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updated Tue. April 9, 2024

Its launch exhibition, “At the Seams,” was a moving display of Palestinian craftsmanship and the political history behind traditional embroidery—the first satellite exhibition from the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit. Sharing Palestinian culture with its own community and the rest of the country is a big part of the ...

Taawon-Welfare, an independent organisation concerned with assistance and humanitarian development for Palestinians on the West Bank, in Jerusalem, in the Gaza Strip, in the 1948 area and in Palestinian communities in Lebanon, first came up with the idea of opening a museum of Palestine in 1997.
Saleh said while there are Palestinian museums elsewhere, including in Birzeit in the West Bank and Bristol, England, this will be the first in the United States. He called the museum, which will open in November or December, “a nucleus.” “Eventually we can see a larger museum in a major city like ...
The first Palestinian museum has been a project more than 20 years in the making. Originally conceived as a memorial to mark the 50th anniversary of the Nakba, or catastrophe, as Palestinians call their displacement in 1948, when the Palestinian Museum opened in May 2016 near Birzeit in the West ...
BIRZEIT, Palestinian Territories — The fact that the Palestinian Museum even exists may surprise some people, not because of the wealth of talent that ... the roughly $30-million transnational museum opened without a major “exhibition,” or at least the type of exhibition we typically envision in art museums.
Birzeit, Occupied West Bank - Outside the white-walled facade of the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit, a cacophony of sharp, demanding voices disturbed the quiet. "Ramallah! .... "We have many museums in Palestine," said George al-Ama, an art researcher and collector based in Bethlehem. "But the scale ...
The Palestinian Museum in Birzeit—located just north of Jerusalem, in the West Bank—is opening its inaugural show this Sunday after a 15-month delay. The museum's $24 million building was completed in May 2016, and has stood empty ever since due to internal disagreements between the board and ...
Phase 1 (completed 2016) consists of a built area of 3,500SQM. It includes a climate-controlled gallery space, an amphitheatre, a cafeteria with outdoor seating, a library, classrooms, storage, a gift shop and administrative spaces; all set within 4 hectares of planned gardens. During Phase 2; the Museum ...
The Palestinian Museum is located on a hilltop site that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the west. The site was offered to the museum on a long-term lease by the adjacent Birzeit University. The design project was awarded to Dublin-based Heneghan Peng following an international competition in 2011.


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