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updated Tue. March 26, 2024

This episode features segments from the book Jerusalem Stands Alone by Mahmoud Shukair, a collection of tales narrated in a series of stand-alone ... She's a thin blonde from Marseille who rented a room in the Old City, where she shares a bathroom with her neighbors, a bathroom she uses once in the ...

Jubran said the Notre Dame Center, which is located just across the street from the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, “has a chapel, a church and a monastery. If you go there you will see it is full of pilgrims.” Jubran said that if the municipality wants to tax certain church properties, “it should be ...
Jerusalem is one of the only places outside the West Bank and Gaza that still visibly clutches on to its Palestinian identity. The old city bustles with the sound of old men and women trying to sell their goods in Arabic; there is still a sense of pride in our Arabness and Palestinianess. Unlike Haifa, Galilee and ...
In Jerusalem, restructuring continues on houses in the Old City with the aim of improving living conditions of the residents, including the restructuring of seven houses (four in 2015, three in 2016), the partial restructuring of six houses (two in 2015 and four in 2016), and the restructuring of the external ...
Given that the Old City is probably the most important tourist destination in Israel, we would definitely put it on anyone's bucket list of places to visit. But the only thing that looks to be disappearing is commonsense on the part of the author of this feature, Business Insider editors for keeping Jerusalem in the ...
Elad did not submit a special proposal for constructing the installation, but was granted permission as part of a plan that was approved 40 years ago, a plan intended to preserve open spaces around the Old City of Jerusalem while allowing the construction of recreational and sports facilities, without ...
Honenu, a nonprofit legal aid group representing the Jews who were arrested, stated that “A group of Jews made their way today to the Old City of Jerusalem, where they were attacked by a number of Arab assailants and were forced to defend themselves. After the incident, the police detained several ...


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