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updated Sat. April 21, 2018

Saudi air defences intercepted a "ballistic missile" fired by Yemeni rebels at the kingdom's southern coastal city of Jizan, the Saudi-led coalition fighting the rebels said. It was the latest ... In March, an Egyptian labourer became the first known fatality in a rebel missile attack on the Saudi capital. Saudi ...
Human rights activists have criticised the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia after he was filmed in the recently besieged eastern province city of Awamiyah ... Ameen Nemer, a Human rights activist originally from Awamiyah, said the ambassador was seeing "things through the Saudi authorities' eyes". Arabia terrorists Shia

Saudi Arabia has been embroiled in a long running conflict with southern neighbour Yemen since March 2015. In March 2015, the kingdom launched a coalition of Arab states fighting to roll back Iran-backed Huthi rebels in Yemen and restore the country's internationally-recognised government to power. gun
BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:25 A.M.) - Video footage (below) has been released showing the moment that Houthi rebels engaged a truck full of Saudi-backed fighters in Yemen's Al-Jawf Governorate. Houthi forces employed an anti-tank guided missile system (likely of the Russian-built Konkurs or Fagot type) ...
CWN Editor's Note: In an unprecedented public appearance in Saudi Arabia, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, said that religious leaders have a moral obligation to speak out when "some of our fellow believers, like the terrorists, are ...
Saudi air defences intercepted a missile fired by Yemeni rebels at the kingdom's southern city of Jizan on Thursday, the Saudi-led coalition fighting the ... The strike comes after Saudi forces on Wednesday said they intercepted rebel ballistic missiles fired at Riyadh and the south of the kingdom, where ...

Yemen's Houthi rebels fired a ballistic missile at Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh, saying the projectile traveled more than 800km into the kingdom on ... said the attack came after Saleh al-Samad - president of the Supreme Political Council that runs Yemen's capital, Sanaa, and other rebel-held ...
(Beirut) - The prominent Saudi human rights activist Fahad al-Fahad has served two years in prison since his April 2016 arrest and subsequent ... warrant the reformist label, a good start would be the immediate release of imprisoned activists and dissidents who never should have been arrested in the ...
In a statement carried on Al Mayadeen television in Yemen, the Houthis said the missile strike avenged the Yemeni civilians killed Monday in a Saudi aerial assault on Al Hudaydah, the only Yemeni seaport controlled by the rebels. At least 14 people, including children, were killed after they ...
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Yemen's Shiite rebels fired a barrage of ballistic missiles targeting Saudi Arabia late Sunday on the third anniversary of a kingdom-led war in Yemen, with fragments of one missile over Riyadh killing one person and wounding two. The casualties were the first in ... Arabia Yemeni
Lawmakers have introduced dueling Senate resolutions regarding US support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, spotlighting a cross-party split ahead of next ... US concern about the rising death toll and damage to civilian infrastructure in the 3-year-old intervention against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. Arabia Yemeni
SRINAGAR, India — A gun battle between Indian troops and rebels on Monday killed three insurgents in disputed Kashmir and triggered more anti-India ... Anti-India sentiment runs deep in Kashmir, which in recent years has seen renewed rebel attacks and repeated public protests against Indian rule. Arabia Yemeni
Hammuriyeh, Syria — A delegation from Syria's rebel-held Eastern Ghouta was on Sunday considering a partial evacuation deal to halt a fierce ... guarantee exit for those that want to leave, both civilians and rebels, from Hammuriyeh to other areas in Syria under rebel control," the delegation member said. Arabia Yemeni
Al-Hamdi served mostly under Ali Abdullah Saleh - the president who stepped down and fled to Saudi Arabia following protests in 2011, and who was killed by Houthi rebels in December last year in Yemen. "History is repeating itself. There is a history of Saudi intervention in Yemen, from the revolution in ... Arabia Yemeni
Manama: When a spate of terrorist attacks targeting Saudi Arabia in recent years began authorities turned their attention to the scourge of extremism that had been infiltrating society. While they focused on nabbing terrorists, no one thought to investigate women—the idea of a woman terrorist was nearly ... Arabia Yemeni
Bin Salman's visit, which will also include being entertained by the royals in Windsor, is expected to be the precursor for further UK-Saudi arms deals. CAAT is one of several groups organizing protests against the crown prince's visit. In the interview with Afshin Rattansi, Smith attacked the UK foreign ... Arabia Yemeni
May's main focus is not on the unnumbered Yemeni civilians who continue to die as a result of the Saudi-led, British-backed bombing campaign. It is not on the way Saudi counter-terrorism laws and courts are still being used to persecute human rights activists, independent journalists and dissident ... Arabia Yemeni

RIYADH – An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's strong condemnation of the terror attacks on the French Embassy and French Institute as well as National Army headquarters in Burkina Faso's capital, Ouagadougou, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported ... Arabia Yemeni
Iran's support for Houthi rebel militia in Yemen could see ballistic missile expertise escape into the hands of terrorist groups such as al Qaeda, the Saudi government has claimed. Mohammad Al Jabir, Saudi Ambassador to Yemen, said Tehran's alleged supply of ballistic missiles to the Shia militia ... Arabia Yemeni
A Saudi activist, who questioned the normalisation of ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel, has been detained in her home country, and could face up to five years in prison, a UK-based rights group said. Noha al-Balawi has reportedly been under detention in the northwestern region of Tabuk for more than ... Arabia Yemeni
As Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman touts moderate Islam and makes a public display of giving women more rights, human rights activists say the country is quietly arresting women's rights activists. Human rights activist Noha al-Balawi, who is based in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, has been ... Arabia Yemeni
Dissidents can become Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's greatest assets, if he continues to reform and modernize. ... paid no heed to women activists—and in fact made matters worse for the Saudi kingdom's image by ordering the arrest of Raif's sister, the women's rights activist Samar Badawi. Arabia Yemeni
A Saudi court has sentenced an activist to six years in prison over criticizing Riyadh's human rights violations and the country's three-year war on Yemen. ... with almost all of the country's human rights activists now silenced or imprisoned,” Dana Ahmed, the Amnesty's campaigner on Saudi Arabia, said. Arabia Yemeni
A Saudi court sentenced human rights activist Issa al-Nukheifi to six years in prison on Wednesday over tweets critical of the government, a rights group ... "Instead of engaging with activists on reforms, the authorities are going after them one by one, with almost all of the country's human rights activists now ... Arabia Yemeni
Iraqi army is launching a campaign to eliminate ISIS fighters in Anbar, a province on the border with Saudi Arabia, TASS reported. “The units of the army, the federal police, the Sunni tribal militia and border troops, with the support of the international anti-terrorist coalition aircraft, began a large-scale ... Arabia Yemeni
Saudi Arabia and the UAE have called on Yemeni government fighters and southern secessionists to focus their efforts on fighting Houthi rebels, in an ... While stopping short of expressing support for the Yemeni government, which is based in Aden because the capital is under Houthi rebel control, the ... Arabia Yemeni
The powerful Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is set to meet senior royals on a visit to London this month that will give him a chance both to present ... Saudi concerns about Iranian-supplied missiles fired by Houthi rebels from northern Yemen are absolutely valid in the UK government's eyes. Arabia Yemeni
(Beirut) – Saudi Arabia's Specialized Criminal Court convicted two Saudi human rights activists on January 25, 2018, solely for their human rights advocacy, Human ... Since 2014, Saudi authorities have tried a series of peaceful dissidents in the Specialized Criminal Court, Saudi Arabia's terrorism tribunal. Arabia Yemeni
Saudi Arabia has asked a US judge to throw out lawsuits claiming it helped al Qaeda carry out the September 11 terrorist attacks, arguing the victims haven't provided any evidence to back their cases. Michael Kellogg, a lawyer for the kingdom, said reports from the 9/11 Commission, FBI, CIA and 9/11 ... Arabia Yemeni
Yemen's Houthi movement fired a ballistic missile toward the southern Saudi province of Najran on Saturday, the group's official al-Masirah TV reported, and a Saudi military spokesman said air defense forces had intercepted the missile. The TV channel said the short-range missile targeted a military base. Arabia Yemeni
Paris: Despite enjoying some newfound freedoms such as the right to attend a football match, Saudi women, particularly rights activists, continue to be ... Saudi activist Hala Al-Dosari, a researcher at Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, said the modernising image the Saudi crown ... Arabia Yemeni
New York, January 5, 2018 -- Saudi Arabian authorities must immediately release Saleh al-Shehi from detention and stop arresting journalists who criticize ... on January 3, according to Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi and news reports, which all cited Saudi activists' reporting on social media. Arabia Yemeni
Prince Mohammed is being credited for the effort to transform Saudi Arabia, but the changes might not have been possible without the Saudi activists and intellectuals who struggled and suffered ... My husband, Raif Badawi, a blogger and activist, was a harsh critic of Saudi Arabia's clerical establishment. Arabia Yemeni
SANA, Yemen — Rebels in Yemen said on Friday that they had fired another ballistic missile toward Saudi Arabia, this time at a military camp, although Saudi officials said that it had been intercepted near the border. The announcement from Yemen, carried by the Al-Masirah television station, which ... Arabia Yemeni
The Saudi Arabia-led coalition fighting against Houthi rebels in Yemen has cut off one of their major supply lines, the United Arab Emirates state news agency WAM reported. The fighting Wednesday also killed dozens of rebels in the area northwest of Yemen's third largest city, Taiz. WAM said Yemeni ... Arabia Yemeni
2 January 2018 – United Nations human rights experts deplored Saudi Arabia's continued use of counter-terrorism and security-related laws against human rights ... Religious figures, writers, journalists, academics and civic activists are being targeted, along with members of the banned Saudi Civil and Political Rights ... Arabia Yemeni
The internationally respected Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has said that the Arab Spring was the reason for the crisis between the Gulf States and Qatar, reported on Friday. Khashoggi made his comments at a conference in Chicago during a session discussing the question of “Where is the ... Arabia Yemeni
(RIYADH) — The Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen's Shiite rebels said it intercepted a missile fired over southern Riyadh on Tuesday, which the rebels said was targeting a “top leadership” meeting at the royal palace in the kingdom's capital. It was the second time in as many months that a rebel projectile ... Arabia Yemeni
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Rebels in Yemen fired a ballistic missile on Tuesday at Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, for a second time in two months, though Saudi officials said that it had been intercepted and that there were no casualties. Around midday, a large boom startled many in Riyadh, including ... Arabia Yemeni
The US has presented evidence that officials said proved that Iran had supplied short-range ballistic missiles to Houthi rebels in Yemen which were then ... “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes the UN report that asserted that the hostile Iranian intervention and its support for the terrorist Houthi militia ... Arabia Yemeni
JEDDAH: Saudi security men shot dead a Saudi national accused of carrying out a number of terrorist crimes after he opened fire on them on Monday ... The operation occurred during security monitoring and surveillance of terrorist elements in the town of Awamiyah in Qatif province, the source said. Arabia Yemeni
Manama: A Saudi man wanted for a series of terror crimes, including the killing of a security man, has been shot dead. Abdullah Mirza Al Qallaf was spotted on Monday evening between the towns of Al Awamiyah and Al Qadeeh in the Eastern Province in a silver car carrying fake licence plates, and when ... Arabia Yemeni
A significant quantity of weapons supplied by Western and Gulf states to opposition factions battling the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian conflict were transferred to the Islamic State, according to a study funded by the European Union and Germany's foreign ministry. The leakage of the ... Arabia Yemeni
Guterres said in a report to the security council that the United Nations was investigating Iran's possible transfer of ballistic missiles to Houthi Shia rebels in Yemen that may have been used in launches aimed at Saudi Arabia in July and November. The report on implementation of a UN resolution that ... Arabia Yemeni
WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is preparing a public display of what it says is evidence that Iran is providing missiles to Houthi rebels in ... This week, Nikki Haley is set to unveil components of a short-range ballistic missile that Houthi rebels fired into Saudi Arabia at Defense Intelligence ... Arabia Yemeni
15, 2001 photograph, a girl looks at posters of missing victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. ... and the Saudi government has been shocked anew with claims from former top U.S. intelligence officials that Riyadh provided aid to some of the terrorists ... Arabia Yemeni
Fighting between rebel groups has erupted in Sanaa in recent days, leading to dozens of deaths, officials from both sides told CNN. Street fighting in the war-wracked country comes amid heightened regional tensions, most notably after Houthi rebels early last month launched a missile that was intercepted ... Arabia Yemeni
In light of a shared perception of threat from Iran, Israel and Saudi ... that Saudi Arabia has been waging against Houthi rebels in neighboring ... Arabia Yemeni
Britain's May will visit Saudi Arabia, speak to crown prince ... port of Hodeida, which is held by the Shiite rebels being targeted in the Saudi-led war. ... 4 rebel ballistic-missile launch that targeted the Saudi capital of Riyadh. Arabia Yemeni
Saudi Arabia plans to “wipe terrorists from the face of the earth” in a bid to ... meeting on Sunday just two days after a terrorist attack in Egypt. Arabia Yemeni


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