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On 22nd October, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) signed an agreement with the government of Andhra Pradesh, a coastal state in India, to collaborate on blockchain development projects.
What should we do with the iconic central bank building in Dame Street? Imagine if we did something creative. Rather than sell it off to be turned into a hotel (which is the plan), why not turn this fantastic site into a start-up hub offering extremely ...

Imagine Te Awamutu establishing its own central bank with the belief it would have a massive effect on the local welfare, independently of what the Reserve Bank of New Zealand was doing.
MANILA - Inflation could settle within 1.9 percent to 2.7 percent in October due to higher oil prices and damage brought by two successive typhoons, the central bank said Wednesday. consumer prices in September rose at the fastest pace since March 2015 ...
Kiev: Ukraine's reform council headed by President Petro Poroshenko has condemned recent accusations against central bank chief Valeriia Gontareva, saying they undermine stability at the bank, a senior Ukrainian official said on Wednesday. "All present ...
OTTAWA - There's a reason central bank governors speak their own language: They keep it short - or really long - and try to use as many big words and jargon as possible, so as not to infer too much, nor too little.
An obscure interest rate reached between China's central bank and lenders in a treasury fund auction has jumped, causing jitters in the onshore bond market on Monday and delivering a message that the People's Bank of China is unwilling to provide ...
China's central bank will take into account off-balance sheet financing at commercial banks to assess their overall financial health, three sources with direct knowledge of the matter said late on Tuesday.
U.S. government debt prices were mixed on Tuesday as investors were also preparing for more remarks out of leading central banks, while digesting weaker-than-expected consumer data and a sale of two-year notes. The Treasury Department auctioned $26 ...

... faith in the ability of central banks to repress financial volatility and to succeed in doing so almost regardless of political and economic developments," he added.
Hibernia Reit, Johnny Ronan's Ronan Group Real Estate (RGRE), developer Eamonn Duignan and the UK property group U+I are among a number of parties understood to have submitted offers to acquire the central bank's Dame Street headquarters by the ...
Mr McGrath was speaking at a finance, Public Expenditure and Reform committee meeting where he said the central bank is "not properly fulfilling its role of consumer protection" and that it was putting a greater emphasis on the regulation side of its ...
The European central bank, as expected, left interest rates unchanged Thursday. The focus now turns to ECB President Mario Draghi's news conference.
The European central bank left benchmark interest rates unchanged on Thursday, as expected. But one expert said changes to its monetary policy may come in December, when the central bank updates its economic and inflation forecasts. That's the ...
UAE banks have become less willing to lend to businesses and individuals, according to the latest quarterly credit sentiment report issued by the central bank. At the same time, borrowers, especially owners of small businesses and expats, have become ...
It has already been criticized by Prime Minister Theresa May for stoking asset price inflation and widening inequality, in remarks that have raised fears about the central bank's independence. The government denied there were any plans to interfere in ...
Perhaps most notable in the ECB's legal opinion, published earlier this week, is its assertion that the broader adoption of digital currencies "could in principle affect the central banks' control over the supply of money" and impact its role in ...
To blame for this staggering amount of central bank assets is the tactic of quantitative easing (QE), or the purchase of non-governmental securities in exchange for newly "minted" money.
Many influential interests and opinion-formers detest today's ultra-low interest rates. They are also clear who is to blame: central banks. Theresa may, UK prime minister, has joined the fray, arguing that "while monetary policy . . . provided the ...
The BIS recently reported the extent of central bank stock holdings.Low bond yields also are motivating official stock purchases.The unpredictability of central.
Ever since, the Bank, like its counterparts such as the US Federal Reserve and the European central bank, has been setting interest rates as it wishes to achieve a sustained, low rate of inflation.
However, on 18 September, President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi moved the central bank from Sanaa to Aden, accusing the Houthis of using foreign currency reserves for their own interest.
The U.S. central bank continues to be at the back on investors' minds this week, as talk about when the Fed will next raise interest rates remains a big topic and mover of markets.
Elsewhere in central bank news, the ECB meeting on Thursday is set to cause a stir in markets, with hopes that President Mario Draghi could give some hints as to whether the central bank might extend its quantitative easing program - which is set to ...
central bank of Kenya (CBK) governor Patrick Njoroge has been named the best governor in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Writing in the Saturday edition of Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper, Varoufakis argued that Stournaras should no longer head the central bank because, a) the institution's charter requires the governor to support the government's economic policy ...
central bank policy has enabled big oil to sustain generous dividend policies which are past their expiration date in the current oil price environment.
central banks' repeated warnings that there are limits to what they can do to bolster the sputtering world economy could suggest they are about to pull back.
Godwin Emefiele, Governor of Nigeria's central bank; Leo Ogor, Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, MP of the main opposition People's Democratic party (PDP); Mojeed Alabi, MP of the governing All progressives Congress (APC).
Most financial institutions and central banks are looking at distributed ledgers that would be maintained on the computers of all the major members of the financial system, including the central bank and the biggest financial institutions. In the ...
Singapore's central bank on Friday held policy steady despite a surprisingly sharp economic contraction in the third quarter, but analysts say the weak inflation and growth outlook will likely force policymakers to ease further.
Serbian central bank noted buyers of the Euro. Fri 14 Oct ... Find out how to take advantage of swings in global foreign exchange markets and see our real-time forex news analysis and reactions to central bank news, economic indicators and world events.
What will it look like when central banks are on the blockchain? ACI is hard at work modeling an answer to this question. The international payments firm already enables more than 5,000 credit unions, processors and banks to transact $14tn daily ...
bitcoin Press Release: MinexSystems wants the community to decide whether the Minex Bank should be completely automated or allow human intervention.
Asian central banks from Japan to India are easing policy to support their economies, while bracing for higher interest rates by the United States Federal Reserve.
BRICS nations stood on a better footing in terms of economic growth, yet they would have to energise investments against global headwinds and face the effects of policies of central banks and political risks, Patel said at the bloc's seminar on ...
Gerald Hassell, the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of New York Mellon Corp. BK, -2.57% on Thursday told marketWatch that "every market around the world is challenged with growth," and said central banks were limiting economic activity ...
Bank of Korea Governor Lee Ju-yeol attends at a news conference at Seoul Foreign Correspondent's Club January 22, 2015. Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters.
These two assets have outperformed all forms of paper money, and if central banks remain on the same course, they are likely to continue higher in the months ahead.
Former Imperial Bank bosses appear before a Nairobi court where they were charged with conspiracy to defraud the firm. PHOTO | PAUL WAWERU | NATION MEDIA GROUP.
"We are paying close attention to distributed ledger technology, or blockchain, recognizing this may represent the most significant development in many years in payments, clearing and settlement," Ms. Brainard said.





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