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updated Thu. July 14, 2022

... happened here since the evacuations in 2005, which accompanied the destruction of the Gaza settlements. Nearly all the residential buildings were demolished, while the roads and parts of the public structures remain partially destroyed, looking like the set of a horror film. Sa-Nur stands out in particular.

Sa-Nur was one of four settlements in the northern West Bank that were dismantled at the same time as Israel's disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005. The ministers and MKs, along with the hundreds of others, voiced support for rebuilding all four settlements, including Homesh, Ganim and Kadim.
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“The land in Samaria is crying out for new settlements,” he said. In particular, Dagan, as a former resident of Sa-Nur who lost his home in 2005, ...
... Netanyahu reconstruir los cuatro asentamientos en el norte de Samaria que fueron destruidos durante la retirada de 2005: Homesh, Sa-Nur, ...


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