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updated Sat. October 15, 2022

Iran could not tender new projects until the terms were finalized, but, going into an election year in 2017, those opposed to President Hassan Rouhani were bent on denying him any deals that could boost his economic program. Thus, the oil ministry was stuck in a holding pattern until after the elections.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis noted, "We have worrisome evidence that Iran is trying to influence — using money — the Iraqi elections. That money is being used to sway candidates, to sway votes." In Yemen, the Iranian regime is threatening Saudi Arabia through military support for the Houthis who launch ...
“The history of Nowruz is rooted in Iran, where for millennia a proud nation has overcome great challenges by the strength of its culture and the resilience of its people,” Trump said in a statement released Monday. “Today, the Iranian people face another challenge: rulers who serve themselves instead of ...
World leaders are congratulating Vladimir Putin on his election for a new six-year term as Russian president, but Western leaders have been slow to respond amid recent tensions. ... The leaders of Iran, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba were among others who sent their best wishes.
An Iraqi supporter of Moqtada Al-Sadr raises a sign showing the colors of the Iraqi flag superimposed on a hand flashing the victory gesture with a caption in Arabic reading at the bottom 'million-man march, reformist, electoral, walking towards reform,' during a demonstration in Baghdad against corruption ...
18 (MNA) – Iran's First Vice-President Es'hagh Jahangiri has sent a congratulations message to Li Keqiang over his re-election as the Prime Minister of ... The Iranian first vice-president's message read “the bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People's Republic of China have ...
According to a Russian official working for Russian Embassy in Tehran, voting began at 8 o'clock local time and will continue until 20:00 today at a polling station created in the Russian ... Russian presidential elections are underway on Sunday with Vladimir Putin expected to win easily for the fourth term.


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