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updated Mon. March 26, 2018

AMSTERDAM (AFP) - AMSTERDAM police said on Friday they had arrested almost 100 England football supporters ahead of a friendly international against the Netherlands, with videos posted online showing crowds packing the narrow streets and bridges in the canal city, singing and cheering.
The Football Association has condemned the "unacceptable scenes" involving England fans attending the friendly fixture against Netherlands. Over 100 travelling supporters were arrested across two days in Amsterdam, overshadowing an impressive 1-0 win for Gareth Southgate's side at the Johan ... England

Amsterdam's intricate canal ring is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the city has three times as many bridges as Venice. ... Pijp district to visit Albert Cuyp, Europe's biggest day market, where you'll find cheese, flowers, poffertjes (tiny pancakes) and second-hand clothes (Albertcuyp-markt.Amsterdam). markets
My boyfriend Dan is half Dutch so we started asking around about Amsterdam - everyone had good things to say so we thought why not give it a shot? Then we got Tomorrowland tickets and that sealed the deal! We've been here for seven months now, and want to hang around for at least two years.
This is the first time in Amsterdam history that the biggest party in the council has fewer than 12 seats. The political landscape in the Dutch capital is very fragmented, both on the left wing and right wing side. This is expected to make coalition formation rather more complicated. Former Amsterdam ... election

HSMAI Region Europe ROC & DOC is the number one annual event offering the latest trends and news in revenue optimization, digital marketing, and distribution for the hospitality industry, bringing together more than 250 executives in Amsterdam. Thought leaders and inspirational speakers will ...
Twenty-five English football fans were arrested in Amsterdam on Thursday after violent clashes with the police. An Amsterdam police force statement said the "drunken" fans had thrown beer bottles at officers. It comes ahead of England's Friday night friendly against Holland. England manager ...
The vote means work can start on the construction of the head office of the prestigious EU agency in Amsterdam's Zuidas business district. One provision to head off concerns about the tight timetable for building the new office is that the Dutch government has to report on progress with the construction work ... police
A major power outage in Amsterdam Centrum on Friday was caused by a mistake made by a Liander employee. The man had to cut a cable, but cut the wrong one, a spokesperson for the grid manager said to AT5. This happened on Daniel Stalperstraat around 10:30 a.m. on Friday. It caused a kind of ... police
THESE are the historic images of De Wallen - the infamous red light district of Amsterdam, Holland. The fascinating photos - that date back to the nineteenth and early twentieth century - show Dutch prostitutes waiting for potential customers on the sidewalk, pimps, madams and provocative advertisements ... police
Plastic Whale is the first professional plastic fishing company in the world. Based in Amsterdam, it fishes trash out of waterways and re-purposes it into circular products—from boats to furniture. This year, eight billion kilos of plastic waste will enter the world's rivers, lakes, and oceans, creating a hazard to ... police
I'll be in Amsterdam again next week for the rEVolution conference. We had a fun CleanTechnica meetup last year on the night before the conference (which is actually how we ended up with Maarten as a superb CleanTechnica contributor). This year, the plan is to have a CleanTechnica meetup on March ... police
A survey of 41 of the biggest Amsterdam listed companies reveals they increased their dividend payouts by an average 38% in 2017. The companies surveyed spent a total of €22.9bn on dividends and share buybacks last year, up from €16.6bn in 2016, the Financieele Dagblad reported on Monday. police
Italian opposition to the move of the headquarters of the European Medicines Agency to Amsterdam appears to have been ended by the European parliament, the Financieele Dagblad said on Monday. The parliament is expected to place a requirement on the Netherlands to submit a progress report on the ... police
According to a wastewater analysis conducted by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), of all the European cities, Amsterdam has the highest concentration of ecstasy residue in its sewage water. police

Amsterdam's bustling city centre was hit by a major power cut on Friday, closing down museums and bringing trams to a halt, the Dutch capital's power network provider said. The city centre “experienced a large power cut after an electricity cable was cut during excavations” just south of Amsterdam's ... police
The Dutch security services refused to give any extra protection to Charlie Hebdo survivor Zineb El Rhazoui for her talk in Amsterdam's De Balie on Thursday evening, De Balie director Youri Albrecht said to the Telegraaf. El Rhazoui has been the target of death threats for years after she survived an attack ... police
These plastic fishing tours are offered by the social enterprise company Plastic Whale, which over the last seven years has transformed the thousands of PET bottles that volunteer fishers have hooked out of Amsterdam's canals into plastic boats. The more plastic they fish out, the more boats they can build. police
Eleven men from Amsterdam and Amstelveen face prosecution for having sex with a boy aged around 16, the public prosecution department said on Thursday. The men, aged 38 to 61, paid the youth for sex, the department said in a short statement. The offences took place between February and July last ... police
The opening of Amsterdam's new Noord/Zuid metro line may be further delayed, the Parool has reported. Independent experts are extremely critical of keeping to the latest date for opening on July 22 and Pieter Litjens, the alderman responsible public transport, now says he will make a decision this month, ... police
Donato “Danny” Persico of Broad Street on Amsterdam's South Side was one of 33 survivors rescued from the newly-constructed submarine U.S.S. Squalus, which sank on May 23, 1939 when valves malfunctioned during a test dive off Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Persico had joined the Navy after ... police
Measures to alleviate nuisance noise in the centre of Amsterdam have failed, according to a new report by the city's ombudsman, published on Wednesday. The report is a follow-up to ombudsman Arre Zuurmond's earlier round-up of city centre nuisances of 2016 which prompted a number of measures by ... police
Two of my biggest passions are travelling and telling stories. So when I was in Amsterdam last week armed with my cellphone, I combined them both. I have been curious to see how the federal government will legalize marijuana in this country – and I was fascinated by what I learned talking to people who ... police
The measures the Amsterdam municipality is taking against crowds in the city center are not reducing problems for residents, Amsterdam Ombudsman Arre Zuurmond said in a new report. The inner city is "a jungle at night, in which survival of the fittest applies and in which the government is intolerably ... police
Editor's Note: This is the fifth story in a six-part series on reporter/photographer Michelle Mitchell's recent travels through Europe. The series wraps up this Sunday. Bridges and bikes are abundant in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We saw a lot of them because we got lost quite a few times in the city. Amsterdam ... police
Forget that dated, louche image of Amsterdam as the capital of stoners and winking red lights. In the last few years, the city hasn't so much reinvented itself as rediscovered itself. Now, visitors can see renovated world-class museums, newly cleaned canal rings, and revived landmarks—and many have ... police
In 2012 the Jewish Cheider School in Amsterdam waited three months to report that teacher Ephraim S. is suspected of sexually assaulting students, and only did so under pressure from then Minister Marja van Bijsterveldt of Education, the Telegraaf reports based on internal documents from the school and ... police
Yernaz Ramautarsing stepped down as candidate for nationalist party FvD in the Amsterdam municipal elections after a WhatsApp chat in which he supported the statement that gay rights made society dumber became public. He distanced himself from the statements in the WhatsApp chat and announced ... police
The picturesque city of Amsterdam, defined by its idyllic canals and bike-friendly accessibly, lands at #4 on KAYAK's 2018 Trending List—made up of the destinations seeing the biggest increases in searches year over year. Long a CH favorite, this destination features everything modern travelers desire, ... police
The Dutch government has pledged to try to relieve pressure on tourist hotspots such as Amsterdam following an 11% increase in visitor numbers over the last six years. Economic affairs minister Mona Keijzer said she wanted to 'encourage visitors to go to less well-known parts of the country' in order to ... police
If you're looking for an extra special place to stay in Amsterdam, consider thinking inside the box with a captivating crane apartment. Operated by Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments, this cargotecture vacation rental on KNSM Island—the man-made island in the Eastern Docklands—is a striking blend of ... police
It's so cold in Amsterdam people are ice skating on the canals. It's so cold in Amsterdam people are ice skating on the canals. 'It's just cool. You can go fast ... If you think the UK has been cold this week – try visiting Amsterdam. But instead of wrapping up and staying inside, residents are taking to the canals. police
(LONDON) — As unusually cold weather gripped Europe, Britain's military was sent out Friday to central and western England to get hospital employees to work and help police rescue people from snowbound vehicles. Nicknamed “The Beast from the East,” the cold front caused travel chaos, with hundreds ... police
By night, Reguliersdwarsstraat is one of the busiest streets in central Amsterdam. A hub for the city's LGBTQ community, its restaurants, bars and clubs attract large numbers of locals and tourists alike. By day, however, the picture is markedly different. Despite being just steps away from Amsterdam's ...
We push off from the quay by Amsterdam's Westerkerk, leaving the tourist bustle and long, fidgety queue for the Anne Frank House behind us. Our little electric boat heads quietly south down the Keizersgracht canal for a tour of the city. Our guide, Erik, points out the sights: a famous hotel, a secret church, ...
War on waste: Plastic-free shopping aisle opens in Amsterdam supermarket. A branch of Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza is home to the plastic free aisle. Plastic packaging is becoming a big issue among supermarkets and food producers. Anmar Frangoul. Published 7:28 AM ET Wed, 28 Feb 2018 ...
According to the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index, in 2017, Amsterdam joined the list of cities at risk of a housing market bubble for the first time. A real estate bubble occurs when housing is substantially mispriced, and said pricing is sustained.
Lemon Scented Tea's new campaign for Veloretti, 'An Amsterdam Bicycle Story', shows how Amsterdam inhabitants overcome obstacles, challenges and weather conditions on their trusted ally: a bicycle. The film portrays Amsterdam as the ultimate testing ground, with the perfect test drivers: Amsterdam cyclists and their no ...
A PLANE was forced to make an emergency landing after a massive brawl broke out over a passenger who kept farting. Two Dutchman who were sitting next to the passenger who kept breaking wind objected loudly – demanded the crew on the flight from Dubai to Amsterdam to do something. A plane was ...
Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo is heading to the Netherlands. Its first store is opening on Kalverstraat in Amsterdam this fall, the company announced in a press statement. The chain is known for good quality clothing at relatively low prices, and caters to people of all sizes. Uniqlo wants to compete with ...
David W. Chalmers and his partners were the last industrialists to start a major knitting mill in Amsterdam. Chalmers, John Blood, John Barnes and Howard Hanson created Chalmers Knitting Company in 1901 in a factory building on Washington Street north of the Mohawk River. Long underwear was a ...
AMSTERDAM — The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help identifying a tow truck. The red Ford tow truck has gold plates, and was last seen around 9 a.m. Monday headed southbound on State Highway 30 in Amsterdam. The Sheriff's Office wants to interview the owner of the ...
The Netherlands is home to all kinds of Dutch treats and snacks. Some parts of the Netherlands even have their own region-specific delicacies. YouTube channel Amsterdam Calling features many videos about Amsterdam, from museums to flower markets and places to shop. In this video, Gessell presents ...
That's competitive with the cheapest plane tickets, which also involve the extra cost of reaching the airport. When I talked to the Eurostar's chief executive, Nicolas Petrovic, he implied the train operator is poised to transform travel between London and Amsterdam, saying: “We are back to the pioneering ...
One of the injured in a shooting on a Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris. Aug. 21, 2015 (photo: Christina Cathleen Coons / Twitter / @FreedomFilmLLC). One of the injured in a shooting on a Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris. Aug. 21, 2015 (photo: Christina Cathleen Coons / Twitter ...
Amsterdam has entered the UBS list of potential real estate bubbles for the first time, joining eight other cities listed as places where the fear of missing out is driving people to pay too much for a home. 'The bubble risk seems greatest in Toronto, where it has increased significantly in the last year. Stockholm ...
Between treehouses, underwater villas, and even overnight igloos – you could be forgiven for thinking you have seen every type of travel accommodation there is. Converted crane in Amsterdam's docklands Converted crane apartment in Amsterdam. Image by: Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments.
“Skating is an important mode of transportation in a city like Amsterdam, which sits at sea level,” she said. “As you all know, it has lots of canals that can freeze in the winters. So, for as long as those canals have existed, the Dutch have skated on them to get from place to place, to race each other, and also to ...


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