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updated Thu. February 15, 2024

Satellite dishes are pictured on balconies at the Hovsjoe district in south-western Soedertaelje. © AFP 2018/ JONATHAN NACKSTRAND. There's No Place Like Home: 'New Swedes' to Move Into Cities of Their Own. In addition to posing severe integration problems, this dramatic influx has exacerbated the ...

Two of Israel's main news broadcasts were on Tuesday evening hacked to air title cards featuring quotes in Hebrew from the Koran as the sound of a muezzin calling Muslims to prayer was heard. The interruption on Channels 2 and 10 lasted for about 30 seconds and promised "punishment from God" ...
Despite coming in fifth in Europe in terms of total surface area, Sweden remains a sparsely-population nation. Last year's migrant crisis provided Sweden's ageing population with a welcome boost, yet also exacerbated Sweden's rampant housing crisis. Today, Sweden is considering creating new cities to ...
One thing the Swedes definitely do better than we do, and where we ought really to look a bit sheepish, is in the welcome they give to immigrants. By Nicholas Lezard · Print HTML. Everyone keeps asking me what I think about Craig Raine's poem about a young Gatwick border controller's embonpoint.
Volkswagen has been struggling to create a global heavy-truck business that can compete with industry leaders Daimler AG and Volvo AB. Europe's largest automaker has reaped limited financial rewards for the billions of euros invested in the past decade to purchase Soedertaelje-based Scania and MAN ...


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