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updated Tue. January 24, 2017

What if, instead of generating planets, No Man's Sky generated music? Let's find out.
David Kopstein, a retired music teacher, who taught for almost 40 years in Long Island school districts, was sentenced Monday, Jan. 23, 2017, to 32 months in federal court in Central Islip on a child pornography charge.
Atlanta-based metal group and Game of Thrones co-stars Mastodon have released two videos that hint at a new album being in the works.
For more than 50 years, the recently knighted Sir Raymond Douglas Davies, CBE, has been fascinated with American music and American culture.
The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) made headlines earlier this month with reports that he's dating Selena Gomez, an ex-girlfriend of Bieber's.
Elton John put out the call to come up with music video for his classic tunes, and the TODAY anchors were up to the challenge!
By working on improvisation, composition and arranging, Howe says they're really nurturing the creative process and teaching kids how to practice creativity in the musical context, Howes said. "They're getting a broad view of accompanying the music ...
Ed Sheeran finally released the music video for his latest single, "Castle on the Hill," on Monday. Shot in Sheeran's hometown of Framlingham in Suffolk, England, the video illustrates the singer's teenage years as he grew up with a close group of friends.
His life was dominated by dueling passions: bowling and classical music. Outside of the bowling alley, Clobes was a classical music aficionado who played several instruments, collected thousands of recordings and even directed the municipal band in ...
The latest episode of Rolling Stone music Now podcast is now available. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify or check it out below.
Stunt double Johann Ofner died on the set of a film clip for Australian rap group Bliss N Eso on Monday afternoon after he sustained chest wounds following an accidental shooting with a prop gun.
As reported by TV Line, the music Meister will be played by Darren Criss in the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover. He'll be reuniting with fellow Glee alums Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist for the two-part musical. The Music Meister was voiced by Neil ...
While the desire expressed by Sir Simon Rattle and others for a new concert hall is understandable (Report, 18 January), I wonder if it is really relevant to the UK as it stands.
When the off screen interviewer asks what the band is working on, the dark figure responds, "I can't talk about it - recording music, different kinds of music, world music, heavy metal, R&B, Celtic music, music to dance to, music to sit down to, music ...
While ABC declined to comment on the story, this wouldn't be the first time OUAT has toyed with the idea of introducing a musical episode. At Comic Con in 2015, series co-creator Eddy Kitsis said: "It would be great to do a musical episode, [but] I don ...
Priyanka Chopra is ruling the globe with her American TV series and is all set for her Hollywood debut with Baywatch alongside Dwayne Johnson.
Meet the music-obsessed Kanneh-Mason family. 4 minutes ago. After school some of you might like to play musical instruments, but can you imagine coming from a home where everyone is a top musician?
It's no secret that Justin Bieber is a little bitter about Selena Gomez and The Weeknd getting together. And if you didn't believe that up until now, just wait until you hear how the Biebs feels about the Starboy!
... my name: Kellyanne Conway" she sang in conclusion. The real Conway, who in the past has praised McKinnon's portrayal of her - as opposed to her boss' feelings about Alec Baldwin's impersonation - has not yet commented on the SNL musical number.
At last year's Thaipusam, live music was allowed for the first time in more than 40 years, after feedback sessions were conducted with members of the Hindu community.
That music could include lively galliards and stately pavans. Yet an undercurrent of melancholy - a distinctive musical characteristic of the Elizabethans and their immediate successors - runs through much of it, and sets English music of the time ...
How much hand-holding does an audience today want or need? It depends on the audience. When Friday night's Philadelphia Chamber music Society listeners were told that one of next season's concerts features Schubert's last three piano sonatas, and ...
In a recent study of adults with early memory loss, a West Virginia University research team lead by Dr. Kim Innes found that practice of a simple meditation or music listening program may have multiple benefits for older adults with preclinical memory ...
For people who live near Dallas and who lean to the left politically, as does comedian Bill Maher, Sunday night ended up feeling like one more big deflation.
SEASPAR was presented with the Program Award for its Adapted music Lessons at the Board Meeting of the IPRA's Therapeutic Recreation Section.
European independent powerhouse PIAS is ramping up its activities Down Under with the acquisition of Inertia music, one of Australia's top indie record labels and distribution companies.
Jukedeck's system involves feeding hundreds of scores into its artificial neural networks, which then analyze them so they can work out things like the probability of one musical note's following another, or how chords progress. The networks can ...
This is something that doesn't come naturally to me - it can be a challenge to switch between the two different modes of thought, especially when one is very much "in the zone" for the musical performance (sometimes it can be tricky to string an ...
The band, led by Tommy Jackson and including Shon Minish, Guy Kelpin and Josh Casstevens, keep the music on an even keel throughout the show.
"It is critical to be able to have meaningful interactions with renowned artists from many disciplines around the world and experience a deep connection to the music, but also for the very real connection it gives students to the music industry," Cole ...
"Anyone who is interested in furthering their musical education is going to be benefited by this. We're very fortunate.
Health Minister K.K. Shylaja, inaugurating the 10-day tribal arts festival, Gaddhika 2016-17, at Valayam in Kozhikode on Saturday.
La La Land is tipped for Oscar success following its triumph at the Golden Globes. Some have wondered if its appeal is partly as an escapist response to these troubled times.
The next time you want to have a silent dance party - one that lets you and all your friends listen to the same music at the same time for better choreographed routines - you may want to check out Vertigo.
Saturday Night Live showed depicted President Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway as the star of a Chicago-esque musical about her rise in the political world.
We've all experienced music's power to change our mood or drum up feelings of nostalgia, fear or excitement. And beyond Entertainment, numerous studies have proven that music can inspire action and actually impact change. retailers have used music to ...
Growing up in Bedford with parents who were not musical, Richter benefited from an enlightened school music teacher and from a local milkman, who was an unlikely fan of the avant-garde music scene in New York. "He heard me practising piano when I was ...
The reporters then asked if he enjoyed listening to The Weeknd's music, to which he barked: "Hell no I can't listen to a Weeknd song!
Great protest music isn't the silver lining of autocracy. I haven't asked, but I feel pretty confident saying that all of the artists whose music is featured in this story would happily erase their latest song if it meant we wouldn't have to try to ...
Earlier today, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. This week, many artists have released new music to coincide with the inauguration, with proceeds going to organizations fighting for causes threatened by Trump's ...
Watson is no stranger to hard work in the music business. His career has taken him all over the country, and into all sorts of ventures.
Not a fan? Justin Bieber insulted his ex Selena Gomez's new boyfriend, The Weeknd, while out and about in West Hollywood on Friday, January 20.
Elementary school children who have confidence in their own musical abilities are more likely to continue their music education through middle school, while those with poor musical self-concept are more likely to opt out of music class - regardless of ...
Despite the number of musicians who opted not to perform at the inauguration, Washington, D.C., was full of music at the various ceremonies celebrating Donald Trump taking office.
Lister-Jones, Pally, and Armisen performed the music live on set for the film, the director says, "because it always bugs me when I watch films that have a musical element when I can tell they're being performed with playback. It always lacks that raw ...
Warm up this winter as you travel the world aurally then get whirled on the dance floor at the Old Town school of folk music. Brazilian classics, the music of Cameroon, the traditional tunes and instruments of Indonesia and Northern New Mexican polkas ...
A conductor has created his own music using the sounds associated with an iPhone such as ringtones, alerts, keyboard clicks and vibrations.
It had already been an exciting day for the students of Wadsworth high school. The Ohio high school's choir was in Orlando for the Disney Performing arts workshop.

Comhaltas Ceoltir Eireann is an international organization founded in Ireland in 1951 to preserve Traditional Irish Music and Culture and to make it available for people everywhere to enjoy its distinctive character. CCE has grown to have over 400 branches worldwide.

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