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updated Sun. December 31, 2023

Broad interest is fueled by the wide range of structural and electronic properties of carbon allotropes. Carbon possesses three energetically competitive different types of orbital hybridization (sp, sp2, and sp3). This allows carbon atoms to combine with each other in an exceptional number of ways. The sp3 ...

Carbon nanomaterials consist of a range of carbon allotropes including carbon nanofibers, carbon nanotubes, graphene, and graphene oxide, each displaying unique properties in mechanical strengths, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity due to the distinctive structures of each allotrope.
Adelaide-based Archer, which is also a graphite exploration and development company, has acquired Carbon Allotropes for an undisclosed sum. ... Carbon Allotropes has been running since 2012 and sells products such as graphene powder – which sells for $532 per gram – fullerene and “carbon ...
Soon after this, in 1991, the one-dimensional carbon nanotubes were brought to the attention of the scientific community, and in 2004 the two-dimensional carbon allotrope, graphene, became experimental reality. Different combinations of carbon allotropes such as fullerene-filled carbon nanotubes (carbon ...
Visualization of the different types of diamond-like linkages (red spheres) formed at curved surfaces or between the layers of graphene (black spheres) in this new type of compressed glassy carbon. Credit: Timothy Strobel. A team including several Carnegie scientists has developed a form of ultrastrong, ...


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