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updated Thu. April 27, 2017

Legos are great, but they can be a bit limiting. Not so with Pixio, which depends on magnets instead of grooves for connection. Legos are so yesterday.
If you've ever wanted to reap the benefits of plants in your home, but don't want to deal with the upkeep, then an air plant might be the perfect match for you.
Fan's Manchester derby hype poster is a work of art. With just one point separating the two clubs, Mark Ogden looks ahead to the Manchester derby.
Boise State Set to Begin New work of art. Officials are ready to break ground for a five-story, 97,222-square-foot fine arts building on Tuesday, May 2. By George Prentice @georgepren.
Let's now shift from an ominous work of art to a more upbeat piece. The next eye-catching artwork was called "The Mask" by Joseph Lazlo.
All right, students: Raise your hand if you've ever had ceviche. Nobody? No, Wise-Guy in the third row, ceviche is not Spanish for a beer.
Modern artist Jeff Koons' line for Louis Vuitton will be available at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom. Share story. By The New York Times News Service.
"One should do cooking with love since it is a daily work of art. Maybe one out of a thousand is a professional painter but most of people do cooking," Chef Saman Golriz said during an interview with the Tehran Times.
But then, The Landing at Williamsburg Village isn't your typical retirement community. Inside and out, The Landing is a work of art. Outside, the beautifully landscaped and meticulously maintained lawns, gardens and lakeside walking paths knit the ...
Smog and fire came across as major details in the painting "steel Valley Pittsburgh" from the crinoline time period which was assigned to Trenae Waller, a junior theater technology and design major from central Maryland.
Last Saturday, a group of 25 volunteers began work on Flight of Fancy - a three-phase project that will transform the steps, located across from the Carnegie Free Library off Pittsburgh Street, also known to residents as West Penn Hill, into a work of ...
The reimagined 1930s style prints by Lex Waterreus are being sold to raise funds for Love Soup. The beginnings of an idea to help Rotorua homeless charity Love Soup came to Lex Waterreus when he was high.
25 pictures that show Icelandic highlands as work of art. Photo: Iceland Monitor/ Rax / Ragnar Axelsson. The Icelandic highlands are known for their sheer beauty.
In 2015, Swansea artist Catrin Saran James started a campaign of "guerrilla restoration" to clean up neglected architectural design features on Swansea's post-war buildings.
CAROLE Bailey can't walk through a garden without stopping to scavenge things some people wouldn't even notice. No seed pod, flower petal, leaf or twig is too miniscule to escape her practiced eye, and she has a room of such materials at home to prove ...
Over the coming 15 months, as well as continuing to acquire work direct from artists and auction houses, the Scottish Maritime Museum is keen to hear from any members of the public who may have works of art by artists born or living in Scotland and ...
Built to celebrate 25 years of Independence, the Hall of Nations, a landmark in Delhi showcasing modernity, Indigenous talent and recognised across the world ...
Glass pipes have become an acceptable form of art and Denver hosts some incredible glass artists, like father and son team Don and Jonathan Faltermeier.
Plum Print makes custom books out of kids' artwork. For $89 and up, the company handles everything, including taking photos of the artwork.
Whether it's "a work of art," as the listing also says, is a tougher call, though there's no denying this place has old soul to spare.
Really dirty cars can be an endless source of Entertainment to some people.
With Seattle's frequently rainy weather, puddles are a near-permanent fixture on our region's landscape. But for some, they're not just potential landmines ready ...
A friend made a habit of collecting and saving Sunday bulletins for Our Lady of Sorrows Sunday church services. Considering the number of years represented in these bulletins, it's safe to say she was a faithful church member.
I like to use one of the things that Seattle is known for, (rain) and turn it into something beautiful," Rude said. "I think it's interesting how, just by changing one's perspective, something as common as a puddle can become a work of art." He says he ...
Games like "NieR: Automata" rarely see the light of day anymore, and it's great that this one did, as it's one of the most engrossing gaming experiences I've had in a long time.
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - The creative pastry team at Disney's Grand Floridan Resort & Spa have sculpted giant chocolate eggs and confections into incredible works of art on display in the lobby of the resort. Walt Disney World says these Easter eggs, ...
Games like "NieR: Automata" rarely see the light of day anymore, and it's great that this one did, as it's one of the most engrossing gaming experiences I've had in a long time.
Karachi: Drawn as mere dots, dashes or lines on maps to partition one space from another, border specifically the artificial man-made kind is chosen as a subject of analysis by artist Saba Qizilbash in her latest works.
"Adulthood is bullshit," multi-hyphenate creative Hunter Schafer told Dazed when she was selected as one of the Dazed 100, a list that highlights the next generation of youth culture.
Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN) - With its continuing growth, Nashville developers are finding ways to make sure music City does not become "Concrete City.
Google has launched a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to identify what you are doodling on screen and turn it into a surprisingly good drawing.
Scituate - Something new and exciting will greet visitors to the recently renovated and expanded Scituate Town Library before they even walk through the doors.
"It's much more than a bike rack," said Skip DeBrusk, co-chairperson of the capital Campaign Committee, "it's a work of art, a beautiful metal sculpture." This metal sculpture is in the shape of a large shark. The lower teeth of the shark are actually ...
There is an inferno of color this spring coming from a coleus that has a lot going for it. The Inferno coleus is relatively new, but already it has heads turning especially when you consider that in the University of Georgia, University of Tennessee ...
Murals have been popping up around the Granite City this week ahead of a new festival's launch. Nuart Aberdeen has its public opening tomorrow, but many of the artworks are complete while others take shape.
Germany to investigate Cold War era art seizures by the Stasi | The German government is setting aside funds to investigate the expropriation of works of art by authorities in communist East Germany, reports the Art Newspaper. The probe will begin by ...
Germany has dealt with the long shadow of Nazi-era looting for many years. Now the government is setting aside funding to investigate another dark chapter of the past: the expropriation of works of art by the Stasi, the East German secret police ...
Germany has dealt with the long shadow of Nazi-era looting for many years. Now the government is setting aside funding to investigate another dark chapter of the past: the expropriation of works of art by the Stasi, the East German secret police ...
Alongside such universal experience, is also the individual's own experiences that determine the nature of the spectator's interaction with the work of art. For instance, the darkness and the flashes of unintelligible voices inside the pyramid ...
WOW House: This masterful, eclectic combination of the historic and modern will inspire the artist within you. By Paige Austin (Patch Staff) - April 13, 2017 11:03 am ET.
The Chicago Cubs have been the subject of countless songs, books, and will even be the subject of a movie in the coming years, and one very talented artist ...
The coolest thing to hit the streets of central Ohio isn't a flashy sports car or tricked-out truck. It's Troop 510's new trailer.
artists Maggie Michael, Adrien Saporiti, Kim Schoenstadt and Shinique Smith contributed artwork to adorn Sprinkles cupcakes for World Art Day, April 15.
The art of drawing on a computer has become something of a lost art since Microsoft Paint's heyday, but Google's new program is hoping to bring it back.
You know your Aunty Trish? She's over 50 but wears a lot of hats and fur stoles and enjoys a nice pair of lime green capris. She's over 50 and considers herself "funky" and "in the art scene.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is using art as a construction fence as it undergoes renovations. Photography by Melissa Romero. Let's face it: More often than not, construction sites aren't all that pretty.
"We knew that my mother's closet was a work of art. It was similar to the closets of my aunt and my grandmother, but taken to more of an extreme.
How This Brewery Is Turning Its Struggles and Successes Into works of art. The Michigan-based brewery is celebrating its 20th anniversary with images that honor its hardships and successes.
Perhaps that says a great deal about me, but my preferred work of art for Holy Week is one that I have written about before now, namely Guido Reni's Crucifixion.
... to styling hair, there is literally no end to what Mr Imaizumi will use as an accessory. His propensity for taking the most unlikely items and incorporating them into hella fashionable hairstyles means any model that he touches becomes an instant ...