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updated Fri. July 12, 2024

Gaza got its first ever “child friendly school” yesterday on the ruins of Jamal Abdul Nasser School which was completely destroyed during Israel's 2014 bombardment of the besieged enclave. Serving 800 pupils, the new school was built by a Qatari education foundation and UN bodies with design input ...

After battling kidney failure for nearly the entirety of her short life, Inam al-Attar, 12, from the Gaza Strip finally obtained a medical permit issued by Israeli authorities to undergo surgery in one of Ramallah's hospitals in the occupied West Bank. Yet the experience was marred by heartbreak as she was forced ...
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — A number of university graduates protested in front of the Ministry of Labor in Gaza Feb. 18, preventing Labor Minister Mamoun Abu Shahla from entering the building. They were demanding solutions to the unemployment crisis. On Jan. 28, unemployed university graduates ...
Voice of America would have its listeners believe that as the conditions in Gaza deteriorate, Israel is turning to the world for help. This is a bizarre take on reality. Israel, more than any state in the world, has led the charge in reducing Gaza to economic desperation. The US propaganda outlet did get one ...
The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has called for the dispatch of 3,000 policemen from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip, a senior PLO leader has told Anadolu Agency. "The move is aimed at establishing control over Gaza's [Hamas-run] police stations," Wasil Abu Yousef, a senior member of the ...
(JERUSALEM) — The Israeli military said Saturday that four soldiers were wounded, two seriously, in an explosion along the Israeli border with Gaza. The military said all four were evacuated for medical treatment. In response, the military said one of its tanks struck an observation post in the southern Gaza ...
GAZA, February 28, 2018 (WAFA) - The gold market in Gaza, known as "Caesarea," is devoid of shoppers except of the few who came to sell a piece of gold to use the money to pay for something more urgent that would help them through these difficult times. "The situation in Gaza is bad,” said Abu Khatab ...
The World Bank has reported that only 10 percent of Gaza's population has access to safe drinking water due to the breakdown of the sewage system. Wastewater pollutes the aquifer that flows beneath Gaza, contaminating even the fishing grounds off Gaza's coast. Israeli officials have warned of the ...


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