was attended by official dignitaries and the families of those lost.
Could NATO, drones, F-35s and US Special Operations Forces deter further Russian aggression and potentially stop an invasion of the Baltics?
An f-15 Eagle from the 12th Fighter Squadron at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, flies next to a Russian Tu-95 Bear Bomber on Sept.
Three months. Five cities. One shot to land new F-35 Lighting II, the newest, technologically advanced jet in the Air Force arsenal.
The f-15 in flight at RAF Lakenheath. Picture: Sonya Duncan. RAF Lakenheath has said the 48th Fighter Wing will increase its flying operations and are informing people to expect more aircraft activity than usual.
Todd Miller flew with Red Air during Atlantic Trident 2017. He lets us know what if feels like to fight against a fifth generation enabled air combat force.
Airmen from the U.S. Air Force's active-duty 388th and reserve 419 Fighter Wings have performed joint training exercises on F-35A, f-15C and f-15E aircraft variants at a military air base near Lakenheath, England.
The United States has deployed f-15 fighter jets to Israel to conduct joint exercises with the Israeli Air Force, according to a report.
A U.S. Air Force f-15E Strike Eagle pops a flare while departing after refueling. August 30, 2015 U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt.





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