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updated Thu. November 23, 2017

He went on to work for the New York Post, the now-defunct New York Sun, and Fortune -- and, after getting laid off from Fortune, a hedge fund ...
Barnard often would walk to Hays City to purchase new books, and sometimes would go without food for himself to pay for subscriptions to the New York Sun, Popular science, National Geographic and other periodicals for his students. By 1911, however ...
The 1917 New York Sun report I quoted at the start of this column was headlined "A guide for income tax payers." It tried to simplify matters by using the "concrete example" of a taxpayer named John Doe, a married man who earned $10,000 a year (about ...
At the time, Eton Park was said to be the biggest-ever hedge fund launch, with $3.5 billion in capital commitments, according to the New York Sun. But now, its holdings, which once ballooned to $14 billion, have withered down to $7 billion, after the ...
One of the most important things we learned Monday from the House Intelligence Committee hearings on Russian influence of the 2016 elections was that the hackers may have wanted to get caught.
"This Hartley . . . is a lean, intellectual, disillusioned type," McBride wrote in the New York Sun: "'Very American,' as the Berlin newspapers said; so American that it is a fair guess that he is a Yankee.
FBI Director James Comey pauses as he testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, March 20, 2017, before the House Intelligence Committee hearing on allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S.
Seth Lipsky did call one day and invite me to his editorial office at The New York Sun. Seth has always had an eclectic group of friends.

The New York Sun even asked in a column, "Should a minister of the gospel ride a bicycle?" Despite these qualms, the American bicycle craze reached a pinnacle in the 1890s largely because of the introduction of pneumatic tires, with clubs forming from ...
The Devil in New York: The Witchcraft Trial of Goody Garlick, with scholar Tara Rider discussing witchcraft hysteria in 17th-century New York. Sun., March 19, 2 p.m., King Manor Museum, 150-03 Jamaica Ave., Jamaica. Free. Info/registration (req'd ...
The current scandal surrounding President Donald Trump's tweeted accusations that his predecessor wiretapped Trump Tower is proof of what might be called the Salena Zito rule.
DETAILS: Jazzstock will present a performance by Giacomo Gates and the Don Mille Trio. Gates was chosen in a 2012 Downbeat Critic's poll as a rising star male vocalist.
... affect travel on the trestles, but before 10 o'clock all attempt at regularity in dispatching and running trains was abandoned, and not one-tenth of the number of trains usually in progress on the roads were in motion," an article in the New York ...
In this Friday photo, a woman walks through a winter snow storm in Philadelphia. On Saturday, meteorologists at the National Weather Service forecasted a blizzard watch for coastal regions including New York City and Boston for Monday night, into ...
(Telling this story makes me feel a little like the editor of The (New York) Sun, who in 1897 printed the "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial.
Washington is in need of fainting couches. On Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted that his predecessor, Barack Obama, ordered a wiretap on him before the election.
... raised to despise as 'the scum of the earth'/on the nose, etc: the New York Post and the New York Sun. ~~~ Had a similar experience in Sydney.
As editor of the New York Sun, Church responded to the summer 1897 letter of 8-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon who desperately asked whether Santa Claus existed.
A similarly exaggerated profile of another 19th-century card player appearing in an 1881 issue of The New York Sun that provided one of "The Many Versions of Bat Masterson.
"Newsies The musical" combines this love interest and a reporter character from the movie to create Plumber, a reporter from the New York Sun who is looking to make it big by breaking the story of the newsies strike, hoping to finally be taken ...
New York "sun" incentive. New York state's Sun Initiative provides incentives of roughly 15 percent of installation costs, reducing the upfront cost of the solar energy system to the building.
This has prompted an editorial in the New York Sun, entitled - naturally - Haley's Comet. A star is born is our reaction to the first press briefing by President Trump's new ambassador at the United Nations.
The Oak Ridge Civic music Association will present another coffee concert this Sunday, Feb. 19, at 7:30 p.m. at the Oak Ridge First Presbyterian Church, 1051 Oak Ridge Turnpike.
Each year at Christmas, countless newspapers reprint the classic editorial from the New York Sun responding to 8-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon on Sept.
Three months after he bought the place in 1928, Gehrig spoke with a reporter from the New York Sun on the front lawn. "Not a bad joint is it?
"Not a bad joint, is it?" he was quoted in a story published in The New York Sun on Jan. 9, 1928. "Not a new place, but it will be as good as new when I get 'er all dolled up.
In 1835, the New York Sun tried to boost circulation by concocting a six-part series about life on the moon. Using powerful telescopes, Astronomers had seen bison, goats and unicorns.
I enjoyed some early successes, with my first puzzle appearing in 2008 in the New York Sun and in 2011 in a Penguin Anthology of literary-themed crosswords.
6, 1934, edition of The New York Sun reads, "City Hall Cat's job Safe Under La Guardia," Ms. Gavan said; there is an accompanying picture of the mayor and cat together.
Neil Gorsuch bites the hand that feeds, according to a New York Sun editorial. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images. To most observers not on the literal or psychological payroll of Donald Trump, his dark mutterings and implied threats against the ...
She pursued a career in medicine, he started as a reporter for a short-lived news organization called the New York Resident, then moved to the New York Sun, the Washington Post and, in 2011, to The New York Times. "This gig (writing California Today) ...
Hollywood police arrested a New York man after he posted a video of himself riding away from their officers during the social media-driven "bikes Up guns Down" protest event last month.
Based on the description in the Oct. 31 issue of the New York Sun, the "Feathered Helmet" or "Waste Basket" dime might have been an appropriate name: "The laurel wreath or olive branch, or something, which adorns the head of the young woman whose ...
He was the senior national security correspondent for the Daily Beast and covered national security and intelligence for the Washington Times, the New York Sun and UPI. For more columns from Bloomberg View, visit
Introducing the discussion on the greenhouse, Superintendent of schools June Chang sad the program, based on a successful program sponsored in New York City by New York Sun Works, was designed to spread the concept of experiential learning, where ...
Far more lucrative would be to sell what newspapers collected so easily: attention. The early pioneers, newspapers like The New York Sun, realised that their readers were not their consumers, they were their product. Capture attention, sell it, use it ...
In a feat that caused the New York Sun to declare him "golf's Lou Gehrig" in 1935, Kennedy succeeded in beating Fletcher's record and then some.
As the Washington Nationals mature, the chances of a player wearing their hat on a Hall of Fame plaque increases. Who will be the first to wear the "Curly W?" Although it is unlikely to come in 2017, at some point, someone will be enshrined at the ...
The Chicago Tribune's "On Language" columnist Nathan Bierma wrote the definitive article in 2004 that explains the phrase origins.
Choreographer Stephanee Grosscup traveled the world as a principal skater with companies such as Ice Follies, Disney on Ice, Ice Theatre of New York, Sun Valley on Ice and various TV shows and films. A member of the 2002 Winter Olympics Opening and ...
Choreographer Stephanee Grosscup traveled the world as a principal skater with companies such as Ice Follies, Disney on Ice, Ice Theatre of New York, Sun Valley on Ice and various TV shows and films. A member of the 2002 Winter Olympics Opening and ...




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