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updated Fri. March 31, 2017

Richmond, VA. (CNS) - The percentage of Virginians without health insurance fell by 2 percentage points in 2015, according to data released Tuesday by the U.S.
Banner attributed its insurance performance to losses on its Medicare Advantage risk contracts and high-cost enrollees migrating to Banner's narrow network products in the face "of the collapse of Arizona's Affordable Care Act marketplace," the system ...
Washington County and many of the towns will be getting a refund from their insurance company after over-insuring their trucks for decades.
Centerplate says no major insurance carrier will cover the galley workers because the job is too high risk; it employs mostly women over the age of 45 and it's on the water.
Founded in 2012 by President and Principal Charles T. Terrell Jr., Terrell insurance offers tailored insurance and employee benefits plans for commercial clients, as well as a private client insurance services program offering a broad range of custom ...
By Paul S. Bunkin. The Republican health care debacle that ended without any repeal of or limits on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) resulted in help for two large groups of Americans: millions who could have lost their insurance protection as a result of ...
Right now , you only have to buy $10 thousand dollars worth of coverage. Under this bill, you would be required to buy $25 thousand dollars worth of coverage.
Department of Administration Secretary Scott Neitzel was asked about the self-insurance move Tuesday during a briefing before the Legislature's Joint finance Committee.
Raleigh, N.C. - A Durham woman is accused of signing people up for life insurance - even one woman who was already dead - without their knowledge.
The insurance industry thrives on the fear of financial loss. However, those last five words have been gold coated to appear different in many ways.
In 2014, he started Flood insurance services of America, a consulting firm specializing in helping clients reduce premiums as well as the challenges they face with compliance and mitigation.
Robyn Schelp and her son Nathan Schelp, 9, return to their seats after testifying in support of House Bill 1011 in front of the Missouri House of Representative insurance Policy Committee Tuesday at the Missouri State Capitol. The bill would require ...
Swedish said Anthem would start to "surgically extract" itself from individual insurance exchanges in 2018 unless lawmakers take action to stabilize the market.
Americans need to realize that insurance does not equal health care. The worst thing ACA/Obamacare did was make insurance companies richer. Despite claims, check the profits of health insurance companies and especially check their CEO pay. Some of ...
A World War II-era mistake distorted the U.S. health insurance system. Reformers tried to fix the problem with patchwork solutions until Obamacare dumped yet another layer of misguided policy onto what was already a mess.
Paul LePage said Tuesday he may pursue a state health insurance system as a replacement to the federal Affordable Care Act after Congress failed to repeal and replace the federal program that critics say is steadily collapsing.
Specialty property and casualty insurance holding company 1347 Property insurance Holdings, Inc., (PIH), which currently offers insurance to individual and commercial customers in Louisiana and Texas through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Maison ...
That's what one Overland Park homeowner said, reflecting on a week spent coping with the effects of last Monday's eight-alarm fire, that burned several homes near 115th Street and Ballentine.
Said Assistant Superintendent Allen Olsen, the bad news is our teachers' health plan insurance premiums are going to increase by several percentage points more than our wildest imagination allowed us to think.
COLUMBUS, Ind. - A former Columbus minister was accused Friday of staging a burglary to receive an advance on insurance money.
Florida currently requires auto drivers to carry personal injury protection of at least $10,000 in medical benefits. But critics say that isn't enough to cover health care costs when there's an accident.
In early February, 15 businesses, including 7-Eleven and Ryan LLC, founded and led by Republican mega-donor Brint Ryan, condemned the high-priority insurance bill in a joint letter to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick - who has championed the issue - and other ...
The insurance Council of Australia declared a catastrophe, with insurers anticipating thousands of claims. As many as 25,000 residents evacuated low-lying areas due to an expected storm surge.
State farm had received more than 1000 claims for damage by late Monday morning.
Austin (AP) - The Texas Senate has approved a bill prohibiting coverage of abortion by some health insurance plans in Texas - despite similar efforts stalling previously.
The Texas Senate has approved a bill prohibiting coverage of abortion by some health insurance plans in Texas -- despite similar efforts stalling previously.
Officials at Connecticut's health insurance exchange are betting some customers would welcome that tradeoff. The marketplace's board recently voted to loosen the requirements on the size of insurance provider networks on plans sold to its customers ...
Now some political leaders in California want to go even further. Last month State Senators Ricardo Lara and Toni Atkins introduced legislation to replace private health insurance with a publicly funded health care system run by the state government ...
DETROIT (WXYZ) - Community leaders in Detroit are launching a new effort for auto insurance reform, which they hope will lower rates in the City of Detroit.
Detroit - A coalition of city leaders has launched an effort to lower auto insurance rates for Detroit residents, saying costs within the city are significantly higher than what motorists pay in the suburbs.
ALTO, Mich - Seth and Haley Budrew say Frankenmuth Mutual insurance Company has made their lives extremely difficult over the past three years.
Yet another unexpected voice emerged this week to oppose the American healthcare Act (AHCA), the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, as insurance executive Mario Molina told the Huffington Post in an ...
Shopping around for auto insurance quotes is never fun, and it's rarely easy. Sure, there are web pages you can visit to get quotes, but they're sometimes difficult to understand and use.
Builders and Tradesmen's insurance services, Inc. (BTIS), a nationwide provider of insurance for the construction industry, has recently completed the roll out of the direct bill component for their Victory contractor General Liability product.
A Bossier Parish jury on Tuesday rendered a unanimous verdict of guilty against Anthony Scott Tubbs on the felony charge of insurance fraud. Tubbs hatched a scheme to defraud USAA insurance Company, as well as his own insurance company, State farm ...
New research shows that millennials - those born between the 1980s and the early 2000s - know much less about health insurance than their older counterparts. The study, conducted by the Blue Cross Blue Shield, found that most senior citizens are ...
Public Service is an Illinois domestic stock property/casualty insurance company located in New York City, New York. It previously was organized as a mutual insurance company. Upon conversion to a stock company it became a subsidiary of Public Service ...
MATTOON (JG-TC) -- Mattoon school board members voted in favor of the district's choice to facilitate insurance brokerage services at their meeting Tuesday.
For years, parties in the suit have waited for a judge to resolve two other lawsuits against Huguely, each filed by a different insurance company with which Huguely's mother had a policy. Chartis Property Casual Co., a holding company of insurance ...
Topeka - Legislators heard from local insurance agents who objected to a bill to allow self-storage companies to sell a line of insurance without the requirements imposed by the state on other insurance providers. On Wednesday, the House passed 99-24 ...
While everyone knows at this point that the House on Thursday is expected to vote on the American health care Act to repeal and replace the Affordable Care ...
Nashville (WATE) - As spring and summer vacation season begins, the Tennessee Department of commerce and insurance is advising residents to always review important health and auto insurance before departure. Before any trip, review insurance ...
"I'm pleased to endorse my friend State Senator Ricardo Lara for insurance Commissioner," she said in a statement.
insurance fraud has been around as long as insurance. It costs businesses billions of dollars each year - an expense then passed to consumers as higher premiums.
High prices imply high risk of loss/correction, but this risk is out of whack with the low implied volatility used to price insurance, namely put options. Here's what I think is happening with the VIX. The VIX is a fear gauge, and the "Trump Trade" and ...
"Usually you go to the doctor once a year for a physical, you should go to your insurance company once a year," Kronk said.
Kristin S. Palmer has been named senior vice president and head of Communications at the insurance Information Institute (I.
"Having insurance coverage for abortion is important to ensure that every Texan can access the care they need in a timely manner," Busby said.






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