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updated Sat. January 8, 2022

Speaking at a conference launching the National Union party's religion and state platform, Shapira said that Israel “is looking more and more like LGBTistan.” Anybody expressing support for healthy religious families is now considered homophobic, even though such a position has been the basis of all ...

Turkish Cypriots have voted narrowly for the status quo in a snap parliamentary election by giving the ruling National Union Party 21 seats of 50 in the assembly, enabling it to form a right-wing coalition with the Democratic Party with three seats, and the Rebirth Party, representing mainland settlers, with two ...
A right-wing Israeli party will launch a new campaign promoting a plan to pay Palestinians to leave the West Bank and move to an Arab country. The National Union-Tkuma party, which has run for the Knesset on the Habayit Hayehudi slate, will be funding the internet campaign to promote a diplomatic plan ...
He has, he says, visited the country more than 40 times since, and has met with rightist political allies like Aryeh Eldad, a member of the Israeli Knesset and leader of the far right Hatikvah faction of the National Union Party. Echoing Israel's far ...
A month later, Nasser merged the two branches of the National Union Party, depriving al-Sarraj of his position as leader of the Syrian branch; and when Egyptian Vice President Abdel Hakim Amer dismissed one of his closest associates, al-Sarraj ...
The appointment of attorney David Friedman as US ambassador to Israel was the first actual indication on the part of the Donald Trump administration that it does intend to support the Israeli right and the settlements. If until now there were only ...


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