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 Silvio Berlusconi, former Italian prime minister

"I am the Jesus Christ of politics...I sacrifice myself for everyone."
Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

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updated Fri. April 20, 2018

Italy's anti-establishment party leader Luigi Di Maio on Wednesday gave far-right leader Matteo Salvini until the "end of the week" to dump coalition ally Silvio Berlusconi and strike a deal in the latest round of Italian government talks. Earlier, Italian President Sergio Mattarella tasked Senate speaker ...
Italy's President Sergio Mattarella has asked the Senate president, a supporter of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, to explore possible alliances to create a governing majority in Parliament more than a month after Italy's inconclusive elections. As leader of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Casellati holds ... government
The March 4 vote saw the anti-establishment Five Star Movement emerge as the largest single party, while a rightist alliance, including the League, Brothers of Italy and Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia group won the biggest bloc of seats. The leaders of the three rightist parties - the League's Matteo ... government
The leader of Five Star Movement has challenged the anti-migrant party League to dump ally Silvio Berlusconi and join forces in a populist government instead. The Italian president has begun talks to patch together a new government after the elections on March 4 produced a hung parliament. Luigi ...

In 1994, Silvio Berlusconi rose to power as the symbol of a sentiment of change and progress that made him one of the most successful – though controversial – politicians in Italy's modern history. For over 20 years he ruled Italian politics, forming three government and bringing the country together.
Silvio Berlusconi faces new trial over accusations he paid aspiring showgirls to lie. It follows a trial in which the former prime minister was acquitted over claims he paid an underage Moroccan teenager for sex. 20:07, UK, Monday 26 March 2018. Silvio Berlusconi. Image: Silvio Berlusconi faces yet another trial. Italy's former ...
And in return for its support for Fico, the center-right coalition led by Lega (the biggest party in the alliance), former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia and Fratelli d'Italia (and the smaller Noi con L'Italia) got their choice of Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati - a member of Forza Italia and ... populist government
Mr Salvini aspires to be Prime Minister and thereby the most powerful far-right leader in Europe, but he has to deal with resistance from both his own allies - Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia - and with Luigi Di Maio, leader of the populist 5 Star Movement (M5S), the most voted-for individual party with 32 per ... populist government
(CNN) -- Here's a look at the life of billionaire and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Personal:Birth date: September 29, 1936. Birth place: Milan, Italy. Father: Luigi Berlusconi, bank clerk. Mother: Rosella (Bossi) Berlusconi, homemaker. Marriages: Veronica Lario, (1990-2012, divorced); Carla ... populist government
(CNN) -- Here's a look at the life of billionaire and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Personal:Birth date: September 29, 1936. Birth place: Milan, Italy. Father: Luigi Berlusconi, bank clerk. Mother: Rosella (Bossi) Berlusconi, homemaker. Marriages: Veronica Lario, (1990-2012, divorced); Carla ... populist government
A scene from Paolo Sorrentino's film about Silvio Berlusconi, Loro. Image: Universal Pictures International Italy/YouTube. Jessica Phelan. jessicalphelan. 12 March 2018. 17:26 CET+01:00. The trailer is finally here for Paolo Sorrentino's biopic of Silvio Berlusconi, a man who the ... populist government
Italy's inconclusive election result means the country is in for weeks of frenetic backroom negotiations and haggling as parties seek to form a government. With the anti-establishment Five Star Movement winning 32pc of the vote, the centre-Right coalition 36pc of the vote and the badly bruised centre-Left ... populist government
Ahead of Sunday's Italian election, Silvio Berlusconi was widely tipped to reassume his long-held role as the country's most powerful man. Polls correctly predicted the 5Star Movement would be the largest single party but also forecast the center-right coalition including Berlusconi's Forza Italia would win ... populist government
In the final week of Italy's election campaign, Silvio Berlusconi scoffed at one of the country's best known political interviewers when he dared question the wisdom of the four-time prime minister's big-spending economic agenda. Enrico Mentana wanted to know how the octogenarian businessman intended ... populist government
ITALY is likely to face a hung parliament after a surge in support for right-wing parties in the country caused fresh uncertainty in one of the EU's largest economies. But what about Italy's place in Europe? Could it be affected by the vote? Here's the lowdown. Silvio Berlusconi is back in frontline politics. populist government

Topless Femen protester flashed Silvio Berlusconi at polling station as disgraced former Italian PM is poised for unlikely comeback. The bare-chested ... A TOPLESS FEMEN protester launched herself in front of former PM Silvio Berlusconi as he voted in the Italian elections today. The disgraced "Bunga ... populist government
A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. You can find out more ... populist government
VIDEO: Moment topless woman disrupts Silvio Berlusconi's vote. Video by: ITN-Hettie Maylam. 00:00. 00:56. 360p low. 720p. 480p. 360p high. 360p low. Share this video. Embed code: Size: 320x240, 640x480, 1280x720. Direct link: Replay. Related Videos. Blue Billywig Video Player. A topless FEMEN ... populist government
A topless activist has confronted former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi at a polling station during the national election. As Mr Berlusconi prepared to hand in his ballot, the Femen protester jumped on a table and displayed writing on her torso, reading "Berlusconi, you've expired". Mr Berlusconi, 81 ... populist government
Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's right-wing coalition was leading the Italian election late Sunday, exit polls indicated, but appeared unlikely to reach a majority in Parliament, suggesting weeks of drawn-out negotiations to find a broader coalition amid growing populist anger over migration and the ... populist government
Italians also go to the polls this weekend in what is one of the most unpredictable elections in decades. It's seen the extraordinary re-emergence of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who can't yet stand for public office due to a tax fraud conviction, but is playing the role of kingmaker - leading his old ... populist government
(CNN) As political resurrections go, that of Silvio Berlusconi, who once described himself as the "Jesus Christ of politics," has been close to miraculous. As his 80th birthday approached, the Italian multi-billionaire and former prime minister was recovering from a major heart operation and facing seven years ... populist government
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MILAN—Silvio Berlusconi had been talking for nearly two hours straight—a series of long, rambling tangents—when an associate walked onto the stage and placed a piece of paper on the lectern. He'd just gotten a big round of applause for one of his classic lines—“We governed for nine years and we ... populist government
Silvio Berlusconi, the billionaire media mogul who dominated Italian politics for nearly two decades, has stepped back into the ring at the age of 81, defying those who dared to believe he had thrown in the towel. Despite sex scandals, serial gaffes and legal woes, the flamboyant tycoon has made an ... populist government
Silvio Berlusconi speaks on the set of the broadcast "Porta a Porta", a programme of Italian channel Rai 1, on January 11th, 2018. ... Silvio Berlusconi, the billionaire media mogul who dominated Italian politics for nearly two decades, has stepped back into the ring at the age of 81, defying those who dared ... populist government
Accusations about Silvio Berlusconi's historic ties to a close associate of the Sicilian mafia are being revived by his main political rival as Italy heads into the final stretch of campaigning before the general election on 4 March. Alessandro di Battista, a top official in the Five Star Movement, asked followers on ... populist government
A widespread mistrust of politicians has helped to transform Five Star into Italy's most popular party, threatening to deny Silvio Berlusconi's right-wing coalition the 40 per cent of the popular vote it needs for a parliamentary majority. Such an outcome would leave Italy staring at political paralysis on Monday ... populist government
ROME - Former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has made many claims in the course of Italy's rough-and-tumble election campaign, and on Thursday he added another: he was the key architect behind the end of the Cold War. “When I was in government in 2001, I said publicly that I wanted to end the Cold ... populist government
Silvio Berlusconi used a glitzy television chat show as a platform to launch a “contract with the Italian people”, promising to create hundreds of thousands of jobs if his centre-Right coalition wins next month's election. He did the same thing 17 years ago, when he used the same programme, the same studio ... populist government
MILAN — When Silvio Berlusconi exited the public arena to universal relief in 2011, few would have predicted the scandal-ridden politician's return would be met with the same emotion. Berlusconi's background as a media mogul, not to mention his adventurous private life, aroused lasting suspicions. populist government
As Italian voters prepare to go to the polls on 4 March, Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's controversial former prime minister, is making a stunning comeback on the country's political scene. Following the fall of his cabinet in 2011 and a conviction for tax fraud in 2013 (which banned him from public office for six years), ... populist government
Silvio Berlusconi's pledge to deport more than half a million migrants from Italy should his coalition enter government in March would simply not be possible, a range of experts have said. “These 600,000 people, we will pick them up using police, law enforcement and the military...everyone can help identify ... populist government
ROME: Italian centre-right leader Silvio Berlusconi said on Wednesday he may introduce an amnesty on some illegal construction if his coalition takes power at a national election on March 4. Keen to avoid taxes and red tape, housebuilders in Italy have long sidestepped regulations, putting up housing that ... populist government
Silvio Berlusconi has claimed that 600,000 illegal migrants in Italy are a “social bomb ready to go off” after a Nigerian asylum seeker was arrested for killing an Italian woman. The thousands of migrants, the former prime minister claimed, were living “hand to mouth or from crime”, and he suggested that they ... populist government
Silvio Berlusconi has pledged to deport 600,000 illegal immigrants from Italy should his centre-right coalition enter government after elections on 4 March, as tensions simmer over the shooting of six Africans by a far-right extremist on Saturday. The 81-year-old rightwing former prime minister said in a TV ... populist government
(CNN) Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has warned that the number of migrants in the country has caused "serious social alarm." Speaking on Monday in the aftermath of Saturday's shooting in which six African migrants were injured, Berlusconi said the current climate surrounding ... populist government
SILVIO Berlusconi has re-emerged as a major player in the Italian election 2018 with his party Forza Italia predicted to win as part of a centre-right bloc with Matteo Salvini's anti-immigrant Northern League and the right-wing Brothers of Italy. By Kat Hopps. PUBLISHED: 22:00, Fri, Feb 2, 2018 | UPDATED: 22:02, Fri, Feb 2, ... populist government
With his perfectly dyed dark hair and his ivory-white teeth glistening in the lights of the television studio, Silvio Berlusconi – the octogenarian comeback kid of Italian politics – was reminiscing last month about his first election campaign. It was 1948, he was 12 years old, and the young Silvio was putting up ... populist government
Silvio Berlusconi created a party from nothing in 1994, and he based a series of election campaigns around a norm-defying, post-political, anti-party message linked to his personal success as a businessman and sporting entrepreneur, and his genius as a TV personality. He preached a diet of low taxes ... populist government
'Like Thatcher - I want my MONEY BACK!' Berlusconi to rock Juncker with EU rebate demand. FORMER ITALIAN prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is heading to Europe to demand Italy “gets its money back”. By Belinda Robinson. PUBLISHED: 11:02, Sun, Jan 21, 2018 | UPDATED: 14:14, Sun, Jan 21, 2018 ... populist government
"The key point about Silvio Berlusconi, in my opinion, is the continued ability to differentiate himself clearly from competitors in Italian politics, despite being himself a politician for almost three decades and one with a debatable track record," Francesco Filia, chief executive officer at Fasanara Capital, told ... populist government
Silvio Berlusconi has waded into the debate over sexual harassment provoked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, saying that women should be happy if a man tries to seduce them. He said, however, that he was no expert in the field because he was always being chased by women and rarely had to do the ... populist government
A promise of a flat tax by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi on Friday sparked sharp reactions from opponents ahead of a general election and head-scratching among economists. Campaigning ahead of a general election on March 4th at the helm of the conservative Forza Italia movement, Berlusconi ... populist government
Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has hailed French actress Catherine Deneuve for defending men accused of sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. "Catherine Deneuve spoke blessed words," said the 81-year-old Mr Berlusconi, who resigned in 2011 mired in ... populist government
Italy election latest: How Silvio Berlusconi could be holding all the cards in Rome. SILVIO Berlusconi could end up the lynchpin of a centre coalition in the upcoming Italian election - despite being barred from taking office. By Chloe Kerr. PUBLISHED: 17:02, Mon, Jan 8, 2018 | UPDATED: 17:21, Mon, Jan 8, 2018 ... populist government
Half of Italian voters aged between 35 and 44 have pledged to back the anti-establishment Five Star Movement in elections on March 4, a poll has shown, in an unexpected surge of support that could lead to the party propping up a coalition government led by Silvio Berlusconi. Five Star, founded by the ... populist government
It seems extraordinary that next year could, just maybe, see the return to power of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Which would be remarkable in many ways. Berlusconi is 81. He has faced a legion of accusations of corruption, and been embroiled in a number of sex scandals. Oh, and in 2013 he was ... populist government


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