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updated Mon. October 3, 2016

The shallow aquifer (HA1327B) featured a high proportion of 16S rRNA gene reads most similar to epsilonproteobacteria, most of which were classified as Sulfurovum sp.

6) could be mapped on genes encoding an epsilonproteobacterial ATP citrate lyase (Supplementary Table S4), reflecting the low relative abundance and low activity of sulfur-oxidizing epsilonproteobacteria in these sediments (Figure 2; Lenk et al., 2011).
Organisms possessing the type I membrane-bound Ni-Fe hydrogenases for oxidation of H2 include Alteromonacadae (Lau4), SUP05 (Lau10), epsilonproteobacteria (Lau229), Poribacteria (Lau21), SAR324 (Lau20) and Flavobacteria (Lau23) (Figure 3).