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updated Mon. July 18, 2022

"You can be in the most bleak South Pacific ocean and there are the albatrosses, there are seagulls nesting in the desert….I've seen great birds outside my window on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. They're everywhere and always not really caring very much about us. They're just being themselves.".

Update: 4:10PM A WORKSHOP aimed at increasing knowledge, technical capacity, understanding and application of ocean science for improved decision-making and disaster preparedness will begin tomorrow at the University of the South Pacific. This workshop which will be hosted by Niue ...
Following the Second World War, the RNZAF, with 16 Sunderland Flying Boats, was based at Laucala Bay. It was tasked with “maritime surveillance” over the vast South Pacific Ocean, medical evacuation flights and search and rescue. It linked islands and brought services long before airstrips were built.
It passes through the bloodstream when absorbed, causing the plant to act as a muscle relaxant, according to leading kava expert Dr. Vincent Lebot, who's based in Vanuatu, a Pacific Island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. There are six major kavalactones found in kava, with "the most interesting one" ...
After logging the numbers for the Ocean Conservancy's Trash Free Seas database, the volunteers send LMC's hard plastics off to TerraCycle, where they will be melted down to be made into shampoo ... Last summer, a garbage patch larger than Mexico was discovered off the waters of the South Pacific.
But the possibility of such a transit hiccup is the chance you take when visiting a floating pizza bar in the middle of the South Pacific. Opened in 2013, Cloud 9 bobs ... If a buoyant bar in the middle of the ocean sounds like someone's pipe dream -- that's not too far off the mark. An Australian DJ, sailor and ...
The SPRFMO is an inter-governmental organisation that is committed to the long-term conservation and sustainable use of the fishery resources of the South Pacific Ocean. The European Union is a contracting party. Currently, the main commercial resources fished in the SPRFMO area are Jack mackerel ...
A team led by geochemist Dr. Katharina Pahnke from Oldenburg has discovered important evidence that the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels at the end of the last ice age was triggered by changes in the Antarctic Ocean. The researchers from the University of Oldenburg's Institute for Chemistry and ...


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