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updated Mon. March 26, 2018

Ankara on Jan. 20 launched an air and ground offensive with Syrian rebels against the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia that Ankara considers as a terrorist group in Afrin in northern Syria. The main objective is to cleanse the Kurdish forces from its 900-km-long border with Syria, ... Turkey Russia Iran
Most of the current shelters do not have the capacity or infrastructure to accommodate the large numbers of people arriving. WASH remains an ongoing concern, especially in Adra and the Electricity complex, with fears that current sanitation and hygiene conditions could lead to water-borne diseases. Syria Ghouta

For almost seven years, the war has taken an enormous toll on the Syrian people: there has been genocide and other mass atrocities, including multiple chemical attacks and unrelenting aerial bombardments; destruction of major infrastructures; near complete degradation of health services, ...
During the waning years of the Obama administration, Sacramento served as a beacon for refugees fleeing war-torn Syria, welcoming dozens of new arrivals each week. No longer. The capital accepted 275 Syrian refugees during the 2015-16 fiscal year, according to U.S. State Department data ...
In the first four years after the onset of the conflict, some 540 thousand jobs were destroyed annually, with the result that in 2017, over six million Syrians were neither working, nor in any ... In April 2016, soon after it intervened in the Syrian war, Russia signed contracts worth almost $1 billion for infrastructure reconstruction.
But Damascus would have needed to master a series of technical challenges, and there is little indication that Syrian economic infrastructure was up to the challenge of managing the very serious industrial and bottlenecks that it would have encountered. Although the Syrian economy is larger than that ... Israel

The Syrian war has taken a severe toll on telecommunication networks, leaving many Syrians without internet access, sometimes due to intentional network disruptions or website blocking by the government, but in other cases due to physical damage brought on internet infrastructure by bombings.
But what happened this week was deplorable and unacceptable, even by the very low standards we now have for the Council when it comes to Syria. ... the gross violations taking place in different parts of Syria today, including the repeated targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure by Syrian ... UN Security Council Russia
Syria is the greatest human tragedy since World War II. According to UN reports, more than 260,000 people have been killed, more than half of the Syrian people have been displaced, infrastructure and entire areas have been destroyed. Even worse is the use of civilians by terrorist groups as human ... UN Security Council Russia
Rabil's brief book discusses the inundation of refugees from Syria into Lebanon and their impact on the host country's demography, stability, security, and infrastructure. His well-researched book considers the long-term implications for Lebanon of close to two million Syrian and Palestinian refugees who constitute about ... UN Security Council Russia
As of 23 February, the 2018 UNICEF appeals for Syria and the Syrian Refugees are 37% and 43% funded respectively, including funds carried-forward from the previous year. Sustained donor funding will be critical to help UNICEF reach vulnerable children with safe water, nutrition, education, health and ... UN Security Council Russia
Syrian civilians search for survivors in the rebel-held besieged town of Douma in the eastern Ghouta region. The seven-year war has cost the Syrian economy $226 billion and caused untold damage to the country's infrastructure. (AFP) ... UN Security Council Russia
Indiscriminate shellfire by Turkish troops - and to a lesser extent Kurdish forces - has killed scores of civilians in Syria, a human rights group alleges. ... The YPG has denied shelling civilians in Syrian areas neighbouring Afrin and Turkish border towns, and accused Turkish security forces of carrying out attacks to justify their ... UN Security Council Russia
According to a recent agreement, Russia will help Syria rehabilitate its oil and gas industry destroyed by the ongoing Civil War. Besides restoring damaged rigs and infrastructure, Russia will provide energy advisory support and train a new generation of workers. As a result, Moscow will get exclusive rights ... UN Security Council Russia
Residents described the events as more like an all-out attack on civilians and infrastructure to force a surrender, a tactic used in previous battles across Syria. The government claims that there are few civilians in eastern Ghouta and that those who remain are being held as human shields. “We are still alive, ... UN Security Council Russia
Moreover, civil institutions would attract Syrians both inside Syria and in exile to take part in the rebuilding process. .... Yes, the battlefield has shifted dramatically and new sub-conflicts – Turkey's invasion of Afrin, the Syrian government's campaign in Idlib – emerge, but these are all subsumed and ... UN Security Council Russia
The Syrian government and Russia must immediately stop the deliberate bombing of civilians in Eastern Ghouta and the targeting of civilian infrastructure including schools and hospitals. We are also calling on armed groups in Eastern Ghouta to immediately stop their indiscriminate shelling of Damascus. UN Security Council Russia

As Syrian warplanes continued to bombard a civilian enclave outside Damascus, killing hundreds, key European leaders demanded a cease-fire Friday while the United Nations struggled to bring Russia on board with the plan to end the carnage. The U.N. Security Council scheduled, then postponed, then ... UN Security Council Russia
Analysts say this point has not been lost on Turkey and that it increasingly sees such partnerships as useful tools in its efforts to quiet criticism over human rights and its military incursion into neighboring Syria. "Ankara is buying anybody and everybody with these infrastructure projects and everybody is ... UN Security Council Russia
The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, the UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock today briefed UN Member States in Geneva about the ongoing crisis in Syria and the need for sustained support to Syrian refugees and the countries in the ... UN Security Council Russia
After three years of brutal fighting, the U.S.-led war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is winding down, the U.S. military announced on Thursday, saying the coalition has “liberated” more than 98 percent of the area formerly controlled by ISIS, or Daesh, freeing “7.7 million Iraqis and Syrians once ... UN Security Council Russia
“You get the impression that all of eastern Ghouta consists only of hospitals and it is with them that the Syrian Army is fighting,” he said. “This is a well known method of information warfare.” Mr. Nebenzya made clear that Russia, Syria's primary military ally, would not support a cease-fire resolution for the ... UN Security Council Russia
Turkey hosts the vast majority of refugees who fled the war in Syria with 3.4 million displaced within its borders, according to the Turkish government. About 5.6 million Syrians have left the war-torn country since March 2011. "Turkey will try to enhance the infrastructure and resources in Afrin after it is ... UN Security Council Russia
“I think what we've seen the UK government do recently is getting out robust infrastructure. And putting money into the scheme to make it a success.” Home Secretary Amber Rudd pledged an extra £1 million of funding in July 2017 to support community groups helping refugees. “It is important we've seen a ... UN Security Council Russia
Tension between the other co-sponsors of the conference, Iran and Turkey, reached breaking point when Iranian-backed militias shelled a Turkish convoy in Syria with Russia's reluctant consent. Turkey and the Syrian Kurds, both of whom Russia has wooed, are now at each other's throats. Mr Putin ... UN Security Council Russia
According to the Minister, in the near future, Russia will actively participate in the restoration of the oil and gas infrastructure of the Middle East, as well as the exploration of new deposits. "We have a ... A lot of work is needed for the social and economic reconstruction of the Syrian Arab Republic. This was ... UN Security Council Russia
1,548,456 displacements from affected areas of northern Syria, including Ar-Raqqa (318,761), Idleb (315,824), Aleppo (287,153), Hama (276,920), ... all necessary measures to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure, and to allow for safe, sustained and unimpeded humanitarian access to all in need.”. UN Security Council Russia
With Syrian civilians being killed on a horrific scale and displaced in large numbers, the United Nations top representative for Syria warned the Security ... while there were reports of heavy mortar shelling falling across residential Damascus, wounding and killing civilians and damaging infrastructure. UN Security Council Russia
BEIRUT – After the United States heavily retaliated against pro-Syrian government forces advancing on an American-controlled base, Secretary of Defense ... “Pro-regime forces want to recapture Syria's critical infrastructure and natural resources in order to rehabilitate the Assad regime, provide economic ... UN Security Council Russia
An Iranian drone breached Israeli airspace, Israel retaliated by bombing multiple targets deep in Syrian territory, and Syria then shot down an Israeli fighter jet. ... After all, the Syrians and Russians have lost numerous aircraft over the course of the civil war in Syria (including recently), and that has hardly ... UN Security Council Russia
The narrative, regardless of its truth (the West did not impose war on Syria), finds some resonance among Syrians, which indicate that if the Syrian regime ... is that Hezbollah/Iranian presence near the armistice line [in the Golan] is bound to lead to the establishment of offensive infrastructure in the area. UN Security Council Russia
Turkey has repeatedly called on the U.S. to sever its support for Kurdish groups in Syria, including the Kurdish YPG militia, which is designated by Ankara as a terrorist group. However, continued U.S. support for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Washington's primary partner in the fight against ISIS, has ... UN Security Council Russia
It was initially assessed by the IDF that the F-16 was downed by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles, but a spokesperson indicated that the crash could have been ... Israel has repeatedly warned allies that it will not tolerate what it says are Iran's attempts at establishing a deep-rooted military infrastructure in Syria. UN Security Council Russia
"According to Syrians' estimates, losses in the real sector of the economy topped $75 billion," the ambassador said. ... "In particular, as a result of their deliberate strikes, dozens of vital fuel and energy infrastructure facilities in Syria's north as well as bridges, roads, educational and medical institutions have ... UN Security Council Russia
GENEVA (10 February 2018) – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein called Saturday for urgent international action after a week of soaring violence and bloodshed, mostly caused by airstrikes, in the opposition-held Eastern Ghouta and Idlib regions of Syria. “The past week has ... UN Security Council Russia
The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations, a medical group operating in Syria, put the toll even higher, saying 237 civilians had been killed and 1,250 injured over the four days of ... Eastern Ghouta, a suburban area near Damascus, has been surrounded by Syrian forces for more than four years. UN Security Council Russia
Amid obstruction by the Syrian regime and Iran-backed militias, Turkish troops took up positions near the front lines in early February. Why did it happen? ... Regime advances further east and Russian bombardment of infrastructure in the area have already led to significant displacement. If fighting reaches ... UN Security Council Russia
In the south of Idlib, Syrian government forces and their allies are fighting against armed opposition groups. Behind the front lines, in central and northern Idlib, aerial bombing is hitting civilian infrastructure, including medical facilities, deepening the crisis for people attempting to flee the violence and find ... UN Security Council Russia
After seven long years of bloody civil war, the US just laid out a strategy to have Syrian President Bashar Assad removed from power by essentially treating the country like North Korea. Speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, David Statterfield, the acting assistant secretary ... UN Security Council Russia
... its impact on close to 400,000 civilians in the besieged enclave in Syria. Over the past 48 hours, intense airstrikes and shelling have reportedly resulted in scores of civilian deaths and injuries, as well as damage to civilian infrastructure, particularly in the towns of Duma, Hamourieh, Kafr Batna and Sawa. UN Security Council Russia
Israel will consider targeting its infrastructure as “a declaration of war by Lebanon and Syria”, Israel's Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water ... “The close cooperation between the Syrian regime and Hezbollah makes them a one entity,” Steinitz said in a press statement, stressing that “Israel ... UN Security Council Russia
The Syrian Democratic Forces have managed to capture much of Syria's oil and gas infrastructure after ejecting ISIS from those areas. US officials believe that the regime, strapped for cash after a nearly eight-year-long civil war, hopes to recapture the oil fields and simultaneously deny the Syrian ... UN Security Council Russia
That was just a fraction of the violence this week in northern Syria, according to residents and rescue workers, as the Syrian government and its Russian ally stepped up their air war on two of the .... But foreign jihadists swarmed in, proving to be better funded and organized as they recruited Syrians. UN Security Council Russia
(CNN) A large-scale attack by over 500 Syrian troops aligned with Bashar al-Assad on a base used by US troops and local US allies underscored the challenges faced ... The Syrian Democratic Forces have managed to capture much of Syria's oil and gas infrastructure after ejecting ISIS from those areas. UN Security Council Russia
As the conflict in Syria approaches its eighth year, the Government of Lebanon and its national and international partners appealed for US$ 2.68 billion to provide critical humanitarian assistance as well as invest in Lebanon's public infrastructure, services and local economy. The LCRP brings together ... UN Security Council Russia
AMMAN: A barrage of Syrian government and Russian airstrikes across Idlib province this week is crippling the local medical sector as more than one dozen ... “destruction of civilian infrastructure” including medical facilities and schools, UNOCHA spokeswoman Linda Tom told Syria Direct on Thursday. UN Security Council Russia
Turkey and its Free Syrian Army proxies' assault on Afrin began on January 20. Fighting continued in Afrin on Wednesday with the YPG-led SDF claiming that Turkish forces and their FSA proxies have targeted civilian infrastructure. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 123 YPG fighters ... UN Security Council Russia
The situation surrounding the recent US-led coalition's attack in Syria should be sorted out, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said, ... on the Syrian Shayrat air base following a staged chemical weapons incident, which turned out to be an act of aggression against Syria," the Russian deputy ... UN Security Council Russia
The Israeli air force has said it struck arms convoys of the Syrian military and Lebanon's Hezbollah nearly 100 times since the war in Syria began more than ... the result would be the same: Hezbollah and Iranian forces would reach the Golan Heights and ultimately build offensive infrastructure there," it said. UN Security Council Russia
Hostilities in Idleb Governorate continue to cause casualties and displacement among civilians. Saraqab town and surrounding communities were affected the most during the reporting period, with reports indicating that most of the town's population have displaced. • Attacks on civilian infrastructure in Idleb ... UN Security Council Russia


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