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updated Thu. January 17, 2019

... Bacillaceae, Kelas Lactobacillaceae, Kelas Micrococcaceae, Kelas Enterobacteriaceae, Kelas Azotobacteraceae, dan Kelas Rhizobiaceae.

Soon after, the Rhizobiaceae family, often involved in breaking down nitrogen sources, takes over. The gases produced by these bacteria ...
A University of Otago researcher is part of an international team of scientists that has discovered how legumes, which include important ...
The most abundant bacterial OTUs selected were α-proteobacteria (Rhizobiaceae family), β-proteobacteria (especially the genus Massilia), ...
Imagine that I could implant all the world's medical knowledge into your head. You blink, and you instantly know every bit of anatomy, every ...
Strikingly, two alphaproteobacterial families, Rhizobiaceae and Methylobacteriaceae, and two gammaproteobacterial families, ...


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