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updated Thu. December 1, 2022

Power metal would not be the same without Riot, one of the most influential U.S. bands in the genre. Following the 2012 ... Sloppy and lovable, The Keeper's Curse is the debut album from Candle, a Swedish quintet who owe nearly everything (including their band name) to King Diamond. But while King ...

STRANGLERS wildman JJ Burnel had to forget his black-belt karate skills and leg it instead when a riot broke out at their first Scottish gig. ... JJ was once lifted in Australia for swearing on TV, while they were also escorted out of Sweden under armed guard after a run-in with Teddy boys that only saw the ...
According to Swedish police, hand-grenade attacks (which were virtually unknown until a few years ago) are without parallel in countries not at war. ... calling the emergency services, it took three hours before the fire department showed up — protected by police equipped with riot gear and machine-guns.
Sacha LeccaPromo Photo For Pussy Riotnull Pussy Riot is inviting all like-minded fans who are fighting the good fight for human rights to rally with the group at its ... Lusine Djanyan and Aleksej Knedljakovskji have filed for political asylum in Sweden in response to receiving death threats in Russia.
STOCKHOLM - The streets of Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city, saw riots and violent incidents on Saturday as a local neo-Nazi group march deteriorated into clashes with police and counter demonstrators. Police said at least 50 people were detained. The march was organized by the "Nordic ...
In 2013, large scale riots flared for a week in the Swedish capital, with gangs setting fire to schools and a police station. In 2015, more than 160,000 people -- many from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan -- arrived in Sweden seeking asylum. The country granted asylum to 101,025 refugees -- about 1% of the total ...


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