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updated Fri. November 17, 2023

“Why insist on doing this like bringing Kahane to Umm al Fahm?” said Bitan, referring to a 1984 march led by the militantly racist Jewish leader in the Israeli Arab city. The judge made his remarks at a hearing on the appeal filed by the coexistence forum contending that the Be'er Sheva municipality, which is ...

UMM Al-FAHM, Israel - In the town of Umm al-Fahm, more than a third of all letters never reach their destination. Identity cards, passports and drivers' licences go missing, welfare cheques are lost, appointments expire, and penalties mount up over unpaid fines. GPS navigation apps like Waze fail, taxis ...
Umm al Fahm, one of the largest Palestinian cities in Israel's 1948 borders, continues to lack street names and house numbers. Of the 301 street names selected by the Umm al-Fahm municipality, the Israeli Interior Ministry has stalled the approval of 60. All of the street names that have not been approved, ...
RAMALLAH, West Bank — For five years now, Israeli authorities have prevented Umm al-Fahm, one of the largest Palestinian cities in Israel, from naming some of its streets as the municipality sees fit. While the Ministry of Interior recently approved some street names, it rejected others for their symbolism.
Two weeks ago, the Magistrates Court preliminarily approved Salah's conditional release. The “conditions” included a ban on entering Salah's hometown of Umm al-Fahm and other restrictions on his movement. Last summer, Israeli police arrested Salah in Umm al-Fahm -- a Palestinian town in northern ...
“The police won't act against an ultra-Orthodox teacher who slaps a student, or take steps against unlicensed businesses in Umm al-Fahm – that's being petty,” Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich said recently in an interview to an ultra-Orthodox magazine. “We won't enforce [the law against] a slap ...


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