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updated Fri. April 20, 2018

When the Forward revealed that weed has always been an integral part of Jewish existence, some Jews were not surprised. More specifically, some Jewish ... "We been knew," said Max, a 26-year old investment banker - and a Jew. How much money does he ... How many Jews smoke weed? Hard to say.
Many pro-Israel Jewish students had what Hillel student president Talia Rubin described to the Forward on Tuesday as "Israel fatigue." "They're ... Of course, this also meant that more than half of all students did not vote -- presumably including many Jews at a school that is an estimated one-third Jewish.

As we approach the eve of the holy holiday of 4/20, we wanted to take a moment to mark this auspicious occasion. Because marijuana is a central part of Jewish life -- in fact, it always has been, as Madison Margolin writes, all the way from ancient Israel to the shtetl. Jews relate to this magical green plant ...
All stereotypes of Jewish folk.That's A+ Jew coding right there. But glad to know you think you can decide whether or not your antisemitic based on 3 simple questions.-- luffy is my transition goals (@agenderjew) April 19, 2018. Jews Are Wizards, Too By 2009, two years had passed since the final ...
Jane Eisner's April 19 essay "It's Time For Israel To Recognize That Diaspora Jews Are Already Home" correctly underscores the necessity to alter the framework for dialogue between Israel and world Jewry to an internal family discourse about the meaning of Jewish peoplehood. I disagree about ...
As a Palestinian woman, a feminist, and a citizen of the Israeli state, I would like to tell the Jewish community that I see and respect your commitment to ... My dear American Jews, I want you to know that one million Palestinians inside Israel will not give up the perpetual, exhausting nonviolent struggle ... American Jewish

I will not allow Lavin to define what it means to be an American or a Jew. Although I have been a lifelong Democrat, I would never want to live in a country where Jews cannot be supportive of any political candidate or party they choose. That's what it means to have equal citizenship under the ...
Without the support of one Jewish sixth-grade teacher in Brooklyn, Shawn Carter might never have become Jay-Z. During a conversation with David Letterman on the former "Late Show" host's new show, "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction," the rapper and entrepreneur discussed how his ...
But, Ghozlan added, "the cowardly hatred that is proliferating today is driving those who hate Jews to attack not only the living, but also the dead." BNVCA has lodged a criminal complaint with police over the incident, Ghozlan added. Last year, individuals whose identity has remained unknown destroyed ...
"Barbara Bush was an extraordinary woman," Norm Coleman, national chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition and a former U.S. senator from Minnesota, said in a statement. "She dedicated her life to public service, and worked tirelessly to help sick children and people in need. She inspired ... GOP
Former Jewish refugees pose for photos in Tilanqiao area on April 27, 2006 in Shanghai, China. About 120 former Jewish refugees and their descendants from the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries are in town for the '2006 Shanghai Reunion', aims to call on the United Nations to list ... GOP
But the plan was stymied by widespread public opposition within Israel and the Jewish Diaspora, before Rwanda pulled out of the agreement and the country's ... The backtrack was criticized by many Jewish groups. .... The Forward's independent journalism depends on donations from readers like you. GOP
A Palestinian-German politician and the chairman of Berlin's Jewish community are hatching a plan to rebuild a grand synagogue destroyed by Nazis and their supporters in 1938, the Washington Post reported. The Fraenkelufer synagogue was largely destroyed during Kristallnacht, in 1938. Raed Saleh ... GOP
I work in a Jewish organization. I am raising a beautiful Jewish son. My mother is an atheist Brooklyn Jew, first generation daughter of immigrants. My father is a lapsed Michigan Catholic. I have spoken, written and taught about intermarriage and mixed heritage Jews, to hundreds of people, over the last ... GOP
By day four, most have already exhausted their repertoires of matzo plus fill-in-the-blank spread. And by day eight, we can't wait to get rid of the stuff. From Poland to Argentina, this is a universal experience. Which is why Jews around the globe have developed versions of a dish that packs a culinary punch ... GOP
You see, I tried to date a Jew. Two Jews, actually — consecutively, possibly — but since I don't name or differentiate them in any way, I'm just gonna call them, collectively, “Mr. Jew.” (Very Sex and the City, right? I'm fun.) Anyway, I cover theater in New York, and you can't throw a stone without hitting a Jew ... GOP
Trump Wishes Jews A Happy Passover ... “During the sacred holiday of Passover, Jewish families around the world give thanks to God for liberating the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt and delivering them to the ... The Forward's independent journalism depends on donations from readers like you. GOP

As Albany scrambles to pass a New York State budget before the holiday, one State Senator is using his unusual influence to demand that religious yeshivas be exempt from state education standards. The Daily News reported Friday that the demand by Senator Simcha Felder, who is key to the ... GOP
Johansson, who is Jewish, is now on board and the character of the son still needs to be cast. Taika Waititi penned the script and will produce alongside Carthew Neal and Chelsea Winstanley. Production is expected to start this spring, Variety reported. In Europe, the issue of rescue of Jews by non-Jews ... GOP
Leaders of a handful of Jewish establishment groups met with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince in New York this week, the Jerusalem Post reports. AIPAC, the American Jewish .... The Forward's independent journalism depends on donations from readers like you. Now you can double your donation! Simply ... GOP
Superman is super strong, like the Golem. He passes as human, just as Jews sometimes pass as non-Jewish. The evidence is clear. He's Jewish. Right? ... has gotten popular in recent years: As one example, in 2013 Larry Tye wrote an article for the Forward called “10 Reasons Superman is Really Jewish. GOP
But with the Egyptian Jews, we are fortunate to have thousands of commonplace documents — discarded letters and prayer books, business agreements, wedding contracts and shopping lists — most of them from the medieval period when Cairo was an economic and intellectual center of the Jewish world ... GOP
For elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union, the war might be long over but the battle for daily survival rages on. ... There are 100,000 needy elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union and about 600 Jewish volunteers giving their time, money and energy to help deliver ... Shira Feder is a writer for the Forward. GOP
This has led many Jewish organizations to condemn anti-Semitism, contrary to what Jonathan Weisman wrote in a recent op-ed in the New York Times, entitled “Anti-Semitism Is Rising. Why Aren't American Jews Speaking Up?” Weisman argues that Jewish leaders here in the U.S. “have been remarkably ... GOP
According to a new survey conducted by The Peace Index, 37 percent of Israeli Jews are liberating themselves from cleaning their homes for Passover ... 63 percent of the Jewish public will clean their homes of all chametz, the survey reports, and 67 percent will eat kosher-for-Passover food both inside and ... GOP
“I want to draw your attention to this — I do not believe this is a coincidence. This tragedy occurred on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Passover.” Nikiforov noted that several Russian disasters took place around Jewish holidays. “For me, this is clearly ritual sacrifice of the Chosen People. I do not believe in ... GOP
Wadler, who is African-American and Jewish, had organized a walkout at her elementary school in Alexandria, Virginia as part of a national protest on .... The marking of the new Polish holiday to celebrate Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust comes amid a diplomatic crisis between Poland and ... GOP
Cuomo's Jews-Can't-Dance Joke Falls Flat At Black Church ... New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tried to make a joke about Jews not having “rhythm” at a black church on Sunday, the New York Post [reported.]( ... The Forward's independent journalism depends on donations from readers like you. Now you ... GOP
WASHINGTON (JTA) — The organizers of the March for our Lives, not one of them over 20, had a gun control agenda packed with specifics. They were able to get 800,000 people on and off of Washington D.C.'s Pennsylvania Avenue in three hours. They attracted A-list celebrities. But in the end, the event ... GOP
The marking of the new Polish holiday to celebrate Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust comes amid a diplomatic crisis between Poland and Israel, which protested the passing last month of legislation in Poland that criminalizes blaming Poles for Nazi crimes. Jewish groups said the law limits ... GOP
In 1943, the Forward already had a long history of advocating for the rights of Jewish immigrants — in 1917, calling on President Wilson to overrule a bill ... placed on Jewish immigration in the early 1920s; reporting from Havana in 1926 about the thousands of Russian Jews forced to stay there when the ... GOP
Diner maintains that he also viewed his philanthropy as a refutation of stereotypes of Jews as greedy, dishonest and tribal. Nonetheless, although he contributed to many, many causes, Rosenwald invested enormous time and resources on “projects that promised to enrich Jewish culture, bring Jews into ... GOP
Top American Jewish organizations agreed last year to adhere to rules that ban them from attacking each other, the Forward has learned. The rules, which regulate the discourse of American Jewish leaders, have never been publicized, and are unknown to the vast majority of the constituents of the ... GOP
Last week, a D.C. Councilman named Trayon White took to Facebook to claim that the Rothschilds control the climate. That European business dynasty has for many years been the stand-in for Jews in the minds of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists who see the Jewish family empire, and by extension Jews ... GOP
Ann Coulter, the arch-conservative talking head who frequently complains about Jews and has white nationalist sympathies took to Twitter Thursday night to call Jews “globalists. ... Jewish boys typically have an aliyah l'Torah when they turn 13, an age that in Judaism is when a boy becomes a man. GOP
(JTA) — The California Senate reprimanded Sen. Bob Hertzberg over his habit of hugging people following complaints by two female legislators and a male sergeant-at-arms. Hertzberg, who is Jewish, received a reprimand for his trademark hugs in a letter sent to him by the Senate Rules Committee, the ... GOP
Vladimir Putin reportedly has suggested that Jews could have been responsible for meddling in the American presidential election. In a combative new interview with NBC News, the Russian strongman went off script to name possible scapegoats for the campaign to boost then-candidate Donald Trump. GOP
Ann Coulter, the arch-conservative talking head who frequently complains about Jews and has white nationalist sympathies took to Twitter Thursday night to call Jews “globalists. ... Jewish boys typically have an aliyah l'Torah when they turn 13, an age that in Judaism is when a boy becomes a man. GOP
An Orthodox Jewish school for girls in London blacked out the word “homosexual” from an official textbook, along with references to women and men hanging around together, according to a report in The Guardian. The textbook, titled “Understanding the Modern World,” is part of the official curriculum of the ... GOP
Putting aside the age-old question as to who is a Jew, it is unlikely that Arctic explorer and adventurer Peter Freuchen was Jewish (See February's “Who Knew” column). It may be adventurous to explore the possible Jewish background of the towering, red-bearded Dane, but without anything more ... GOP
In Batya Ungar-Sargon's recent article reporting on this year's AIPAC conference, I was especially struck by her quoting a “Jewish community leader” who told her that “the Pew [Research Center] study and other data suggest that well over half of American Jews do not participate in Jewish life. In the course ... GOP
If you think Farrakhan is irrelevant, it's likely because you haven't been spat in the face or heard your children cursed in the street. Watching the tepid response to the Women's March Louis Farrakhan controversy, I can't help but feel despondent. Even with a few voices in the Jewish media speaking out, ... GOP
Modeled after Yeshiva University in the United States, The Jewish University of Moscow is a private institution with a student body of 200 whose budget comes mostly from donors and the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, dean Alexander Lebedev told JTA earlier this week. The university ... GOP
Jew. We Only Wanted Peace On Earth” hints, in its title, at the desperation inherent in early 20th-century Jewish utopianism. Peace on Earth was a long shot. Yet nothing less could ... It's no wonder that socialism had such a draw for so many Jews — shoutout to the first subscribers to the Forward! — or that ... GOP
Our president continually stirs up controversy, but one thing we can all agree on is that he's faithful — not to one woman, but to a particular type. He requires a shapely body with ample breasts, topped by a face that almost demands to be photographed, and he seems disinterested in those who are Jewish. GOP
As a graduate student in Pittsburgh and London between 2007 and 2015, I sometimes felt that only Orthodox groups such as Aish HaTorah and Chabad sponsored activities for Jews my age. These groups succeed because they engage in active outreach (kiruv) and create a charismatic vision of Judaism, ... GOP
At 10:00 a.m. on March 14th, over 100 kids from my small high school walked out onto a busy street carrying signs with messages like “Arms are for Hugging” to show support for Parkland victims and other gun violence victims. As we walked to the park next to our school, cars honked and drivers raised fists ... GOP
The Forward's independent journalism depends on donations from readers like you. ... A historically Jewish fraternity at Cornell University was put on probation for two years after an investigation determined that members competed to have sex with the most women — with the tiebreaker going to the brother ... GOP
MONTREAL (JTA) — A McGill University internal investigation absolved students involved in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel of outright anti-Semitism on campus but decried Jew hatred, triggering mixed reactions from the Jewish community. The report written by retired ... GOP
Meet The Jews Going To The Winter Olympics In South Korea .... Stay posted for more updates on Jewish Winter Olympics athletes from the Forward! .... ““The purpose of the [gathering] is for people to realize how terrible the internet is and, of course, the best thing for every [good Jew] is not to allow it in his ... GOP


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