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 Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud

The jet-setting prince is transforming himself into a businessman- cum-political-activist. Sure, he's still got his $10 billion stake in

. But in Saudi Arabia this nephew of the king has called for a range of reforms: elections, women's rights and job creation. And he's publicly criticized the state-owned oil company,

Saudi Aramco
. Plus, he's a vocal supporter of the U.S.—and has set up centers at universities in Cairo and Beirut to teach the American political system. On his latest spin through the U.S., in January, he met with former U.S. Presidents Carter, Clinton and Bush to talk about what he calls "narrowing the gap between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia."

"Wealth is a blessing. You know if wealth is used properly, it is not abused but rather used, there's nothing wrong with that."
Prince Al-Waleed, quoted by ABC News
Saudi Arabia's Prince Bin Talal handed Rudolph Giuliani a $10m cheque, which the mayor later rejected
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