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updated Sun. September 24, 2023

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is strongly considering a total shutdown of all chinook and sockeye fishing on the North Coast. The potential 2018 ... Instead, First Nations supplemented their sockeye catch with chinook — a North Pacific salmon that is now also facing low numbers. “While no decision ...

WILMINGTON, North Carolina, March 12, 2018 ( News) – Hidden, floating just beneath the surface of the oceans, are trillions of plastic fragments that once ... Monteleone sailed 3,400 nautical miles across the North Pacific assisting with his 10-year anniversary resampling in that region.
He focuses on the devastating effects of ocean plastic on the lives of albatrosses on Midway, a remote island North Pacific Ocean. He films tens of thousands of albatross chicks lying dead on the ground, their bodies filled with plastic. What does this say about our society and what can be done about it?
I was at the wheel of a 54-foot research sloop crossing the north Pacific Ocean through the heart of one of the most plastic-polluted parts of the sea, when I spotted my first piece of floating plastic debris. It was a shredded corner of a sun-bleached orange fish crate. Minutes later, I saw a chunk of white foam ...
The project sent Europa—an autonomous wave- and solar-powered vehicle called a wave glider—on a mission to find out if Pacific humpback whales roam the open ocean and, if so, establish their numbers and travel routes. For another month or two, Europa will keep propelling itself slowly forward while ...
Dust that blew into the North Pacific Ocean could help explain why the Earth's climate cooled 2.7 million years ago, according to a new study ... rather than dryness, was the most important factor for adding East Asian dust to the atmosphere and oceans leading up to the ancient climate change, Pullen said.
Many northern fur seal pups die on their initial migration from the Bering Sea to the North Pacific Ocean, but researchers are unsure why. Credit: Jeremy Sterling. Scientists have confirmed what native Alaskans have observed for centuries - maritime winds influence the travel patterns of northern fur seal ...
As he cut across the then-seldom-sailed stretch of ocean – the swirling North Pacific Gyre – he came upon an enormous accumulation of plastic trash and ... But he emphasized that what's certain is that the amount of plastic in the oceans is increasing as humans increase their production of the material.
Graduate student Kyle Frischkorn ready to deploy the net he uses to capture the cyanobacterium Trichodesmium. Credit: State of the Planet. Adrift on a boat in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean, the most astounding sight is the utter absence of anything to see. The glassy calm water is undisturbed and ...
When sea surface temperatures are warmer or cooler than normal in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, weather patterns around the world are impacted. Everything from pressure systems to wind and precipitation can be influenced by ENSO, including the supply of water in a region since it can cause moisture ...


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